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Off Topic / Re: For Those That Rock: The Totally Rockin' 20's
« Last post by NightSarge on Today at 11:35:55 »
Xandria -  Call Of destiny
The capacity to pilot mechs is MUCH higher than that. The 2necessary gene" thing has fallen out of vogue in recent books. My headcannon marks this because now neurohelmets are better and so mor epeople qualify.

For your numbers, take in mind that A LOT of peoplemthat could potentially pilot a mech will not even see a mech in their life. There are very few mechs overall, even if we centre in them. In the same way that I have never been by the side of a working tank in my entire life.

And the fact that there is an indeterminate number of militia mechs. This number can be quite larger than the military models we always centre our atention on.

So I would say that 50 MILLION people can pilot a mech is a very low estimate. Probably 500 million could also work, as most of these will never approach a mech. And all the sotries we read is that being able to pilot a mech is not a major thing. Hell, you could say that EVERYBODY byut a few selected ones can pilot a mech, but that does not mean that most people can do it with any degree of skill. These are the washouts of the initial selections of candidates programs.

All in all, as TPTB have avoided giving hard numbers for exactly these reasons, I would not make wide assumptions on the number of people that can pilot a mech., as this is just a plot hook hanging in front of the players there.


Kind regards,
Bad lads army
Fan Fiction / Re: "Steal, buy, or Build?" (a Ngoverse piece.)
« Last post by drakensis on Today at 11:33:47 »
Victor would have been wiser, but perhaps not Victor, to have ordered: "And while you need not apologize and I would never expect you to recant, I expect you to tell him that you accept and will abide by the outcome of the vote."

And then told Morgan to swallow that as the price of Phelan coming home, and a reminder that the Wolves-in-Exile are going to have to tread a very careful line until people get used to them.
Battletech is a game of out maneuvering your opponant and deliberately attacking right left or Rear. The existing rules claiming 2 being a critical on the facing torso rewards the more maneuverable unit with less weapons to bring down an opponent with finesse  . You have to work at it to get the desired result of light or XL   engine hits or ammo hit or head hit with a light MG array 4 with the eye to knocking out the pilot and recovering a largely intact mech . 

Floating crit anywhere  just rewards crude player who has the most guns slug fest where quantity is all that counts not relative postion and tactics are not rewarded . This is supposed to be a tactical combat game .

It also damages specific Zombie designs a that fact your Center torso has a compact engine and Compact gyro with 2 Inner Sphere Double Heat sinks and a medium  X pulse laser in which 7 out of 12 center torso hits are neither Engine or Gyro. So it is manifesly obvious if you want a mech less vulnerable to center torso crits feild it be it custom or the 2 or so stock . Design is supposed to be a compromise between durability and performance.  I designed a 100 ton Zombie  with 2 Heavy PPCs and 5 Medium X-Pulse lasers and 32 heat dissipation . More than half the time you have to Core it to kill it .

Very against floating crits anywhere instead of facing torso it kills much of the finesse mauvering aspect of the game And it makes near pointless the sacrifice in tonnage and firepower in units designed not to care about center torso crits much at all.

The math shows that you don't have work for it; roll a "2" and you have a much higher chance of crippling a mech because you don't have the second location roll. Playing with floating crit rules has forced us to be more tactically minded as we've pulled much of the crit-seeking out of the game. When we played with torso crit rules, we had LBX and SRM spamming across the board; people knew rolling multiple "2"s in a round would probably cripple or outright kill a mech. We saw a whole lot more laser boats as well; people avoided any mech with ammo in it's torsos. Don't get me started with the number of head hits we were seeing in these situations either.

I'd say we're even more tactically minded with our movement. We want to take someone's left, right or rear sides so that we can cluster the damage done more effectively. We can't rely on crits to win a game for us; we have to tear up a mech as best we can.
I'm sorry but no, even a 100 tonner with an armored compact engine and armored compact gyro is generally going to be better off soaking TACs to some other hit location besides the center torso.  Floating crits do not "punish" you for taking a zombie mech, they increase its zombieing ability.

And TACs, like headshots, are good but not something you should be relying on for your victories.  They're rare and that's by design, it's very easy to go entire games without that hit location come up- if you're relying on them for victory you're going to have problems.
Keep fighting the good fight Cubby.   

Cheers. :beer:

I posted a new thread on the mech fan designs board last night, and the system gave the post an “Awaiting Approval” label in the title and the post itself has a pink background and similar note “This message is awaiting approval by a moderator.”  I’m not sure anyone else can see the thread (only a handful of views), but here’s the link:

Did I miss something and new threads now require mod approval?

Or did I accidentally click something I shouldn’t have?

Or is the system just screwy and I need to get a mod/admin to fix?

Thx for any insight.
Cubby, had anyone been in contact with Barnes & Noble to see why Legend of the Jade Phoenix still isn't available? Still not on the website...

I'll add it to my list of things to ask about.
Cubby, had anyone been in contact with Barnes & Noble to see why Legend of the Jade Phoenix still isn't available? Still not on the website...
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