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and crap on the AMA!  :-\ :-\ I love those but I'm going to miss it because our weekly game is tomorrow!  :P

That said, I'm bringing a bunch of stuff out of the latest IlClan TRO, so, wish me luck y'all! :-)

(if anyone wants to do me a solid: my kids are BEGGING for more patches; we only got one with the KS which was CLEARLY a mistake, so if anyone would ask for me when they'll be available in the Battle-store, it'd be would be much appreciated!  I'll catch up with the answer on the recording after I get home!  :)
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Maximum damage in a single phase?
« Last post by klarg1 on Today at 19:34:20 »
OH OH OH!!!! I forgot about ridiculous Rocket Launcher mechs!

The Cyclops 11-H has 6x RL20's, an AC20, and two Mediums for a total of 150 damage.

The Catapult H2 has 8x RL20's, a PPC, and two Mediums which are capable of 180 damage.

And the grand prize, the Marauder II MAD-4H! It has: 4x RL20's, 6x RL15's, 1x RL10, 2x ERPPC's, and 2x ER Mediums for a grand total, if you get the best rolls ever seen by mankind, of...210 damage! I know that just ties it with the Eris, but its still pretty impressive.

I think the MAD-4H caps out at a theoretical 210.

Of course forests may spontaneously combust three spaces away after it does. That’s a lot of heat
With regards to Daemion's long sequence, a maximum range of 6 (i.e. division by 9) seems a bit low to me on a standard game board.

Not divided by nine. It's multiplied by 17 or 18. 

30m x 17 = 510m, or roughly .5km

.5km x 17 = 8.5 km.  I decided to round up to 9 km simply for conversion sake, since current BT space hexes are 18km

So, the next logical step would be 8.5 x 17, which equals 144.5 km. 

But! If you round for conversion sake, then 9 x 17 = 153 km! 

(It's easy to fudge to 150 km.)

To find the extent of the current extreme range band would be to figure out where the different range bands go.  Extreme is the extent.  That happens to be 50 standard 18km hexes.  Simple math.  900 km.

The only reason I made that suggestion in scaling is merely because it seems simpler to be able to scale down or up by having a hex represent an appropriately scaled-down map, or a map translate to a hex.

It is just a suggestion. 

We don't have to keep to it. 

Either way, the goal is to have the playing space fit inside a proper 1x2 map arrangement, each map having 17 hexes.  50 hex range cannot do that.  Which means you're starting your space engagement without having even a remote chance at using your weapon's full range that happen to reach that far.

We could wiggle-room it so that each hex at the higher strategic scale isn't a full map (for ease of numbering). 

I like the idea of maybe 2 hexes per range band being the standard.  which would bump extreme out to 8 hexes. 

We could simplify it to 100 or 50 km, which would put extreme out to 9 or 18 hexes respectively.  (Aside: 18 x 3 would be 54, so we can fudge that to 3 x current standard.  Hey!  Did you know that's the scale change from standard BT to BattleForce?   :thumbsup:)

I am wondering how CGL knew I put my snowmobile in the dishwasher..

I carry my dishwasher on my snowmobile, so i've CLEARLY been going about this wrong!  ;)
Off Topic / Re: So I'm moving to Florida.
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 19:29:57 »
I hate it when troubleshooting gets the wrong answer at first.. it always multiplies the time to repair...  :-\

Ordered!  Hooray for more swag!
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Tinfoil Battletech!
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 19:25:49 »
Hanse Davion has descendants that can lay claim to every one of the Successor States, if you believe what the Blake Documents has to say about Sun-Tzu. AND Hanse's grandson is ilKhan. House Davion won the Succession Wars. Hanse, who is still alive after faking his own death and employing a little bit of Magistracy science, is chilling on a beach on Herotitus with a maitai and his true love, Katrina Steiner, both of them giggling at the state of affairs.
The foil is STRONG with this one!  :D
Fan Fiction / Re: The Sanity of War
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 19:22:02 »
Good on her!  A wise man once told me, "You do cardio to live longer, and you do strength training to enjoy it!"  :thumbsup:
Gaming Terrain / Re: Two Guns Blazing's Terrain!
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 19:15:41 »
Love those walls... they look thick enough to safely balance a 'mech on...  8)

And nice paint jobs!  :thumbsup:
Ground Combat / Re: Proper use for light tanks (scorpion, etc)?
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 19:11:15 »
It strikes me two LRM-5s and an SRM-2 will fit in a half-ton turret.  I won't post the design here (since this isn't the design forums), but that would be cheaper in C-Bill terms at least.  There's certainly room for things at the low end that others will underestimate...  ^-^
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