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$4 Million: a new Battlefield Support Forcepack will be unlocked for Add-Ons AND all backers will receive the "Tales of the Bounty Hunter" digital shortstory anthology.

Well, if they include the Hetzer, I guess I'll have to review my choices..
  The lead ship of the Royal Navy's latest generation of ironclads, the Thunder's Child was anchored in the Tamis when the invasion began, and with her boilers already lit, was able to raise steam pressure and get underway quickly as Goblin forces rampaged through the city and began moving against the royal docks. Moving as close to the shore as she dared, the Thunder's Child joined a squadron of sail powered ships in providing heavy gunfire support to beleaguered forces along the riverfront and covering the evacuation south across Lundein Bridge until two of the goblins' terrible war machines set upon her. These adamantine encased constructs seemed to be immune to the Thunder's Child's broadside batteries, and she struggled to bring the heavier 360 pounder rifles mounted forward to bear, but at the same time, the goblin war machines struggled to fight back, forced to wade into the shallows along the river's edge. The Thunder's Child's sail powered compatriots, lacking the heavy guns necessary to engage the Goblin Tripods and subject to wind and tide, were forced to withdraw down river after suffering heavy damage, and the Thunder's Child alone was hard pressed to defend Lundein Bridge and fend off the enemy's Tripods.
  The Thunder's Child's captain saw his chance to swing the battle in their favor when one of the Goblin constructs stumbled into deeper water, leaving itself almost completely submerged. On the captain's order' the Thunder's Child's rudder was thrown over to starboard and the ship's boilers were pushed to their limit as the ironclad accelerated towards the stricken tripod. While blasts from the second Tripod's heat rays punched through the Thunder's Child's armor deep into the bowls of the ship, the Goblins failed to prevent the ironclad from successfully ramming their struggling compatriot. What the guns of the Royal navy's finest ironclad had failed to accomplish after half an hour of fire, shear mass achieved instead, and the Goblin tripod was destroyed in the collision, though not before a catastrophic boiler explosion ripped through the Thunder's Child's hull. The ironclad would quickly roll onto her side and come to rest in the shallows almost on top of her victim.
  Though the battle of Lundein Bridge was ultimately a defeat for the United Kingdom, which forced Royal Artillery batteries on the south bank of the Tamis to destroy the bridge to prevent the Goblin hordes from crossing, the destruction of one of the seemingly indestructible Martian war machines boosted the spirits of Britannia's defenders, and the name Thunder's Child was a rallying cry for the entire kingdom as the conflict continued.

Thunder's Child class Ironclad Ram
Type: Large Naval Support
Mass: 8500 tons (template C)
Equipment Slots: 120
Structure (tech A, armored): 3468 tons
Engine (tech A, steam): 2448 tons   
Movement: 2/3
Fuel(2000 kilometer range): 1469 tons
Armor(tech A, Bar 3): 31 tons,  514 points
  fwd: 114/35
  fwd sides: 100/35
  aft sides: 70/35
  aft: 60/35
Minimum Crew: 79 crew, 13 officers
Full Complement: 199 crew, 33 officers

2 Field Kitchens, 6 tons
Quarters for 20 additional officers, 100 tons
Bunk Space for 120 additional crew, 12 tons
40 maritime lifeboats, 40 tons
Cargo Hold: 583 tons

3 Heavy Rifles (2 fwd, 1 aft) 16 tons, 6 slots
150 rounds of ammunition, 25 tons
40 light rifles (10 fl/fr/al/ar) 120 tons, 40 slots
3600 rounds of ammunition, 200 tons
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Clan Protectorate
« Last post by Rncavenger on Today at 00:59:39 »
If Kisho ever reaches the Clan Protectorate, then Cox Devalis is a good candidate to negotiate with Rikkard. They obviously know each other well.
So I've been meaning to ask:

The white haired-and-skinned woman sitting in the middle: is she supposed to be albino or some sort of genetically-modified human?  Because she really sticks out as not resembling anyone from any previous Battletech artwork that I've ever seen, she looks more like a Shadowrun character.

Clearly she's Genecaste. :)
IIRC the extra crew seats doesn't include the mass of the person sitting in the seat, just the seat. Infantry compartments include things like seats, straps, harnesses, and also the mass of the dudes and their equipment.
So while most of the time it wouldn't matter, with a small enough vehicle, a big enough unit, or a statistically greater rate of obesity among your customer base(assuming a large number of passenger seats), it might somewhat impact speed since the vehicle its normally rated weight.
I would be ok with them stopping with the Strech Goals if they going back over all the rule books and reedit and reformat them like the BattleMech Manual
Sounds great.  Keep us posted on how it goes tomorrow.
Ground Combat / Re: BA Spec Ops/Commandos
« Last post by Retry on Today at 00:20:16 »
Problem there is you either have high ground speed OR you can jump.  And jumping is NOT stealthy.
Strictly speaking you can do both, nothing in the BA construction rules forbids it...  There's just no reason to do both 99.9% of the time; doing both costs a lot more tonnage than dedicating to one motive type. (and there's no canon BA that does so IIRC)

If optimizing to sneak behind enemy lines instead of throwing missiles through the field, there could be some merit to outfitting BA with both.  Jump Jets opens the squad to deploying from mid-air platforms and work anywhere (parafoils don't work outside of atmosphere).  Trot on foot most of the way there (possibly using the jets to traverse obstacles, but only if there's no other way, or if you're very certain there's no risk of detection).  Do whatever mission you came to do, and ideally walk back to the extraction point, with the Jets acting as a bit of insurance in case things go very wrong.

Depending on the specific mission requirements, taking a baseline of a PA(L) suit with stealth armor, jets, enhanced ground speed, gloves, and your faction's preferred firearm might be good enough of a starting point: Toss on required mission equipment as desired with the few remaining crits & 85 kilos.
I see the Andurien attacks on the Confederation as an emotional act, not one driven by logical action. It's all tied to the mess that is the Daoshen/Ilsa/Ari triangle.

The meeting between Daoshen and Ilsa, in my opinion, went far a standard meeting between two allies, emotionally speaking. In that meeting, we saw chinks in the armor that both always had in place. Daoshen shows jealousy over Ilsa's frequent machinations with Ari, even though the Chancellor was the very person who suggested the marriage in first place. Ilsa, on her end, believes that she had always acted with the Confederation's best interests in mind, and is deeply betrayed by Daoshen tossing her aside because of said unfounded jealousy.

Ari, however, is a man that Ilsa still has complete sway over. A pony express is set up, and troops that had previously been preparing to assault the Free Worlds hit the Confederation instead: an act of reactive passion, performed by a Duke who was probably never aware of the truth behind the switch in targets. Put clearly, a hurt Ilsa used the Duke to strike at the one thing she knows Daoshen still holds dear—the Confederation itself.

Now what? In a certain parallel to 3025, Andurien has become 3150's best example of the Piranha Principle at play. While both the CapCon and the FWL would love nothing more but to absorb the nation and remove Ari from the throne, neither can spare the forces without facing the risk of tremendous losses on other fronts. Andurien doesn't have a reason to join a new Star League because of this, unless one or both of its larger neighbours do first—freeing up those essential troops. Interestingly, if Andurien feels like one of its larger neighbours might join the League sooner than later, it might join first to preempt any mass invasions; ultimately speaking, its next steps could be guided by pure diplomacy more than raw military action.
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