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Patch notes says it should be automatically assigned to weapon group 5.  Check the weapons assignment screen to toggle it there.

I've not able to activate or figure out how to enable the melee thing yet. I did buy the package. I want so try get into melee with Popeye size forearms of the Archer!
General BattleTech Discussion / Panther 12KCD
« Last post by Fat Guy on Today at 09:45:08 »
BattleTech Legends states that the just prior to the invasion of the Federated Suns the Katana Kat was brought up to the new 12KCD standard, but no such variant exists on the MUL (the closest match is the 12KC).

Is this a as yet unseen variant, or a typo?
I'm waiting for the falconer and dragonfire

among other reasons, so I can see what, if anything, can be done with them
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Was Far Country just a Holovid?
« Last post by Kovax on Today at 09:34:38 »
Would the Tetatae 'Mechs be arranged as 4-6 "Feathers" to a "Wing"?  Obviously, there would be 2 "Wings" to the next level of organization, since Tetatae only have 2.  Having seen a "dropship", the Tetatae would obviously draw some parallel to an egg, possibly with a "Brood" of 'Mechs (two "Wings") symbolically "hatching" from it.  Could we call a Tetatae spheroidal dropship a "fowl ball"?

Tactical tip: Never "play chicken" with a Tetatae, they've got a lifetime of experience at it.

Is "flipping someone the bird" a valid Tetatae salute, or would it ruffle their feathers?  Would "fried chicken" become a war crime, or routine "spoils of victory" for the Inner Sphere?  Would flightless birds develop aviation, or be completely taken by surprise when the IS attacked them with aerospace and conventional fighters as well as VTOLs?  Would their entire strategic plan be a bird-brained disaster, turning into a "turkey shoot", or would they hatch a more devious plot?
Would that be correct? 

Not quite, the TH is the exception, they can go anywhere.
Off Topic / Re: Naval Pictures VIII: From Japan with love
« Last post by marauder648 on Today at 09:24:26 »
Thing is, galleons were absurdly tough, their ribs were about 4 feet thick and very very closely spaced and then you've got the wood of their hulls layered atop this. The ribs of their hulls made them tough but also very inflexible so in bad weather, where a longer and more lightly built but flexible ship would bend slightly with the waves. A Galleon wouldn't, and instead you risked them cracking and developing leaks and prone to slamming into waves rather than rolling with them.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: State of Clan Wolf - Terra
« Last post by Colt Ward on Today at 09:18:17 »
It is still a difference of degree rather than kind.  Now, would the Falcons ever use a Wulfen or any other stealth mech let alone a Void Sig?  I do not think so, and I do not think we have seen the Falcons use any of those designs as salvage.  I am not even sure they have been seen to use salvaged battle armor (let alone create) that used any version of stealth armor.  For the other Clans it might be a bit less clear- Bears might, but only in the Rasalhague clusters and against the IS like they do with C3.  Ravens & Horses?  Harder to guess simply b/c they get little time- though the Raven's new production has focused on FL armor with the smaller Carrion Crow being a combatant rather than a scout/flanker like a Wulfen. 
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: GDL's Ramage
« Last post by ANS Kamas P81 on Today at 09:15:34 »
So the Carlyles are hiring Kzinti now? :D
Well, can't have Meowcenaries without them!
* - I think I saw one of these ADR Tomahawks in the episodes on Mars.  What appeared to be a Tomahawk fired rapid bursts from what looked like the Pom-Pom cannons seen on Defenders.

I believe that was just a animation error of a Tomahawk with an autocannon like fire. The translation I have of the Macross Hobby Handbook calls it a MBR-04 VI-C Tomahawk Improved Type and has the PPCs being replaced by GU-11 Gun Pods. The picture used for the model though doesn't match the animation though.

There is a preproduction drawing of the Tomahawk in Macross Perfect Memory that does look like a cross between the Tomahawk and the Defender. Only it has single barreled arms instead of the Defender's twin barrels. The barrels are bigger though.

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