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MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 32: What Say You?
« Last post by Trajan Helmer on Today at 00:01:12 »
Off Topic / Re: For Those That Rock: The Totally Rockin' 20's
« Last post by Trajan Helmer on Today at 00:00:43 »
Princes of the Universe ~ Queen
Challenges and Gatherings / Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Last post by shadhawk on 19 September 2021, 23:50:18 »
So on to the new month and fun things  >:D

Nejiro News 1
“A major story tonight is that the GSF engaged a major force north of Tentai Mizumi.”

Hilo TV3
“Today the GSF informs of a major battle that took place a few hundred kilometers north of Tentai Mizumi.”

“In tonight’s news we have a major report from the GSF about a battle north of Tentai Mizumi.”

The Tarawa Times
“Today the GSF informs us that they engaged in a major battle with unknown forces north of Tentai Mizumi.”

The Moro-Sun Times
“Reports have word that the GSF was involved in a major battle north of Tentai Mizumi.”

The Dakuu-orianyusu
What is the latest “Great News”, It’s the play warriors tell all that they just had the major battle. We ask what “Great” battle, are they speaking of? Does anyone other than the sell swords have proof of this “Great” battle? One must ask these things.

Shin no wadopuresu
Looks like the “Leaders” have news of a major fight here but does not show what happened. They say that this was a large event but nothing is shown. They say they protect you from major threats but show nothing.

At the Zenith jump point a group of JumpShips fade in.
As they settle in the crews take duty stations and start getting the DropShips prepped for they journey to Nejiro.
“Task group commander to task group, fighters to stations and all commanders report status.”

“Sir you need to see this.”
“What is it Go-cho?”
“From the last pass from satellite 4.” Showing the Chu-i the images on his screen. “About 100 klicks west of Quezon.”
“I see looks to be military vehicles.” Looking over the screen. “Gunsho get ahold of the militia and see if they have any units operating west of Quezon.”
“Yes Sir.”
“Go-cho did we have any sign of this on the pass before this?”
“No sir. This sat only passes this are once a day.”
“OK so who ever this they just got here in the last day.”
“Yes sir.”
The comms Gunsho calls over to the Chu-i. “Sir the militia said they do not have any units in the area in question. I also called the ComGuard and GSF and they also report no units in that area.”
“What about any of the Ichizoku or Koichizoku?”
“I am waiting on them.”
“Well they are not ours.” Looking around the room. “OK people I want reports of all other sources on this. Check with ATC to see if they any traffic in that area in the last 24 hours, ANY traffic.” Moving back to his desk. “Move people we have someone close to a city and I want to know just who they are and NOW!”

I will be talking to Grimm to see what is what with them.
Challenges and Gatherings / Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Last post by shadhawk on 19 September 2021, 23:49:03 »
OK so things could have been hotter for you all but the numbers just did not like me this time out  xp

You will end up with these toys
MAD-9M Marauder, DGR-3F Dragon Fire, CRD-4D Crusader, OSR-2M Ostroc, PXH-4L Phoenix Hawk, STG-6L Stinger
LCT-1E Locust
Tokugawa Heavy Tank, Demon Tank x 2, Po Heavy Tank (LB-X), Regulator Hovertank, Main Gauche Light Support Tank
Fa Shih Battle Armor Laser

The ComGuard would like the Ostroc. The Ghosts would like the Dragon Fire. The Militia would like the vehicles.
You talk and let me know what is what.
Off Topic / Re: NHL 2021-2022 Thread. Let's get Kraken!
« Last post by rebs on 19 September 2021, 23:47:38 »
Chara back on the Island where his career started.  If this is his last season it seems a fitting place for it.

He's going to be the first known test case for the NHL after gambling has been legalized in many states.  He was probably better off keeping his mouth shut until the NHL finishes its investigation.  His activity off the rink notable for all the wrong reasons and if proven he did bet on NHL games I'd expect we'll see a ban.

Poor guy.  If he had a problem before, he's really ****** now. 

I wanted at first to believe him, but sometimes people are just not smart.  I don't know what to think about it.

And of course, I was kidding about Chara above.  He's got to apply for social security in Slovakia, not the US.  >:D
Challenges and Gatherings / Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Last post by shadhawk on 19 September 2021, 23:45:31 »
shadhawk and Devondra:  Made it home OK.  Thanks for the help.   :thumbsup:

cool glad you made it out and no problems getting home  :thumbsup:
Fan Articles / Re: Mech of the Week: Ti Ts'ang TSG-series
« Last post by garhkal on 19 September 2021, 23:32:29 »
The problem is that the hatchet tonnage sweet spots aren't the only break points that matter.  There's a really big punch threshold at 55 tons with TSM and 60 tons isn't so far above it that the axe looks all that great. 

Plus as the article mentions, jump jets are now a full ton per vice half a ton if you kept it as a 55 ton mech...
Off Topic / Re: NFL 2021 2022
« Last post by JadeHellbringer on 19 September 2021, 23:31:58 »
I feel like I need a cigarette after that Chiefs/Ravens game.
Fan Art / Re: Intelligence report from Hector (Art WIP)
« Last post by marauder648 on 19 September 2021, 23:29:12 »
I'd like to get some re-done for sure, the next one will probably include the Hells Horse because to me, that thing makes NO sense other than the writers going "Oooh the Mares of Diomedes!" back in the 90's, because that's what the HH is clearly based on, the flesh eating horses of Greek myth that Hercules had to steal as one of his labours.

Also it makes no sense that you'd get a herbivore that could best be described as a couch with anxiety and reverse engineer it so much that you turn it into an omnivore but one who's main diet is meat.
So in my mind it would be easier to turn the Hells Horse from a spicey normal horse, into a horse like analogue that was native to Niles in the 1st place. And the Hells Horses symbol (that of a normal horse) is a stylized version of it rather than it being probably the hardest scientific experiment there is, think

rather than

but because it looks a bit weird instead the Hells horses stylized it.

The Jade falcon could use just higher fidelity art, because they didn't mess that up, its just a small picture of a bird, the Coyote and Wolf are...well they're Coyotes and Wolves, so nothing needed there. Its a matter of time and money, so...check out my gofundme :p Only kidding :D

(looks up from draft outline of "XTRO: Fortunate Son")

replying so I can keep track of this conversation...  ;) ;D

I did stat out the Huey....

- Herb
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