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Thank heaven. That was one of the most fugly models found in a TRO.
I was not that they could build the nighthawk stealth armor easy anymore..

I'm looking for the part discussing it, which is taking some digging.  Of course, I also discovered the secondary languages for Niops, per Era Report 3145, are Arabic, Bulgarian and Urdu.

Field Manual 3145 mentions the Project Workshops not being rebuilt and that Niops "must rely on imports from the Marian Hegemony, former Free Worlds League states, and the Lyran Commonwealth".  Which is a thing.  Also, it mentions the Niops Citizens Militia, which is also interesting, considering elsewhere it's the Niops Association Militia

Ah, there it is.  Page 199 of Field Manual 3145.  Where, again, it's NAM (Niops Association Militia) and not the Niops Citizens Militia.

Quote from: Field Manual 3145, Pg. 199
The one bright spot in an otherwise bleak recent history has been the formal addition of infantry forces to the
NAM in both unarmored and battle armor alike. The NAM currently has four squads of the ancient Nighthawk Mk XXI power armor—representing all of the suits left in active service today. These assets are used exclusively to protect the government facilities on Niops VII.

So, since the MUL lists the Nighthawk as being used by a number of powers in the Dark Age, I'm gonna assume that those four squads of suits are all the active suits in the Niops Association.  I'm also not clear if that represents the totality of the NAM infantry forces in battle armor, and the chart later on in the book only clearly spells out their BattleMech strength (1 regiment), as well as listing the Militia as a whole at 85% strength.
Novel and Sourcebook Reviews / Re: Hour of the Wolf: a Running Review
« Last post by Elmoth on Today at 02:04:12 »
I was upset by that one actually.

If I'm getting the guy who's gonna be Ilclan the Mechs and the Ride to become Ilclan, I really want some assurances of independence and repayment afterwards... and not that easily duped here is your bag of silver

You are right. They could have asked for some of the wolf major warships as payment. That would have been an appropriate payment.
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: New Plastic
« Last post by Elmoth on Today at 01:59:52 »
That means that they sell well enough, since B&N has limited shelf space. It is a good thing that they stock BT
An-2s loaded down with RL-10s
The Inner Sphere / Re: Tamar and The Falcon OZ
« Last post by Hotham on Today at 01:24:39 »
It's strange the Lyran character is called Arcturan. Arcturus has been a Clan world since before the Dark Age.
It's normal for characters in the BattleTech universe to claim connections to certain worlds or ethnic groups, even if their family has been removed from them for generations if not centuries.

Also, why would the Wolves evacuate their Empire? They need that infrastructure to start replacing their losses.
More of a suggestion. I don't believe the Wolves have the man power to hold both Terra and the whole of the Wolf Empire. If either the Lyrans or Mariks decide to to invade, the Wolves' best option may be to transport what valuable assets they can to more easily defensible positions near Terra. 

Of course, we Capellans are still incoming, so it would be foolish for Alaric start moving the remains of Clan Wolf to systems that can turn into active battlegrounds in while they're in transit.

The other suggestion is that the Lyrans and Mariks won't do anything, giving Alaric time to bulk up the defenses along the Wolf Empire's borders. Or Alaric could convince one of the clans to help defend Wolf worlds.

Now the Successor States are exhausted in one way or another while the Bears, Foxes, Jaguars, Horses and Ravens are relatively fresh and uncommitted.
I wouldn't necessarily say that the Jaguars or Horses are fresh. The Jaguars are a effective force, but heir small and battle scarred. The Horses haven't been twiddling their thumbs the past nineteen years either. The Horses are in much better shape then the Falcons, that's for sure.

Mixed governments are known to take a very wide interpretation of that clan-ness thing. They should I fact to stop the con being totally laughable. The fact that they are still "so clan" after 100 years in the IS is what irks me the most.
I think of it from a wargaming perspective. The factions need to maintain their core identities so that we don't lose what makes us want to play them. No faction has truly been static. Changes have come gradually, sometimes even painfully slow. I believe we're in for some big changes in the Ilclan Era, starting with Clan Hell's Horses.

And here I thought Tamar rising was just gonna be about a 2nd, probably rogue Lyran state and the Horses getting back at the Falcons.  That would defeat the purpose of naming it if you just downplay it as another excuse to give more power to the Ilclan.

I lot of us are probably overthinking it, but it's fun to speculate until we can get the product in our hands. I think some fans are still shell shocked over Alaric's win and have fallen into pessimism regarding the nature of the Ilclan going forward.

Better the ilClan than Kurita or Liao becoming First Lord. All 3 are quite similar in ideology and social structure, but the Wolves at least don't do the things the other two regularly do.

As much as the TPTB say that there are no good BattleTech factions, Kurita and Liao have particularly been demonized in fiction and by fans. Even with the FS struggling in the wake of its destruction, its fans still look down on the Confederation. Which goes to show you that despite the military success the Confederation has had during the Dark Age, we never got the respect for it. That's way people speak of Davion fiat and why FS always wins. Even when they lose, they come out smelling like rosewater. Slowly reclines back in chair, takes a long drag from a pip, blows and stares in the distance. The odds were never in our favor. We were made too big. It was only a matter of time before they cut us down to size. My only hope that the TPTB will go easy on us is Danai.

Sorry for the tangent, not trying to derail my own thread.

I got rear ended at the end of last month, by a vehicle going 55 mph. It's been a ride. Basically two weeks of weird symptoms making me unable to do things... it's not at the level of the traumatic brain injuries I've treated. But it was on the real low end of the spectrum of that.

as if The Right Stuf anime shop doesn't ALREADY offer lots of cool stuff, they are now taking pre-orders for: an IN-SCALE Arch Angel Catapult Deck designed for 1/144 scale Gundam kits. Yes, it has lots of functional gimmicks and costs $250, but it still looks SWEET.  :drool:
Catalyst Game Labs Demo Team / Re: Gencon 2021
« Last post by garhkal on Today at 00:43:26 »
Does this also apply to origins??
Can confirm, it has all the guns. Even better: it has KNEES!!
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