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The Periphery / Re: The Scorpion Empire : Plus Ultra
« Last post by CJC070 on Today at 21:38:34 »
They may keep it as the Wolverine just to show how far they have stepped away from the Clans.  Or rename it the Conjurer to avoid the dual names some Clan mechs are infamous for.
I would assume Pyre was thinking about MWO, not HBS BattleTech. (I mean, that's not on consoles, is it?)
Fan Articles / Re: How did The Clans get the Jenner?
« Last post by Zraver on Today at 21:31:20 »
Just so you know, this was answered in RecGuide Vol 18.
The Wolf's Dragoons brought isorla Jenners during their second supply run, which the Nova Cats promptly claimed and designed the Jenner IIC.
The Star League-in-exile did have few prototype Jenners when they left but those all were lost in the Operation Klondike.

Thanks for the answer. Glad to see I wasn't off base with my reasoning.
I imagine once the inevitable Clans expansion will hit PC/Xbox/Playstation, we will see even more newcomers (thankfully). I'm glad that we're living in such a golden age.

Now if only my FLGS would stock Battletech, it would actually spread where I live here in Europe.

I'm not privy to Piranha's development plans re: Mechwarrior 5 and on, but I'm pretty sure Harebrained is done with Battletech for awhile. They were bought by Paradox and last I heard were developing a horror game of some kind.
Or it could be like Star Trek TNG in which Old Victor plays the role of K'mtar to young Victor's Alexander though at a 102 the Indoctrination into Federated Suns Culture would have to be mostly verbal... :-)
How about a darker take-by 102, Victor had been Stone's bitchboy for most of his life, thoroughly indoctrinated into the Cult.  brainwashing his younger self to facilitate things FASTER.

He lived long enough to become the villain after all.
Off Topic / Re: NHL 2021-2022 Thread. Let's get Kraken!
« Last post by rebs on Today at 21:25:34 »
I had to say something about the Wing's record.  Now they posted their first shutout loss of the year.

I'll never learn...
Off Topic / Re: Naval Pictures VIII: From Japan with love
« Last post by DOC_Agren on Today at 21:21:42 »
Happy 224th Birthday, USS Constitution!

224 never looked so good! USS Constitution is celebrating her 224th birthday while hosting 2021 Chief Heritage Weeks.
The newly selected chief petty officers come to Old Ironsides to train in the same skills that founded our Navy's heritage dating back to USS Constitution's launch on Oct. 21, 1797.
Tomorrow, the newly selected chief petty officers will put their training to the test and drop the ship's three topsails while underway in Boston Harbor.
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Rifle Cannons: What have you done?
« Last post by Grand_dm on Today at 21:21:36 »
You're very welcome. :)

Leaving off the -3 would be the easiest way. The LRC is nice to use on lighter units. If you want really light though, download XTRO:1945. It's a free product put out a few years ago. It bends the rules a little to make WWII vehicles, so it isn't canon but it's a lot of fun. It also includes period weapons and what they would be equivalent to against more modern BT units. For example, Tank Cannons range from the .550 ton 37mm to the 4 ton 8.8cm. The 8.8cm is equivalent to a Medium Rifle Cannon.
The .37mm is equivalent to am infantry Medium Recoiless Rifle.

Herb also posted more Tank Cannons and other weapons and vehicles, as well as a formula to make your own in this thread. It's a great formula. It's totally worth checking out.

Personally, I think the XTRO:1945 weapons and those made using Herb's formula are way cooler than Rifle Cannons. I wish they were canon. (Sorry, for the pun.  :D ) Using them depends on your group though.

And welcome back. :)

Great stuff! I think the easiest explanation for a home game ditching the -3 damage is technology. I understand WW2 era Rifle Cannons bouncing off the future's BAR10 armor. But it's easy to just say they were improved upon so they could stay relevant. And once you toss in the Infantry small arms damage argument, it just makes more sense. But hey to each their own, YMMV.

I would be tempted to say that Old Victor is unable to perceive Young Victor, and vice versa, because they can't perceive themself as a seperate person.

Or it could be like Star Trek TNG in which Old Victor plays the role of K'mtar to young Victor's Alexander though at a 102 the Indoctrination into Federated Suns Culture would have to be mostly verbal... :-)
The Periphery / Re: The Scorpion Empire : Plus Ultra
« Last post by Starfury on Today at 21:04:46 »
They're probably producing anything they can, adding upgrades or new production lines later. We know that they have active production lines for the following

Snow Fox Omni
Nexus/Star Python
Phoenix Hawk

Based on the MUL, I'm assuming some of the 3025 units are being converted to C variants as parts become available to be added to second line units, while the 3050 tech units like the Surtur or the Banshee 5S also go to PGCs, adopted HDF forces, and Grunt Galaxies to fill holes.  That also seems to he the same SOP for the non SL era Wobbie units.  The Seekers seem to be converting their older units to Clan or early Clan Tech as much as possible, retaining only SL era designs they don't have Clan upgrades for or need for historical inspiration from. 

I'm curious what the SE is going to do with the Wolverine line on Antwerp.  Is it going to become a full up Surtur conversion, a new design created by a Trial of Grievance filed against the name, or something else? And do we see eventual Clan upgrades for the rest of the mechs along with the vehicles and the ASFs?

Vehicles: Tiger, the Vedette, AC/2 carrier
Aerospace fighters: the Centurion ASF, the Thrush, and the Vulcan ASF Interesting times indeed.

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