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Fan Fiction / Re: Fate Can be Cruel (Part Three)
« Last post by idea weenie on Today at 08:30:10 »
Candace is on better terms with Hanse than the rest of the Capellan government, so Hanse would have a semi-stable border there. Candace might choose to put the Star League forces primarily on the FWL border, so the remaining Capellan Confederation can focus on the FedSuns and the FWL (and the MoC, since the Taurians will still be focused on the FedSuns).

Hanse can make a show of rebuilding defenses on the FedSuns-CapCon border to help encourage the CapCon to focus on the FWL.  He would also make sure the few known CapCon spies are told what is going on, rather than needing to deal in politics and double-guessing between the two realms.

Hanse would be basically explaining, "I fought you, I won a bunch, but am tired.  I am rebuilding my defenses so even after you recover the basics you won't be able to attack me easily.  But the person on the other side of you looks really suspicious and a certain dragon is rebuilding, so most of my attack units are being diverted north. This will let you free up units to keep an eye on your western neighbor for me."
Fan Fiction / Re: War is a grave.
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 08:05:41 »
Stone has the biggest, oldest tin foil hat in the universe...  ::)
Again, I appreciate your time and input.

That's a very good point about their potential nature as ad-hoc formations vs standing. I guess I had considered them to be specially-trained standing formations, but it makes much more sense that they'd spend most of the battle fighting in their component Stars before being detached for some Isorla. Would also make it a lot easier to get such groups included in a typical bid as well. I wonder if the Techs simply try to find someplace to hide until called upon?

The BattleMechs vs OmniMechs part is actually what prompted the original question about ProtoMech inclusion. If BattleMechs of more second-line formations are what gets tapped to form R-Teams, that would affect how the Elementals get to and from the sites, no? They could hitch a ride on whatever cargo vehicles the Techs are using as mentioned, but that would complicate the extraction if they load up on salvage. Unless the Ravens ensure they have plenty of Salamanders or maybe use Sylphs as the two Points of BA, it would make some sense to me that perhaps ProtoMechs might replace one or both BA Points if the team has BattleMechs assigned, especially as most Protos do have hands (and I presume can carry cargo).
Off Topic / Re: Naval Pictures VIII: From Japan with love
« Last post by Nightlord01 on Today at 07:59:05 »
The Pacific: STILL the most misnamed ocean on the planet!  :D

You can say that again, although mercurial, indecisive, uncerain or violent don't really have the same ring to them.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Reviving Homeworld Clans
« Last post by Crimson Dynamo on Today at 07:50:55 »
See, I'd ordinarily be in full agreement with the "they're not coming back" crowd, but... the freaking Smoke Jaguars came back. Both in-universe and out, I would never in a million years have expected that to be a turn the narrative would take.
cray dont i recall something you mentioned while back  about space  being "relatively flat" to have an access to a jump point formation? that and having "relatively empty"space?

"Flat" means that the gravity levels at the jump point are equal to or less than the gravity found at the star's proximity limit.

i did mention world/s is an experimental station  after all so what if the "flat" space had been some how affected either by tech or natural sources?

You'd need gravity generators able to affect large regions of space. Potentially generating more gravity than the star. Gravity control isn't a BT technology, but even if you introduced it at your research lab it'd need to work on very large scales. This sort of fails the "low tech" requirement you had.

You could do something like putting the remote colony at a pair of neutron stars. It'd be on a lifeless planet but JumpShips would never visit casually and they'd always be worried about the gravity waves coming off the circling neutron stars.
With everyone and their Genemother getting IS Plasma Rifle configs and us having a company that the CC are willing to sell us/let us produce Stealth armour (in a sensible way, looking at you Wolfen) wonder if we'll see a ROtter/Mastodon/Kontio with one or more of them. Maybe a Fire Moth J 2 swapping out the Cannon for the Rifle
I have just got the pdf and I really feel the need to say that Takashi's Battlemaster is beautiful.  I wonder whether it swapped out 1 or 2 heat sinks for extra armour?
Off Topic / Re: So where does your State stand vrs D&D?
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 07:02:56 »
Certainly not.  Search volume is "searched for", not "played".
Off Topic / Re: Naval Pictures VIII: From Japan with love
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 06:56:41 »
The Pacific: STILL the most misnamed ocean on the planet!  :D
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