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Get a red/orange artificial tree and put the Union on top so it looks like the tree is exhaust.

I've seen black 'Christmas' trees around Halloween.  Use one of them and use your choice of colored metallic garland for the exhaust.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Clan Blood Spirit: Get Off Our Lawn
« Last post by HobbesHurlbut on Today at 13:17:18 »
During the clan invasion did the clans find any iiner sphere designs they liked and took them back yo the homewor;ds
I think that's worth a thread of its own on the chatterweb.

If they did, the Wars of Reavings would had wiped them out. quite a shame.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Clan Blood Spirit: Get Off Our Lawn
« Last post by alex blood spirit on Today at 13:13:44 »
During the clan invasion did the clans find any iiner sphere designs they liked and took them back yo the homewor;ds
 There are a bunch.

 Fire Moth D
 Adder Prime
 Vapor Eagle
 Vapor Eagle 2
 Vapor Eagle 5
 Pouncer prime
 Pouncer D
 Stooping Hawk C
 Glass Spider 2
 Hellbringer Prime
 Summoner D
 Black Python
 Vision Quest 2
 Executioner C
 Gargoyle D
 Warhawk Prime, A, B, C
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: The most powerful mech?
« Last post by SteelRaven on Today at 13:08:42 »
It's only detailed in Jihad Final Reckoning, and there are no game rules for it. But they hypothesize his Shootist had one mounted in place of the AC/20 as an explanation for some of the weird shit that happened when he was on the battlefield.
Believe it was confirmed by writers to be a in universe rumor/myth
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Storage/Travel Case for Minis
« Last post by Lorcan Nagle on Today at 13:07:19 »
I've a motley collection of cases but notably last year I got a bunch of Feldherr ones.  I strongly recommend the Half-Size Case 90, a nice small hard case that has two trays about half the size of a standard GW one, they do one for BattleTech where one tray holds 16 smaller minis and a second that holds 10 larger ones. It's more than enough for most games.  It's meant to be carried in a bag rather than having a strap or a handle.

I also got a Medium bag but I don't recommend that as much.  It's a soft fabric bag and it doesn't have anything to reinforce the interior at all so it's easier for stuff to get loose in from the smaller foam, especially if it gets knocked around.  Unlike, say Army Transport or Battlefoam the trays are sideways when you're carrying the case so that doesn't help either.  I'm considering finding some way to reinforce the interior, maybe just panels of styrene or balsa wood cut to size and glued into a square inside.

For long-term storage I got one of these boxes and it's working out very well, I plan to get some more of them and then sort minis into faction/paint scheme inside them.
ProtoMechs / Re: New Project: BantamMechs, the Inner Sphere ProtoMech
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 13:06:48 »
Ah, ok...
Interesting, but I'm not sure why you have to remove the shoulders? ???

The initial plans for ELMs was to have every design with the same kind of arms as the Rifleman, to save material and space.  To fit the wings, the fluff was to describe them as slim, needle-shaped bodies (Like the Lockheed Starfighter?) with Torso- or Wing mounted weapons - no arms allowed.  Because it was so small, the plan was to severely restrict the number of Critical spaces; I haven't figured out where it fits yet (Probably a 'finish the record sheet'-step) but this is the original description below.

•   Because of their small size, ELMs have fewer Critical Slots; the head has 3 slots (Completely filled with one slot apiece for Cockpit, Sensor, and Life Support), each arm 5 slots (6 with the removal of the Shoulder Actuator for ELM PAMs), Legs have 2 slots (6 with Hip, Upper- and Lower Leg Actuator, and Foot), each side torso has 6 slots (all of them open) and CT has 12 slots -1-2 for the AirMech gear (NOTE: 1 slotgyro for 9-14, 2 slot for 15-19+Standard engine slots)

Basically there are about 36 crits plus a smaller CT (about 2 charts of 4?), which leaves about 42 total (-8 for legs, -6 for engine, -1 or -2 for gyro, -2 for shoulders, -1 for PAM equipment) before the free crits of about 24-25 (minus more stuff like Jump Jets - can't be a LAM without them).

Where the ELM PAM isn't crit starved, I tried to punish it with the 33% slower ground speed and the 15% mass penalty.  And where those won't do it, I diddled their game rules; it takes added Thrust Points (or did; I haven't used ELMs since TW came out and need to study them, too) to Launch and Land, they have to travel a set distance before turning a single hex facing safely, etc.

The reason for the big deal about FASA's LAMs, in my opinion, was the way players treated the Jump range like a Queen in chess ("I CAN GO ANYWHERE!") and tried to treat them as super-units.  Not happening here - you can try moving 18 hexes and land behind somebody to try and gut them in a single Turn, but I tried to make it impossible without a series of miracle control rolls.  But Game Rules will come later.  Not looking forward to it, really.

General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Forgotten Worlds Books 1 and 2
« Last post by HABeas2 on Today at 12:57:29 »
Are the first two books ever going to be released in paperback?

It is my understanding that they plan to combine all three books into a paperback or POD release later this year.

Whether or not that ACTUALLY happens, though, is beyond me.

- Herb
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: The most powerful mech?
« Last post by MarauderCH IIC on Today at 12:56:18 »
Hellstar. The mech that didn't need to be made.
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