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Had a thought—any chance we could get spares of the vehicles from the Mercs box separately, even if only as an add-on?
Off Topic / Re: For Those That Rock: The Totally Rockin' 20's
« Last post by Mecha82 on Today at 12:04:39 »
Dimmu Borgir - The Maelstrom Mephisto
Yeah, agreed.If you saw fit to shift the SRM-4s out of the arms, then you can deliver 5*8+15+28*2=111 damage in a round which exceeds just about any other mech.  Of course, you'll tend to draw the concentrated fire of every opposing mech, but that has it's own advantages at times.
If your designs tend to draw a lot of concentrated fire, then you are doing something right.

I'm not normally a fan of ammo dependent TSM builds but this one tickles me. On the other hand, flashbulb-TSM-melee builds do get a bit samey.
buy a beginner box for her brother as a Christmas gift. He has played Battletech once with us (and his other brothers) and enjoyed it. However he isn't sure that he will have a load of time to play or a good group to put together. This means his games will likely be between him and a single friend, or his brother. So we will get him the beginner box for Christmas and he can take it from there as he wants.

In the game we played he ran with a Crusader CRD-3R...

Unless the Vindicator edition has changed, doesn't the Beginner Box NOT include truncated record sheets for other mechs beyond its contents (like the CRD and RFL)?  Unless I've missed something, the CRD vs RFL matchup can't be played with the Beginner Box, as is. 

If one was willing to do the work, one could truncate regular record sheets for the CRD and RFL, but then, you'd miss all of the delicious criticals like ammo explosions, etc.  Also, the Beginner Box has no weapons beyond 3025.  Again, we have the Wolverine edition, but it was my understanding that the Vindicator edition wasn't substantially different.  Please correct me if I'm wrong!  Also, the AGoAC box is complete and sufficient for all 3025 mechs, miniatures and record sheets that conform to the Introductory rules level.
Fan Fiction / Re: "Steal, buy, or Build?" (a Ngoverse piece.)
« Last post by Cannonshop on Today at 11:51:49 »
The "Pathfinder" patch in this setting... not a military award..or not exactly military, as there are bearers of the coveted Pathfinder Qualification in the civilian world (mostly among spacer-based groups like The Folk, Jarnfolk, Cambiano Beltas, Ross 128 and of course, Rockjacks and independent spacers).  However, in the AFFC, it is authorized wear for anyone who can pass the examination and achieve a successful transit through a jump-point of ten seconds or less duration, that has also managed a minimum of sixty successful KF jumps at nonstandard or temporary points.

Among Star Navigators in the Inner Sphere (and parts of the Periphery) the Pathfinder certification, which is unofficially considered a 'guild' position is a coveted proof of one's proficiency and a mark of superior skill worth free drinks at the kind of bars that most planetbound never see, nevermind frequent.

How significant is this?  A Pathfinder without a ship, without a suit, without any money, and without references can get the top job on most shipping lines that use Jumpships just by showing up and showing 'The patch'.  It's worth shares on some lines, and among some of the more intelligently run shipping companies.

Within the AFFC Naval Branch, then, Pathfinder qualification is a bit like 20th century "Top Gun" was for Naval combat aviators-this is the Navigator who can not only get you into places the book says you can't go, but get you back out of them.

Predictably, it remains coveted and rare, and per AFFC regulations as amended and reformed under Naval Secretary Elizabeth Ngo, and then continued under her successor's watch, it is authorized for display on both field, and dress uniforms in the AFFC Naval Branch, worn low-and=below the breast pocket or Medal rack, the Pathfinder patch is simple in concept and easily identified by the word 'Pathfinder' stenciled below a silhouette image of a Jumpship on a stylized 'slide' that shapes the patch into a triangle or double diamond shape.

There are, as of 3061, 211 officers in the AFFC Naval branch that are authorized to wear the Pathfinder patch, of those, only six hold a rank below O-5.

Notably, only thirty out of 211 patch-holders do not have a waiver on their medical record allowing them to continue to serve despite suffering from Transit Disorder Syndrome, and none of those thirty have hit a jump below eight seconds, the record holder currently, is Linda "Seether" Sithers, of Sithers-Deen Co-op (rank Commander/O-5), who broke Seven Seconds in 3059 during operations against Clan shipping.  Second place happens to be her current commanding officer, Kapitain Nicole Minh, who broke Seven point five seconds during the same campaign.

Those two wear the 'double diamond' version of the patch, indicating record-holders or broken records.

Unofficially, Duchess Elizabeth Ngo has also managed a sub-ten-second transit time, however due to her position and role, she is not an active spacer and therefore, not authorized to wear the Patch either under AFFC, or Guild rules, as she has not completed her 'core sixty' transits as a navigation officer, and as she suffers from additional medical issues that preclude her completing the patch.

And to address what Battlemaster said, this is the only heavy- so no Rifleman or others that can carry the Flak.  Later versions get the LB-5X, LB-10X, Gauss Rifles, SB Gauss, and SSRMs besides being energy heavy.

I missed the "only heavy" part.  There are still plenty of AC/2s and AC/5s around on other units to do the flak job, though :)  But for pure killing of most everything the Black Knight gets my vote still.  It's just a solid machine.  I only wish the introtech configs had a CT-mounted weapon so it could truly zombie.
Fan Fiction / Re: "Steal, buy, or Build?" (a Ngoverse piece.)
« Last post by Blade4 on Today at 11:36:55 »
Liz let her take credit for obtaining the route data for the homeworlds. probably a "those backwater hicks didn't really know what they had, so i immediately ensured that the data was preserved" type narrative.
Victor of course would know better, but the rest of the LCAF would fall for it. even after Victor's reforms, there would be a fair bit of social generalship going on. they'd just have to be social generals who are good at at least pretending to be competent. like Byron.
Well was like Byron because Victor is staying to do is actual job and oh look a obvious social general playing social general games. Victor can probably find something to make charges stick or to sideline them. Though he should also be worried because Elizabeth obviously does not give much a shit about the greater state at this point either...

The falcons want on Kowloon because it is the more interesting target. Arcroyal is wolf territory but they could yet turn Kowloon or at least get actual hard data on the place.
Fan Fiction / Re: "Steal, buy, or Build?" (a Ngoverse piece.)
« Last post by Cannonshop on Today at 11:33:40 »
FCS Avalon, Kowloon system...

"...probably a Ferry pilot or Instructor." Naval Secretary Alicia Li observed. 

"But if you had to, you could do it." His Majesty commented.

"I trained the trainers so yeah." Li said, "As much as anyone, though, I want to see of all that effort really paid off...They docked yet, Mister Kruze?"

"Ja, Madame Secretary."

"gut.  Please have security escort our harbor pilot to CIC post-haste, ja?" she suggested.

"Aye Ma'am."

"They jump to obey." Victor observed, "I can't get the First Royal Guards to react that fast."

"Different priorities." Alicia commented.  "It's not just that shipboard discipline can never be lax, but also knowing where to relax it to maintain morale.  The First Royals have to maintain a public image at all times, no room for the kind of pressure reliefs that reinforce good order and discipline shipboard."

"I already accepted your explanations for why there is an entire chapter on pranks and practical jokes in the Navy Regulations, Li, you don't have to bury me in it."  Victor's complaint was halfway to self-mocking and halfway unserious.  "and I'll still say you wouldn't need it if you eased up on the rest of the restrictions."

"every regulation is based on a prior incident, Your Majesty.  The Navy occupies a specific position in society, that position requires keeping the riff-raff out, and the easiest way to do that, is to make the environment non-conducive to human parasites-we have to be top of our game at all times, because even in peace, we're still on mission.  Ground force can afford a certain level of waste, fraud, and abuse that we simply can't...that said, human factors must be observed... hence the custard in your bunk three days ago, or the other shipboard pranks-all within the guidelines of acceptable shipboard humour-at least I didn't have to launch an investigation to find out who's shitting in the coffee cups."

He wrinkled his nose, "Did that really happen??"

"Linda Sithers." she said, "we had a Grounder officer in command of her Patrol, and he...failed to understand his limitations as a commander.  Hence, I had to demote her one rank and add 'no fecal matter in the coffee cups' to the regulations after transferring the poor man to a Transport ship...if I recall, I sent him to one of the Fox class, where his attitudes were less of a problem for good order and discipline."

The hatch opened and a thin, shapely form in a skinsuit floated in, caught a mooring rail, and came to attention, rendering a hand salute to the Archon Prince.

Victor returned it.  "What's your name and rank?" he asked, though it was plain on her 'uniform', "And why no overgarment??"

"Name is Sandra Nquyen, and Reg Six-twenty-four-point-three, Sir. I'll get  Kapitan Minh back for it."

"A practical joke?"

"Regulation-acceptable Prank, Sirrah!" she said.

"Coxswain, take the helm." Kapitain Kruze ordered.

"Ayeh Sirrah!" 

The girl made her way to the navigation station.

"info, Li?" Victor asked.

"Top third of her class in KF navigation, waiting on an XO slot with one of the cutters.  Family's from New Saigon on Kowloon proper."

"Technicolor Yawn?" he asked.

"She's hooking up the scav hoses, so yeah, she's Gifted." Li told him.  "it should be a nice smooth transit from here to our parking orbit...hey, Nguyen, what was your Qualification holeshot?"

"Fifteen Seconds, Mum." the girl said without moving her head, as the datalinks put system information directly on her visor.  "Missed Seether's record by eight, but that's because we didn't have the loose masses she had.  Nav Officer, I have the Board?"

"Coxswain Nguyen, you have the board."  the Navigation officer replied, "You may proceed when ready.  Fifteen seconds is still VERY impressive."

"Next time I make a record shot, I'm aiming for under ten, Sirrah.  I want that Pathfinder patch...All hands, All hands.  Secure for KF Jump in Twenty!!"

Subjectively I love Floating in that they represent things we see in the fiction and that would happen if this were real.

Moving joints by their very nature are extremely difficult to protect, you can't armor plate over sensors, heatsinks have to have something exposed to radiate their heat, and so on.

Objectively?  Yeah the numbers say Float does universally increase durability versus Standard but it is such a small margin in the first place that I'm finding I tend to prefer relying on raw damage rather than TACs and position accordingly to try and get some concentration of said damage.

To put it in perspective a little the ideal TAC situation for a JR7-D Jenner against a HBK-4G Hunchback is a little over 8%.  That assumes some combination of unlikely to hit numbers and dice luck to get 7 hits.  If instead one were to get in the rear arc there is a bit shy of a 6% chance that the Jenner will just blow through the Left Torso Rear armor and set off the ammo without needing to roll a TAC with just one Medium Laser hitting.

I know which I'd prefer and thus is actually more likely to end the game quicker.
You misunderstand me, I was referring to PLAYERs, not Houses.
Some folks get hooked on Jumping around all the time which leads to a lot of heat, reduced shooting, & increased missing.

We've had a proliferation of jumpers in our games. A few of us got bored with it and started taking more 7/11 and 8/12 movers and it's proven to be advantageous on most maps. We're consistently getting great firing equations on our side, when compared to most jumpers.
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