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Wait, what's that 28mm Marauder? Is that a thing that'll get sold too?

No, it will not be sold.
Off Topic / Re: Star Trek General Thread II: Strange New Posts
« Last post by BirdofPrey on Today at 06:17:49 »
Last week was very paint-by-numbers.  A disappeared colony is a pretty standard story and we've also seen outbreak episodes in most series, so we've seen everything this episode has to offer before.  Nevertheless it's pretty good.

We start off with your typical mystery: What happened to all these colonists? but that quickly goes to being a background detail behind the unfolding plague plot and two people stuck on the surface.  We quickly see the tension ratcheted up; threads get piled on, we get to learn about La'an's relationship with Khan, and I get the impression he's a fairly notorious figure, so I think they are fully retconning that Khan was just some dude Enterprise picked up who happened to be a bad guy. 

At any rate we see that Khan being her ancestor has impacted a fair bit how La'An thinks, and get started on our mini moral lesson for the day: prejudice is stupid, and you shouldn't make snap judgements.  We also get hints something is going on with M'Benga and maybe a bit more insight into how Hemmer works given he can at least sense the lights went out and is not immune to this light based sickness going as far as to try and beam up some hot rock.  Speaking of, Number One picking his unconscious body up like it's nothing further hints she's not quite what she seems either.

Back on the planet we get Spock poking in journals around while Pike just does an anxiety.  Some new aliens sow up in the ion storm; your standard energy creature. It's pretty obvious what/who those are, and that's confirmed a couple scenes later when Pike and Spock's lives are saved by the creatures.  We also get a bit ore discussion on the federation's prejudices with regards to genetic engineering.

The main plot comes to a head with the genetic engineering prejudices becoming more personal after an altercation between Number One and La'an.  But hey, deathmatch 1701 at least provides the magic cure.  Part of being a typical Star trek episode also means that this disease itself makes no sense (transmitted via light?  really?), and so the cure isn't a thing we've gotten active research on, we just get a "there's nothing more I can do" and the cure gets deus ex machinaed in a way that also makes no sense (really?  you can immune system someone else's body? AND it fights radiation?).  The nature of the creatures they found planetside is similarly bogus.

We get some nice heart to hearts though, and some threads that will probably take the whole season and may explain some crew changes (M'benga is someone two appears in TOS, but not as chief medical officer anymore)

Now, call me naive, but I would imagine that Starfleet personnel, particularly senior officers, would also have to submit to such exams to ensure they were in continued good health, given the peculiarities of their work environment (long periods in an hermetically-sealed regular workspace, frequent exposure to alien environments, etc.).

Unless this is in fact not the case, how was Una able to keep her true nature concealed for so long?  If she did have to undergo such regular exams, you would think that eventually one would've picked up something a little off about her.
I'm actually curious just HOW the genetic modifications present.  The only reason they found out about Dr. Bashir a century later is his father accidentally outted him to a hologram.  Part of the dub with this episode is that Dr Mbenga finds nothing at all in her blood and that's why they cant synthesize a cure.  Certainly a curious thing when you look at it, but how often does a routine physical check to see if you have anitbodies?  You kinda want the best people, so being too healthy may not be a red flag.  That means the real question is "does anything seem wierd?"

There’s a reason for that.  The movie in question went to a well-known astrophysicist, Kip Thorne, got an equation that would describe a black hole and, after crunching a terabyte’s worth of data into their modeling software using that equation, got the results you saw in that film…

…which were then essentially confirmed by real images of supermassive black holes M87 and Sagittarius A, at least to the ability of our telescopes to image.  So VFX production staff for Strange New Worlds, wanting their black hole to look realistic, would end up with basically the same result.
It's really cool how that works too.  A few times we've seen Star trek's idea of a black hole, and the real thing is so much cooler.
Of course, they did still take a few liberties with their space geography.

Anyway, this week was an adventure.  They do a good job channeling the the space battles from TOS and its movies but with a much better budget to make thing look pretty.  Pretty fun introduction to the episode with us getting to see the chemistry between Uhura and Hemmer, but they're not actually the focus for our episode even if they're important.

This is a La'an episode.  She starts off out of sorts and basically spends the entire episode slightly tilted because this week we're talkig about trauma.  We're taking on the Gorn, or rather the Gorn is doing all the taking, and they are her backstory.  The episode actually begins sorta like Arena does: the Enterprise on its way to some remote colony for routine stuff arrives to find a slaughter and a trap, but it's a bit more gruesome this time between the blood streaks (rather than just scortch marks) and the fact the plot proper kicks off by the enterprise getting the crap beat out of her and some people blown up.

I am actually a bit intruiged.  I noticed she gets called Lt Noonien Singh.  Seems odd to me.  Usually Singh is a surname Sikh men adopt, so Noonien is the proper familial name which is usually what she's been called by.  If she is a Sikh she'd been Noonien Kaur by tradition.  But, of course, maybe she's bucking tradition or it got outdated, and Singh can also just be a normal surname.  Who know?  Seems odd, though.

We actually get the plot started proper when La'An realizes this matches the Gorn who she still has nightmares about then all hell breaks lose.  With the Big E getting beat on, our usual first officer is indisposed so La'an is now in charge, and this means it's a good time to actually explore how she handles her traumas and when the situation is too close to home.  We also get to see them ****** the VERY obvious Checkov's Gun right at the start.  I spent most of the episode wondering when that would go off.  The way it's described it's basically the giant cone from Aliens but ship-portable, but they make clear several times, it's going to end u the same way.

Actual action is very Mutara Mebula meets Balance of Terror (or *insert submarine film here*)  They do a decent job technobabbling their solutions this week.  Losing all of their torpedoes but one is a bit of a stretch though.  The Gorn ships looked interesting, and something at least a bit different.  We also get something on how they communicate which helps a bit, and La'an gets some personal time with spock to discuss loss. 

So, I went to watch The Area after this, and I don't really see anything incompatible.  Kirk just says the Metreons called it a Gorn, but I don't see how that indicates the Gorn were unknown to everyone.  Whether or not Kirk knew of the gorn he might still have made mention he was given.  The region of space they are in is basically "Here be dragons" as Spock says they know nothing but there are legends, so it's already established everything is a surprise.  The only thing I think we can definitively establish given that and this SNW episode is that the attack in this recent eisode happend some way away.  Still I will grant the Enterprise being involved increases the chances Kirk might have heard of them, but I still don't think there's a reason to know he's heard of every species out there.

No, what really doesn't mesh is the motivations.  in The Arena, what little dialogue we get from the Gorn captain is to accuse the Federation of being invaders and say that's why they destroyed the colony, though it doesn't explain them setting up a trap.  Nevertheless the coda of the episode is that maybe these "monsters" are just more people out there, and there's room for diplomacy and peace.  Now we have the Gorn as just attacking because they're bloodthirsty monsters.  Maybe a later episode will say this is just La'An's prejudice, but by this episode at least, there's nothing to refute it.
Fine, Showers would give him double rations I guess after slapping him for not saving him faster.

And that is the problem with the Master Race.
As for Phelan, he is the Patty Hurst of his time. Suffering from the most massive case of Stockholm Syndrome the galaxy has ever seen.

At a super secret meeting on Galatea in early 3052 two old adversaries prepared to address the assembly of Mercenaries Leaders.

"The only  good Clanner is a dead one." Said one Merc to another. The other responded. "The only good Comstar is a demilitarized one." A third Merc from the council added. "We should crash the party on Tukayyid". The first Merc closed the meeting with. "Kill them all, so we can get back to business. Gentlemen load your Drodships."

At a pirate point above Galatea two more old adversaries meet. Hanse says,  "Did you call your guys? I called mine." Ted responds, "Yes it is done. All they wanted was, supplies, transportation, and the salvage." Hanse, " I had no idea the Combine had much in the way of Mercenary resources." Ted, "What Dad doesn't know, won't hurt him. Sometimes investments pay big dividends." Hanse, "3039 Ghost Regiments my ass. I always wondered where those guys went after 3030. You know I made them a solid offer." Ted, "Funny thing about Merc's, some are surprisingly loyal. Just don't cross them.That investment keeps paying dividends. They have gotten much more powerful and bigger since 3039". Hanse smirks, " Our friends on Tukayyid are about to find out why you shouldn't cross Merc's. Lots of axes to grind on Galatea. "Ted, " Today the Sun and the Dragon are as one."

When the dust settled. The Dawn of the 5th SW could begin. The Business of War has been restored. Open for Business signs spread across Galatea, who needs Terra....

HPG-Station has some pictures:

Wait, what's that 28mm Marauder? Is that a thing that'll get sold too?
Off Topic / Re: Aviation Pictures: Sixth time, Thread of the Intruder
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 05:49:46 »
I don't think it's a spoiler to say that an AN-2 makes an appearance in the latest season of Stranger Things...  ^-^
Fan Fiction / Re: Self Configuring Modular Robot.
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 05:48:43 »
LOVING Patrick and Henry!  :thumbsup:
Funny that...I have a baggie of parts I just need to sit down and work on with.

I love the gen1 IS omnis, I think they are even more versatile than Clan omnis. Clan omnis have various combat configs, be it missile boat, sniper, skirmisher, etc, but aside from adding TAG to make them an artillery spotter, that's really it. IS omnis also include command and support configurations that vastly increase their utility. My only gripe, is that I wish that some of the lighter omnis had C3M. There's a C3M Blackhawk KU, but it doesn't arrive until 3070. That said, I've given a bit of new life to my IS omnis by using parts from them to turn some of the new plastics into gen1 IS omnis. If they can use captured Summoners, Hellbringers, and Mad Dogs to make Avatars and Sunders, so can i! Lol. Here's my first painted one. I used a Summoner and Timberwolf parts(R arm and LRM20), added to a Sunder torso(I used the older version, had it laying around), to make the dual C3M Sunder OB variant

Fine, Showers would give him double rations I guess after slapping him for not saving him faster.

Or punish him for saving him at all from a warrior's death?
BattleMechs / Re: Design Prompt: "That is totally a 3025 weapon"
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 05:42:59 »
+1 for the Blazer G-Hopper!  :thumbsup:
BattleMechs / Re: Filling in the Syberian AutoMechs (Open Thread)
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 05:41:40 »
+1 for the LTACs!  :thumbsup:
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