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Didn't Wolf's Dragoons give the FWL a companies worth as part of thier deal in Redemption Rites?

Yes, it’s also mentioned in EA book in a sidebar.
Fan Fiction / Re: The Bed We Made (Arluna)
« Last post by Blade4 on Today at 15:33:45 »
except this is the Commonwealth. the troubleshooters that are going to be sent out? are going to be REMF minor nobility with more social connections than practical smarts. they'll swoop in, read all the records generated by the planetary nobility about how 'uppity' the local hillbillies get and how those people are 'blocking economic progress', and their recommendation to the Archon will be the 31st century equivalent of "hire the pinkertons to bust some heads"

Perhaps but Melissa troubleshooters should be people she picks and know are not incompetent and corrupt asshats. She should have a few who do nothing but go world to world and root out problems and report directly to her. Since that seems the only way the Archons can keep thte corruption under control when even the watchers and those who watch the watchers tend to go stupid corrupt without a bat to the head occasionally.

And I guess they are going to be rather busy dealing with all those other problems even if the duke screams for help and tales of full uprisings... Yeah that guy is not long in power if even his power base aint happy and the hill people dont even bother talking. There is no point its time for war and blood and he probably wont realize the threat till he and his are dead or in chains waiting to be hanged.

Or send in loki.
Loki iirc is still on the outs after Katrina took power and a chainsaw to them for what they did to her and hers. Dont think they really recovered until Kathrine took control.
Fan Fiction / Re: The Bed We Made (Arluna)
« Last post by DOC_Agren on Today at 15:22:48 »
You know Bridge Inspection are important...
Didn't Wolf's Dragoons give the FWL a companies worth as part of thier deal in Redemption Rites?
For the poll:  I like the idea of the information being rather relevant for the game.  So, I prefer seeing the skills as a modifier for the appropriate roll. 

What good merc is not a little bit suicidal?
The ones who want to live long enough to get paid.
A Time of War / Re: AToW Is Back Baby!
« Last post by Wrangler on Today at 14:49:43 »
Oh my! I really hope this version is cleaned up also in terms of organization.
Thats one to bring to the ask writers/developer thread. Last time they mentioned anything its usually errants and new cover. Hope your wish is granted.
Last Poll: Mixed rewards won
New Poll
So after some play testing my group made some suggestions on how to display skill bonuses gain in the Academy packages.
Academies currently award Bonus as such:
1. +1 REF, Bonus Skill: +3 (BT), Bonus Skill: +3 (MOS), Tactics/Any (1), SI/Military History (1), Strategy (1)

the second option would make the Skill point use more noticeable
2. +1 REF, Bonus Skill: +3 (BT), Bonus Skill: +3 (MOS), Tactics/Any (+1), SI/Military History (+1), Strategy (+1)

The third option changes the entries to allow for more flexibility when skills are gained twice.
3. +1 REF, Bonus Skill: +3 (BT), Bonus Skill: +3 (MOS), Bonus Skill: +3 (Any)
Required Skill Levels: Tactics/Any (1), SI/Military History (1), Strategy (1)

So as I'm going to call the last poll finished, as I have decided to change my vote after some review, giving option two 3 votes.

I have also decided that this format will be used through out the book to keep a cleaner and clearer presentation.   
No new poll yet, as I have not come across anything I need to address yet.

Update news
1. Other then changing the skills entries to match the new format, Schools are done.
2. Clan Training centers should be done this weekend.
3. Skill section has had a complete overhaul. (New skills, cleaner format, some major changes to skills old and new) 
4. Computer has become a Cascade skill with 5 subskills: Operation, Programing, Security/Infiltration, "Vehicle System, Networking.
5. Marital Arts have been added.
6. New Advantages and Disadvantages.
7. 2nd attempt at the Random Tables.
8. Field Packages have been updated and new ones added for both Military, Intelligence, and Civilians
10. Major rework on all Clan Warrior and Civilian Packages
11. Independent schools added to the School section (Dragoons training, Northwind)
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