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Alpha Strike / Woods and Commander's Edition Errata 4.1
« Last post by Daedalus on Today at 23:38:25 »
Hey guys, i have a question concerning Woods in Alpha Strike Commander's Edition with Errata 4.1.
On page 3 of the errata you can find the following two paragraphs:

  • ② Line of Sight (p. 40)
    After last paragraph insert the following new paragraph: 
    If terrain is occupied by the unit, the first 2” of that terrain extending away from the base of the unit is still considered the
    occupied  terrain.  Occupied  terrain  more  than  2”  from  the  base  of  the  unit  becomes  intervening  terrain.  For  example,  if  a  unit
    occupies a building, and is within 2” of the edge of the building, the building is occupied but not intervening so it does not block LOS.
    If the same unit occupies a building, and line of sight is drawn through more than 2” of the building, then building is now intervening
    and blocks LOS. For Woods, if the unit occupies the Woods, the first 2” away from the base of the unit does not count toward the 6” of Woods blocking LOS.

  • Combat ② Terrain Modifiers (p. 43)
    Under “Woods” 
    Add a +1 modifier to an attack’s Target Number if the target occupies wooded terrain.
    Change to:
    Add  a  +1  modifier  to  an  attack’s  Target  Number  if  the  target  occupies  wooded  terrain,  or  if  the  line  of  sight  passes  through  intervening wooded terrain.

Let's say that Mech A is standing in wooded terrain but is less than 2" from the edge. Mech A wants to shoot at Mech B standing in the open. The line of sight from A to B is just passing through 1.5" of wooded terrain. Does it mean that because
  • Mech B (target) does not occupy wooded terrain and
  • the LOS passes through less than 2" of wooded terrain and the woods are not intervening
that Mech A can shoot at Mech B without the +1-modifier for woods?
And whats the other way round? Does is mean that Mech B firing at Mech A must use the +1 modifier because Mech A occupies wooded terrain?

So the main question is, is it possible (again) to get an advantage by standing at the edge of wooded terrain (less than 2") while using Errata 4.1 or is it not?

BattleTech Miniatures / Re: A Pack of Lupus
« Last post by carlisimo on Today at 23:29:31 »
Man, these are great.  I love the gradients, and the variety in the leg posing.  Nice to learn about a new mech (to me), too.

Great work?  Lupi?  Lupus'?  Grammar and spelling help anyone?   ;D

"It's not Lupus'!"  ;D

Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Spall Liner
« Last post by DevianID on Today at 23:28:46 »
I think if you did spall liners as an armor type divergent from ferro fibrous it would be cool, with the same tech level.  14 slots, still 16 points/ton.  The 14 crit slots are not ignored; critical hits to them are counted but have no other game effect.  So you cant combine Spall liners and ferro fib as they are both armor types.  For spall liners in only 1 location, use the patchwork armor rules.
Sorry, edited my post.

My thing is, I don't want AirMechs getting a VTOL ability. Defeats the purpose of changing into a fighter if you can just zoom over crap as a helicopter.


This thread was about the rules I came up with to replace how AirMechs currently work. This is where I am coming from. My rules are very similar, but a lot easier to use, and made to keep the utility to use other modes by restricting them in a different way.

I see an AirMech as a super advanced Harrier. It has that clunky BattleTech vibe which is also why I thought the jump maneuver would fit that.

The thing is AirMechs don't really zip around like a VTOL. They fly higher than a WiGE but not as high as a VTOL and they fly slower. They don't really zip around like they did originally.

I also don't see AirMech mode as defeating fighter mode. Fighter mode gets the LAM were it needs to be or out of the area quickly. AirMech lets the LAM move about faster than a mech and avoid obstacles without using fuel, but it isn't as fast as a fighter.
If we were going to Harrier things, why have a LAM at all? ASF are VTOL capable, so just have them hover behind terrain.

Also it was AirMech jumps that were part of the problem. Do we really want to go back to that?   Right now it either moves similar to a WiGE or it hovers a little bit. And the hover is only good for popping up and around terrain and ducking down again.

57th Heavy Group (57HG), NightlyReaper Commanding.  September Actions:

Planned Op 1: First, 57HG 1st Battalion will Conduct a Depletion Raid on Kandersteg to gather supplies and salvage, even if we are sometimes listed as Katherine sympathizers, we are purely mercenary and if that means we "Borrow" a few supplies from the 26th Arcturan Guards RCT stationed there, so be it.
Op 1 After Action report: Depletion Raid Failed.  We were repulsed and left the planet with 8 mechs less than we started with.

Planned Op 2: Then, if we are going to be stepping closer to Tharkad, we need allies along the way so we will perform an Extraction Raid at Lyndon to save the commander of the Mercenary Group "Mobile Fire" who has put his support behind Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion and expects there to be attacks from the pro-Victor forces.  Since extractions are always dicey, we will send 3rd Battalion on that drop with a full load of Assault mechs.
Op 2 After Action report: Extraction Raid Failed.  We lost four of our assault mechs to Davion forces and the commander of the Mercenary Group "Mobile Fire", well, he dead.
Planned Op 3: Finally, we will have 2nd Battalion perform a Neutralization Raid at Dukambia to see if we suppress any local resistance and ascertain the location of any Star League Brian Caches from the days when the 123rd Mechanized Infantry Division was headquartered there.
Op 3 After Action report: Neutralization Raid Failed.  Local insurgents discovered the Brian Caches and the only thing we found was our asses when they handed them to us using some Shiny NIB Star League Mechs.

MechWarrior Mechanized Expeditions League is a campaign simulator which uses the Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries game assets to play through a monthly set of battles to determine the outcome. Campaign Map tells the whole sad story.  We need help. We need players.

Anybody that ever wanted to join the MechWarrior Mechanized Expeditions League or any PC Gaming Mech unit need only message ATA_Karoshi#2755 or myself [57HG] NightlyReaper#2335, on Discord and go get some free downloads from

We have a planned drop on Halloween Night at 8:00 PM EDT. If you've got the right version of Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries installed, you will be welcomed.  Come help me fight some bots and kick around in a classic mech game on Halloween.  If you like it, we'll find you a unit to command! 

We have mechs down at Nav Gamma, Bravo Cadet reports four Summoners onsite. Bandits are HOSTILE!
And what of worlds that are conquered that were never Capellan to begin with (such as New Syrtis)?

New Syrtis is back in FedSuns hands, and the narrow salient that led to it's occupation was clearly never meant to be held long-term. Sometimes you simply must go into the vipers' nest to cut off heads & root out the threat. There remain a few Capellan worlds unreclaimed on the FedSuns front such as Bell & Lee, but nearly all the major worlds have been reclaimed on that front.

The effectiveness of nukes in space in scifi has been severely overstated for a long time but I do think the EMP effect could be justifiable for being the dangerous component that allows them to be a threat even when missing to give the desired area of effect capability but that the thermal bloom and radiation aspects are so minimal could still explain why they aren't used much.

Of course the other wrench is Battletech is stated to have laser initiated fusion nukes instead of our current day fission devices.  Though some fluff reads like older fission devices might still have been used a lot to purposefully salt worlds.

NACs and NGauss do start looking like good alternatives to nukes when you remember one of the hardest things to protect ships/stations from in space is just good old fashioned pure kinetic impacts.

So maybe the dynamic could be near miss a moderate to fairly debilitating EMP AOE effect that can range from temporary to forcing the engines to emergency shut down that effectively renders the ship/station helpless for the rest of the fight.  A direct hit could then follow current RAW and the weapons would be less certain of OSK but certainly packing enough of a punch that their consistent and reliable damage is considered superior to relying on nukes actually punching through the armor shell and delivering their canned sunshine where it doesn't belong.

Problem, Monbvol, is that "a miss is a miss is a miss".  What I laid out was more or less the only way you can really get an area-of-effect 'blast radius'-it has to HIT something nearby, because there's no medium to carry shockwaves in space. 

as I said, I'm okay with not doing it, I was more or less trying to answer a request in a logical fashion for what MIGHT work.

and it ended up very complicated.

Explosions in general, unlike kinetic shockwaves, CAN potentially have some AOE in vacuum, because they bring their 'medium' with them, but even there, what I did with nukes is a little excessive and could be toned down without harming anything playability wise.

now, that said, anything entering atmosphere at escape velocity or higher is going to be pretty nasty and inflict the shockwaves you're talking about-because atmosphere carries shockwaves and turbulence.

but that's orbit-to-ground stuff.  for ship-versus-ship, it's kind of irrelevant.

The Periphery / Re: Taking the Bull By the Horns: Taurus Rising
« Last post by Longstrider on Today at 22:54:08 »
On the topic of the future of relations between Taurians, I do think it's possible that Alaric or his successors wind up following in Ian Cameron's bloody footsteps, though that seems like a lot of other stuff has to happen first - getting the other houses on board has so many challenges, and I don't think there's much to suggest that dangling a periphery invasion is going to get them all to line up - or at least, not all are interested or care about the "southwest". And unlike the first invasion and the freedom war, the Canopians are in a really good position and the Outworlders are (however unhappily) either militarily stiffened or politically onboarded by the Ravens.

Along those lines, if strategists of all parties have learned anything (a big if for Terran and Taurian hotheads at times, to be sure) from 3067+, it's that the Davions don't actually care that much about the Taurians; indeed, the continued existence of Filtvelt might show less paranoid Taurians that the Suns realizes it might actually be better to have economically active neighbours and a stable border on the outside, especially when the Dragon and the Cappellans are such major threats, rather than have a bunch of relatively un-industrialized worlds that it's responsible for managing poorly. It seems that at the moment anyway both parts of the Taurian polity aren't all that attractive to gobble down; the more attractive it gets, the more painful it'll be to eat, too. It may be that if left to their own devices (for the foreseeable, at least) to sell and trade and deal with other local states, ALL of those small fringe actors might develop their economies enough to make them good markets for the the fine wares that khajit has the FedSuns produces. Of course, all of that assumes that the relevant decision making bodies don't go supervillain again, and obviously from an OOC perspective we want fun military storytelling - but I think there are plenty of interesting stories and campaigns to be had if 3151+ marks an upswing in the fortunes of the Taurians.

As to unit production - I can't really wrap my head around how one goes about finding out who makes what, but I went back in this thread a few pages and found a previous person's list and selected 10 mechs to form into a couple of lances + alternates.
I see Netflix has added the original Cowboy Bebop anime to their lineup.
The Periphery / Re: Taking the Bull By the Horns: Taurus Rising
« Last post by Longstrider on Today at 22:28:01 »
You could still make the red work by darkening the brown.  I think what makes red and brown wash out on a lot of minis is that they're often of too similar a value (brightness).  Then for hue contrast, use something close to teal for the cockpits, lasers, and a marking here or there.

If you use cold blue-white instead of red, I think you still want a somewhat dark main color for the same reason.  More bronze than brass.

Ooh, thanks. I didn't think of varying the values. I'll have a play around with some stripes on a piece of sprue and see what pops. I think red for the main body is a given, and maybe slightly varied shades of it on different mechs. I think there's a couple of good teal-y shades I have access to in my paint collection as well. I appreciate the advice - I was initially thinking a kind of bright blue, but then I spent a while looking at Blood Angels Devastators and Genesis Chapter vets and decided I don't want blue heads on red bodies. Teal could be a nice area to explore!
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