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An-2s loaded down with RL-10s
I like the cut of your jib.
Ride - Leave Them All Behind
Clan Chatterweb / Re: A true ilClan?
« Last post by Orwell84 on Today at 03:06:37 »
I think the Clans should have merged together sooner in their history. I think that the political century should have seen a merging of several Clans perhaps along the 'modern' Crusader/Warden divide. Probably under the dominion of Wolf (Hard Warden with Coyote and Adder), Jade Falcon (Moderate Crusader with Ice Hellion and Steel Viper), Ghost Bear (Moderate Warden/Bastion with Cloud Cobra and Nova Cat), and Smoke Jaguar (Hard Crusader/Aggressor with Fire Mandrill and Mongoose)} with Harvest Trials regularly occurring between them to deal with 'nonconforming' Warriors.

These Clans could have maintained the Status Quo enough in the Grand Council and there would be some very interesting games that could occur during that time as 14 Clans get Absorbed. I think that each would be forced to take action after the Outbound Light shows up for their own reasons at the very least to blunt the impact of their more ferocious brethren.

The ilKhan would serve as tiebreaker in the council and come from one of the lesser Clans. Each ovKhan controls the lesser Khans of the Absorbed who in turn have their own saKhan.

An interesting idea, although I'd change the mix some and have the power structure as: four 'top-tier' Clans dominant (Wolf, Falcon, Bear, Jaguar) and five smaller 'second-tier' Clans remaining (Shark, Cat, Horses, Cobra, Scorpion), with the latter allying with or against each other and the alpha Clans as needed. With a Galaxy or two apiece of 'mini-Clans' - ex-Coyotes, Adders, Spirits, Burrocks, etc within their new overlords - to add some variety.

Nicholas’s entry from Legends suggests that may have been his plan - form the unified ilClan first, then go back to the Inner Sphere.  And then he ate a stray laser...

Maybe, although he didn't push for the Blood Spirits to suffer the same fate as the Not-Named when he could have. And the Steel Vipers were let off the hook when Kerensky could have seized upon the Traitor Khan's actions to destroy that Clan as well. The Cloud Cobras and Burrocks also had dissident rumblings during that period as well, although they might have successfully concealed those the way the Ice Hellions hid their own miscreants.
Can someone share a link to the reimagined kraken?
You have to wait 41 days. After this it should be public on his patreon.
1 regiment of Mechs is a good number to deter any raiders, especially if it is 1/3 Star League Mechs and 2/3 Retro or intro Mechs. Since they buy from the Hegemony, Lyrans and former FWL, for Retrotech, the Centurion, Sarissa, Ostwar, Patron and Arbiter will be common.
Can someone share a link to the reimagined kraken?

It's for paying Patreon members only. 
Can someone share a link to the reimagined kraken?

If it's a paetron thing then probably not.
Can someone share a link to the reimagined kraken?
Thank heaven. That was one of the most fugly models found in a TRO.
I was not that they could build the nighthawk stealth armor easy anymore..

I'm looking for the part discussing it, which is taking some digging.  Of course, I also discovered the secondary languages for Niops, per Era Report 3145, are Arabic, Bulgarian and Urdu.

Field Manual 3145 mentions the Project Workshops not being rebuilt and that Niops "must rely on imports from the Marian Hegemony, former Free Worlds League states, and the Lyran Commonwealth".  Which is a thing.  Also, it mentions the Niops Citizens Militia, which is also interesting, considering elsewhere it's the Niops Association Militia

Ah, there it is.  Page 199 of Field Manual 3145.  Where, again, it's NAM (Niops Association Militia) and not the Niops Citizens Militia.

Quote from: Field Manual 3145, Pg. 199
The one bright spot in an otherwise bleak recent history has been the formal addition of infantry forces to the
NAM in both unarmored and battle armor alike. The NAM currently has four squads of the ancient Nighthawk Mk XXI power armor—representing all of the suits left in active service today. These assets are used exclusively to protect the government facilities on Niops VII.

So, since the MUL lists the Nighthawk as being used by a number of powers in the Dark Age, I'm gonna assume that those four squads of suits are all the active suits in the Niops Association.  I'm also not clear if that represents the totality of the NAM infantry forces in battle armor, and the chart later on in the book only clearly spells out their BattleMech strength (1 regiment), as well as listing the Militia as a whole at 85% strength.
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