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Fan Fiction / Re: Which FanFic is the Best of the Best
« Last post by Dubble_g on Today at 07:16:38 »
It is a damn shame that Dubble_g hasn't yet received recognition in this thread.  His stories consistently present unique perspectives on the setting, focus on the human element, and display professional-grade mastery of grammar and mechanics.  Here's the AO3 index of his Battletech work.

Aha! I wondered why my AO3 page was suddenly getting more hits than usual. Thank you for your hype-man services, my friend. I haven't added a new story in the BT section for a while... Now I've got a jolt of motivation though, so guess I'd better!

The best of them all is Drakensis, hands down.

Second place is tied between JA Baker and dubble_g; most of the latter´s stories are a bit too dark to fit my BT tastes, but they´re still excellent and highly recommended, particularly the one that presents an alternate origin story for the Fidelis.

Cheers bruv. Tied for second? I'll take it! This is the Fidelis one he's talking about:
Are you perhaps having the same problem that was addressed in this thread:

I don't think so. Most of the saves are working, it's just every once in a while an autosave or a manual save made at the start/end of a phase will immediately disconnect me.

Are your autosaves overwriting, or have you set the option in Client Settings that appends a time/date stamp to each one, so that each save is separate?

I'm currently overwriting saves, but that sounds like pretty much exactly what I'm looking for. I don't usually mess with the client settings much.
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 32: What Say You?
« Last post by rebs on Today at 07:04:44 »
Off Topic / Hi, how ya DUNE? (Spoilers! Beware!)
« Last post by Dubble_g on Today at 07:01:43 »
Just to emphasize how topsy-turvy and unprecedented the current times are, Dune was actually released in Japan before the US. Usually we have to wait anywhere from a week to half a year. Score! Saw Denis's version in the theater last weekend, but I think the yanks have now caught up to us so it's time to share thoughts, opinions, reactions, takes, and all things of that nature.

<The Good>
- Fairly faithful adaptation. Obviously some subplots got cut and it's very focused on Paul, but it generally nails all the key plot points.
- Production design. If not quite as iconic as Lynch's 84 movie, it's engagingly weird, everything is on a massive scale, and the ornithopters are just great, dragonfly meets gunship.
- Thematically a solid foundation is laid: Paul as a protagonist rather than a hero, a manufactured messiah produced by a literal human breeding program. Generally, I though the movie was a bit emotionless, but the beats that do land have to do with Paul coming to terms with being the "Chosen One" and realizing what a raw deal that is.
- Cinematography is up to DV's usual standards, especially the use of light and dark. There's a battle with this kind of upside-down surface to air fireworks thing that looks way cool, and a badass laser that slices through half the city. The action scenes are good & kinetic (though after the first scene with the personal shield, they suddenly become pretty useless and soldiers get killed super easily... bah, more exciting that way I guess)

<The ... Less Good>
- Score. Not criticism of the work of Hans Zimmer, which is otherworldly and atmospheric, but the fact that it absolutely BLARES when people are talking.
- Like I said, a bit emotionless. The first half especially is almost all plot muscle, very little emotional heart. Just so many scenes with different people and places coming at you like Shai Hulud after a thumper. There's maybe one good scene between Paul and his dad Leto but that doesn't really pay off in the rest of the movie.
- Due to the focus on Paul, a lot of the minor characters don't really register. Thufir, Piter, Yueh ... they're in one or two scenes each, and never really leave an impression. The bad guys are kind of Marvel-level bad guys, bad guys whose whole deal is that they're bad. There's a bit of the robber-baron in Stellan Skarsgard's Vladimir Harkonnen, everything is mine-mine-mine kind of thing, but I never felt he and Leto were sworn enemies.

All that said, I'm definitely excited for Part Two now, which is a surprise. I thought the second half of Dune would be harder to film, as Paul becomes this prescient oracle with an unbeatable army of killer fanatics so where is the tension? But this has convinced me Denis can do Paul's inner turmoil convincingly--indeed, it was the best aspect of Part One. Bring on Muad'Dib!

My full review here:
Ground Combat / Re: Proper use for light tanks (scorpion, etc)?
« Last post by Weirdo on Today at 06:58:46 »
Scorpions are the unfortunate combination of individually weak, cheap, and just durable enough to be irritating.

Interestingly, I see the above as their greatest strengths. They're weak enough and durable enough that the enemy doesn't really *want* to shoot them, and putting one or two in a lance allows you to bulk up the other lance members without seriously compromising the overall lance. They're a boon during force building, and in combat they're a psychological tool because they're weak and durable which makes you want to ignore them, but they're just barely strong enough that you can't really afford to.
Fan Articles / Re: Battle Armor of the Week - Longinus
« Last post by Starfury on Today at 06:57:39 »
One of my favorite Battle Armors. Move into range via transport, fire your missiles, and then aid your teammates in killing the enemy.  The Longinus is a great team player, which is how the FWL is supposed to work. 
Are your autosaves overwriting, or have you set the option in Client Settings that appends a time/date stamp to each one, so that each save is separate?
I don't have high hopes on further development of HBS BattleTech.  It's in the modder's hands now.  I don't think Paradox has ambition. I see them like EA.  Buy other people's stuff, and keep it till it's not profitable.

Yeah, there is no hope, Paradox didn't buy HBS just to have them work on Microsoft's IPs and pay a license fee to them. Paradox has their own internally owned IPs, such as World of Darkness, that they want to put HBS' talent and resources to good use. HBS itself is also currently working on a World of Darkness game, so there's that.

Maybe once Paradox shuts down HBS just like Microsoft shut down Fasa Studios in 2007, then Jordan and Mitch will sit in their wheelchairs and start up a new company and use the Battletech IP again  ;D

Until then, there's Mechcommander Mercenaries that works absolutely splendidly and integrates nicely with the MW5 campaign and mercenary contracts!
Fan Fiction / Re: Clover Spear - The Story of the '56 War
« Last post by marauder648 on Today at 06:13:47 »
Excellent updates, the Combine's basically falling apart at this point. Excellent writing!
Fan Articles / Re: MotW: Hermes II
« Last post by Intermittent_Coherence on Today at 06:09:18 »
Why do these 6/9 40-tonners always start out with AC/5s instead Large Lasers?
It frankly boggles my mind.
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