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I think it shows more how the rules don't work. AirMechs get those bad modifiers even when they're moving slowly. Just poking along at 5 MP gets the AirMech a higher modifier than other units moving twice as fast.
in AS though they get the high TMM from their WIGE movement so long as they use it to move more than 4 inches though. a penalty of +2 to hit when moving WIGE is made up with a TMM of +6 (instead of the normal +2) and the ability to move 30" in a turn.

which just makes the original mode roles more clear. roles that the old rules failed to reflect, but the fluff was clear about. mech mode is for fighting. airmech mode is for rapidly moving around the battlefield/strategic relocation, not fighting.
I think it shows more how the rules don't work. AirMechs get those bad modifiers even when they're moving slowly. Just poking along at 5 MP gets the AirMech a higher modifier than other units moving twice as fast.
Sounds good. I haven't used a LAM since the olden days of yore, and I am still not sure they really fit the overarching aesthetic, but in AS it might not matter given the lessened granularity. Cheers, GB.
Fan Fiction / Re: Vignettes of the General War
« Last post by Liam's Ghost on Today at 01:49:26 »
Draconis Combine:

A relatively weak economy and limited naval infrastructure has always hampered the Draconis Combine Admiralty's ability to expand their WarShip fleet, and has given the Combine the reputation of creating exceptional designs which suffer from poor execution. This is said to be exemplified by the flagship design of their fleet, the theoretically large, powerful, and fast Narukami class destroyer, which suffers from so many reliability issues that it spends more time in mothballs or in the repair yard than in active service. While the problems of the Narukami don't necessarily hold true for the Combine's other indigenous designs, they are also each significantly smaller and less powerful than the Narukami. The DCA is fundamentally a corvette navy, with a rather modest number of larger ships providing heavier firepower. Though this fleet makeup has its origins in the limitations on the Combine's industry, in the last two centuries it has taken root as standard doctrine, with the general philosophy that a larger number of smaller ships will generally be able to outmaneuver and overwhelm a smaller force of larger ships. 

The consistent problem the Combine has faced is that strategically it has only occasionally posseted enough WarShips to guarantee the sort of numerical superiority necessary for such a tactical doctrine. In the naval battles it has fought over the generations, it has instead been forced to rely primarily on maneuver and the mistakes of its enemies to achieve local superiority of isolated groups of enemy ships. In basic form, Combine naval strategies tend to mirror those used to such great success by the Taurian Concordat in the Malagrotta war, and the Taurian victory of that war has only solidified the hold that doctrine has over the Combine Navy, and dictated the form the Combine's own naval building program will take.

In terms of total ships authorized, the Combine's building program is on par with that of the Terran Hegemony. Of the slightly more than twelve hundred ships currently authorized, however, fully a thousand are the Inoshishi class, a very small, cheap to build, but fast and powerful corvette design intended for the kind of pack tactics the Admiralty is advocating for. The Ayanami and Samarkand class ships that make up the remainder are somewhat more impressive designs, but even they are still fairly small ships compared to what their neighbors have produced, and of the three new classes planned for the DCA, only the Samarkand possesses docking collars of its own, which will greatly limit the fleet's ability to operate alongside assault dropships and small fighter carriers. Despite this limitation, the Combine has also begun mass production of a new large assault dropship, apparently intended specifically to operate alongside the WarShip fleet. Exactly how it will do so when so few ships in the Combine fleet have docking collars remains to be seen.

86 Active WarShips
10 Narukami class
5 Essex class
10 Skory class
4 Ayanami class
5 Cruiser class
2 Samarkand class
30 Tachibana class (2470)
20 Vigilant class

45 Reserve WarShips
5 Narukami class (2470)
4 Narukami class (2380)
5 Cruiser class
12 Tachibana class (2390)
13 Tachibana class (2470)
4 Bonaventure class
2 Bonaventure class (2317)

95 Under Construction or Refit
40 Inoshishi class
40 Ayanami class
10 Samarkand class
5 Narukami class (refit to modern standard)

1119 Authorized
960 Inoshishi
100 Ayanami
50 Samarkand
9 Narukami (refit to modern standard)
BattleMechs / Re: Filling in the Syberian AutoMechs (Open Thread)
« Last post by RifleMech on Today at 01:44:01 »
One thing I missed earlier: you need 3/5 thrust to get out of the atmosphere.  2/3 will get you off the ground, but not past the interface...

Which makes sense with LAMs and FighterMechs with Aerospace Fighter being one of their modes. It makes less sense for an aircraft that doesn't need to get into space. Not that I find that Aerospace Thrust speeds make sense. :(

BattleMechs / Re: When a Scorpion tech drinks too much.
« Last post by garhkal on Today at 01:11:15 »
I wonder, what move you'd have to have it at, to be able to mount a HEAVY Gauss on the bugger! 
Its an oddity from a military point of view though isn’t it

Your giving your most expensive, ‘powerful’ and prestigious weaponry to the worst pilots while rewarding pilots for demonstrating improving skill by stripping them of said status symbol and giving them a mech far more likely to get them killed.

It would be like the USAF streaming all their rookie pilots to fly F-22 and then posting them to older aircraft as they become more experienced


When enemies generally SHOOT assaults first, then lights..  ITs making the elites MORE survivable.. imo.

Off Topic / Re: Favorite group/singers from the brits in the 80s..
« Last post by garhkal on Today at 01:05:13 »
And tons of one-hit-wonders. I regularly put on "MTV 80s" and just let it play in the background while I work.

Maybe i need to make a thread about "what's your top ten favorite one hit wonders.."
Well as a follow-up, we do have some newer warship sources such as the 2765 field reports, various turning points books, and the free download of alpha strike record sheets for large craft.

Should these be considered accurate, at least for the era in which they are set? For example, would the record sheets in a field report be considered accurate for ships at that particular time period? Like the record sheet for, say... the Narukami block I class destroyer being accurate for specifically the end of the Star League era?
I'm not sure if this is the sort of feedback that should be provided, if it's not do what you will with it and sorry for the bother. With that out of the way it seems to me that the Clan Protectorate should have access to the Hankyu (Arctic Cheetah) in their ilClan Mech list. For 2 major reasons:

The first and what I consider the most compelling is that Recognition Guide 21 specifically mentioned the Arctic Cheetah J participating in the Battle for Marik that helped create the Clan Protectorate. It seems like if the forces that invaded Marik and would become the Clan Protectorate had enough Arctic Cheetahs to get one of the configs they were using in the battle listed as a standard configuration, and with the Sea Foxes having access to their production it should still be about as common during the ilClan era as it was during the Battle of Marik.

The second reason is that in the Dark Age the Republic of the Sphere, the Nova Cats, and the Sea Foxes all have the Hankyu in their force lists. Considering all 3 of those factions are major components of the Clan Protectorate, it stands to reason that the Hankyu should be on the Clan Protectorate force list. Also, shipping Hankyus from their factories in the Combine should be no less convenient than shipping Mist Lynxes from the Chainlaine Cluster, which is on the Clan Protectorate force list.

The reason I even bring this up is because I was rather surprised to not see the Hankyu on the Clan Protectorate RAT and MUL for the above reasons.
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