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Back in 2000 when I was on the 747 line, we'd see about 1 passenger or passenger capable for every 10 freighters, and the word around the shop was that a 747 frieghter made back it's cost plus operating in a year, while it took 5-15 years for the passenger birds to do the same.

Passenger seating doesn't make as much money as air cargo per pound of fuel, see?

The real 'demise' is that we've got mid-sized freighters and the used market saturated, and there's only so much bulk cargo in demand that can't fit into something else with two engines.

Its all about efficiency now. It used to be "4 engines for long haul" now its "2 engines to save gas" . Aircraft engines are so much more reliable than the older engines way more efficient and quieter. It's sad a 4-holer is very iconic and something gracefully, the twins now all look the same.
Fan Fiction / Re: Failure is mandatory...
« Last post by Cannonshop on Today at 11:20:14 »
[out of story]

There are historical parallels here, and let's get them out of the way.

The obvious one, is Europe after the Nazis were defeated, both Western and Eastern Europe, but it could just as easily be east asia after the defeat of Imperial Japan, or the efforts to restore the Western Roman Empire during the heyday of the Eastern Roman Empire after the sacks of Rome, or Charlemagne's campaigns to unite the former Western Empire under a single banner after the collapse of...well...everything that said "order" in Western Europe after the Vandals finished off Rome.

it's a problem of scale.  a few worlds can be taken and absorbed fairly quickly, but when you dismantle somone's brutal and repressive empire, be ready to be a bit brutal and repressive yourself, because otherwise, you get social, civil, and ethnic strife as the problems, feuds and conflicts the previous landlords were sitting on, break out and express themselves in everything from violence, to corruption.

Administrators who ran Factories making themselves into oligarchs, local military commanders trying for kingdoms,(or dukedoms, or baronies), criminal elements running rampant and in the open and making bids for power and legitimacy...

Hundreds of variations of "society is disrupted, what kind of damage can I do?" going off.

it's why Revolutions are a dodgy thing, and why Liberations are messier than normal invasions.
It looks like a formation based game, so i imagine there will be SCAs and such.  it'll be neat if (down the road) a) all the abilities from the FMs get translated, so you can replicate any unit and
B) it looks like it's a BN or REG based game; but there's nothing saying you couldn't add a company-sized Merc "buff," with unique powers- Snord's, Lindon's, Black Widows: theres a GAZILLION little company level units in BattleTech, and rotating them in would add flavor to what might be an otherwise kinda stable feel?

Anyways, this looks fun.  looking forward to it!
Keep in mind, Warships aren't significant combat assets.  A single warship is an expensive red herring and nobody actually operates a Navy like...well...a navy.  Not the Clans, not the Inner Sphere.  at best, they're armored command bunkers and transports, at worst, they're expensive targets or battering rams.

The lack of naming conventions is because of a chronic lack of organization or functional doctrine.   A Lev III may sit for decades in a single system, or be used in a one-off star-level raid on a dirtbox planet, or used as a colony transport, or plowed into a space station, there's no real 'organization' to it (the same is true across the board for everyone else- Ships that are optimized for fleet actions sent on solo missions, ships optimized for soloing sent on fleet actions, or used as bombardment platforms, or just left there to draw fire.  Flagships held in low orbit to be wiped out because they're unescorted and so on)

Naming conventions didn't really catch on in the real world, until formal naval doctrines that weren't "Pile more archers and spearmen on the galley" were developed.

Nobody in the former Star League HAS a a naval doctrine, so it's reasonable and fitting that they don't have a coherent naming scheme.  Everyone knows what a Warship is, nobody's got a functional doctrine for how to run a Navy.

it's a bit like the following fictional scenario:

An iron (or bronze) age primitive is taught how to build a battery and a radio.  do they then develop radio networks and communication? NO! they use it to kill fish for dinner.

That's where things are at.  Nobody really knows what to do with it other than "It's really powerful and very prestigious to have one!"

to have...ONE.

More than one is kind of iffy, and actually working out how to support and use it on a strategic level is kind of out of the question, because nobody really has a functional navy, or naval doctrine.  They have ships, with Warriors on them and some vague legends and rumours and weapons tests.

12th century cavaliers would have the same problem if you gave them a sherman tank and a copy of the movie "Fury".
It did appear that the FWLN had such a doctrine but was never allowed to employ it. I daresay it had the most logically designed ships overall, albeit with armor issues. The earlier Star League certainly did. The Combine seemed to be working on it, but constantly failed at ship quality control. The Confederation was reactive, more after an apple of the Chancellor's eye than a working navy. The Federated Suns, and Lyran Commonwealth simply saw warships as command centers, with the Avalon being quite the logical command ship. The Fox was the pinnacle of the problem with the FedCom's understanding of what constituted a naval vessel, being a less useful Star Lord rather than a Corvette (Though it would not have been a terrible prototype if left there). The Fox did force the creation of the Pocket Warship due to its incompetence.
Fan Fiction / Re: Failure is mandatory...
« Last post by Cannonshop on Today at 11:10:54 »
There's always failure... succeeding so quickly and decisively in the final stage of the reconquest, the Lyran Commonwealth set itself up for civil government failure in the former Jade Falcon zones.

Failure can be educational...

Failures in the Rim Territory Annexation, and examinations of previous failures in civil government, leads to the Lyran Archon solving some problems, while making other mistakes, which are also educational.

Paying attention teaches what not to do.  Several hundred individual worlds provides several hundred opportunities for failures to take root, to erupt, or to explode violently. 

each one is, in its own way, an educational experience for anyone and everyone paying attention.

Throughout May through late July of 3149, several hundred brushfires ranging from minor uprisings to major coups are going on.  Some of these are because of prior failures by the previous administration to kill everyone who they tried to kill domestically, a few more are because in the rush to dismantle the Jade Falcons, garrisons were missed and some people actually LIKED living under the Clans.  Others were between victims of the last century reliving past offenses or present disagreements.

The failure to recognize the need for peacekeepers early on, is quite educational-a master's class in what you get, when you don't have a civil government structure and you DO have lots of displaced, angry, and confused people who have access to weapons and/or a sudden taste of freedom after decades without.

The restoration of order, is going to take a while, the Lyrans aren't, after all, in a position to go a'conquering their neighbors.

Like it or not, the LCAF and LCN have to be the authority that restores civil authority.  The lesson is an old one, based on the failures of the Age of War and the succession wars and subsequent crises...and it's a lesson that has to be periodically repeated-any drastic change in the social order will create civil chaos and hamper rebuilding.
Off Topic / Re: NFL 2022-2023 Don't bet on it, Calvin Ridley
« Last post by Sartris on Today at 11:10:54 »
the 49ers should probably go six deep at QB next year...

Is the briefing on the general state of the IS at 3152 footnotes from Watch Wolf with any special information or is it a copy paste of what has already come out?

TBD but I'd prefer the former. There's no copying-and-pasting three whole other sourcebooks, and we haven't really done a synthesis timeline in the other books, so there's nothing to directly reprint. But some margin notes from the Wolf perspective, or something added like that, makes sense to me.
Fan Fiction / Re: Failure is mandatory...
« Last post by EAGLE 7 on Today at 11:06:39 »
 Sharon the reward for doing the very difficult with efficiency and economically is more work and more problems to solve.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: What Happened To Clan Wolverine?
« Last post by tassa_kay on Today at 11:03:14 »
As portrayed in BoI, the Wolverines were killed for being Mary Sues.

I really wish people would stop throwing this term around in BattleTech (and in general), because it so rarely gets used accurately. Like this example.

If the Wolverines were Mary Sues, BoI would've ended a lot differently than it actually did.
Off Topic / Re: NFL 2022-2023 Don't bet on it, Calvin Ridley
« Last post by Øystein on Today at 11:02:08 »
Doesn't Chicago or Denver need a QB? :D
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