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I have company and lance rosters and variants picked out already, it is just a matter of deciding paint schemes. These are designed around tech and options circa 3062. These work fine for Dark Age games too (i don't really play anything else), with some variant changes. I don't do smaller units than companies, as that way i have many options for smaller games while keeping units consistent looking.

My biggest issue with the Red Lancers is that i don't like doing three-color schemes beyond camos, on the account of required care. I can do it though.
Primary alternatives are House Imarra, House Lu Sann and Death Commandos.
Still waiting on the DVD release for that tom hanks film Greyhound..
Same here waiting to.
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Rifle Cannons: What have you done?
« Last post by Grand_dm on Today at 05:54:09 »
New question for the group: what balance issues if any are presented by just ditching the -3 damage penalty?

When answering set aside this idea that Rifle Cannons are using hundreds of years old technology. Forget about TRO 1945.

Instead let's just examine their game stats: weight/range/damage/ammo per ton.

Looking purely at that - are they balanced as an alternative to the Autocannon?
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Rifle Cannons: What have you done?
« Last post by Grand_dm on Today at 05:46:47 »
I would just like to remind everyone that I created this thread to see what others have done. Including some argument to explain your methodology is fine, but let's make sure it does not get past that. Just a friendly reminder.
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Return to the brushes
« Last post by marauder648 on Today at 05:39:03 »
I'd go with the wolf grey too.
Whilst Adrian Gideon mentioned that the B&N Wolf's Dragoons Assault Star was not to be taken as an indication
of further faction-specific ForcePacks, I wouldn't mind if CGL were to take that route.

This would enable them to combine existing KS Mechs with new redesigns (example : Blackjack and JagerMech for Davions)..

Another point that needs to be taken into consideration is that all current ForcePacks are Alpha Strike-legal units, so that somewhat limits regrouping faction-specific Mechs.

 :o ;D 8) Well I just did my Urbie's Beer Run at the Cat store this morning. I got the Storm Crow , all set of stickers , 3 set of the lost dice , GD story and RecGuide the latest one. Now I have all sets of the lost dice. Now I wait for the bit bag of mech parts and the Black Knight. Later

If the dots are the new art Scroggins et al keep pumping out ...
I don't if I'm weird but for most part I'd prefer factionally better arranged SKU than more minis. To be sure, there's some mechs I'd love to see but that's secondary.
 Very Cool :thumbsup:
That's cool. It is good work. :thumbsup:

I don't remember the Spartan having myomer bundles but it's been a while since I read the Palladium fluff.
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