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I'm intrigued as to what any of you old-timers recall feeling about the experience of playing MechWarrior I (Blazing Aces) and/or MechWarrior SNES (Herras Ragen).  I never played either, myself (my gateway was The Crescent Hawks' Inception on the Amiga).  I just know that CHI drew me into the universe in a way that no game had previously done, and I went around talking about "mecha" (the CHI term) so much that my father asked if the game was set in Saudi Arabia (hearing "mecca").
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Locust 1E
« Last post by Kibutsu on Today at 07:41:47 »
Beautiful, as always! Your work always looks like it stepped from an oil painting. Really nice.
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Camo Com Guards
« Last post by Kibutsu on Today at 07:40:42 »
What is that standing next to the Thug?



That is a Nightstar.

Thanks for all the nice comments folks!
Solaris: The Jungle. 10k bv of jump infantry.

it made the game super unfun for everyone
I speak for the trees, and the trees say "BACKBLAST AREA CLEAR!"
An all Hunchback HBK-4G force. But they asked for it. They said the Hunchback wasn't any good (compared to Wolverines, Griffins, etc), so I offered to let them try their hand against nothing but Hunchbacks.  They proceeded to lose their ('Mechs') heads over it.

Nothing like Sartris' evil though.  Clearly I need to be more careful around him :).
The HBK-4P does work in the MechWarrior games and Alpha Strike, but its fans always seem to forget that in Classic, where random hit locations are a thing, you can never discount the usefulness of some good penetrative power. Of course, in my opinion, the HBK-4G and HBK-6P work best when paired up.
In a tournament where victory points were based on the point value of what you killed with a divisor of your own point value (allowing smaller 'Mechs to compete on points and discounting kills by super-high BV units) - designed a stripped down Hollander that had barely any armor - just the Gauss rifle and crossed fingers for getting head chops.

It wasn't much of a target in the grand melee, since taking it down wouldn't generate many victory points, but if it ever managed to snipe a foe, its points would be through the roof. 

Essentially designed for mathematical advantage, rather than fun gameplay.
Let's be real, any tournament that allows customs is kind of asking for it.
A squadron or two of MechBusters loaded with thunder bombs with a couple lances of long-ranged units.  Block the opfor from getting close and hit them from a distance.  I'm sure the MegaNek bot was cursing me out!
Yeah, I don't believe Princess is programmed with any awareness of minefields. If you ever want easy wins in an ATB campaign, thunder bombs and artillery are the way to go; she'll just blindly walk straight through minefields.
Very nice! I really like the colors you used for the camo.
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Harimandir Singh
« Last post by Kibutsu on Today at 07:37:20 »
Not actually sure how unviable this is as a product idea, but I'd love a starter book for the Ilclan era. I picked up Sword & Dragon the other day and it's incredible for getting a feel for the late succession wars and how the stuff on the board relates to the game world. A similar boots on the ground perspective of the new era showcasing some of the tech and units would be lovely.

I think it could be do-able, profitable is another story, but then again i'm sure the people on this forum would buy just about anything upto and including BT-TP for use after BT cereal in their BT bowl, with their BT coffee in their BT mug :-\ , do a battle or campaign book/compilation from the era (taking from ilClan, Tamar Rising, Empire alone, Dominions divided, the last one, add in a few new ones, as a bonus for people who have the other books) and bundle it with two of the box sets of mini's with about equal BV, since pretty much everyone can get everything from the RG's they just have to make sure the box sets are generic enough
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Clan Invasion Salvage 'Mechs
« Last post by Kibutsu on Today at 07:31:40 »
I have purchased 6 so far and pulled Viper, Howler, Stone Rhino, Hunchback, Thug and Crab.
BattleMechs / Re: Barbarian BRB-9-N
« Last post by JulietPennington on Today at 07:31:25 »
My wife has been dreaming of a car for a long time, and I think I will give her such a gift.
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