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Just had a great scripted encounter in the game.  Crew member needs a million c bills to get a rare bird that is big enough to eat people, and in exchange I’ll get a rare mech part.

Since I had 5 mill at the time, and I didn’t care too much; I went for it.  My rare mech part was a whole pristine SLDF Marauder 2R!  My heaviest mech at the time was a 60 ton Rifleman—so it was a big upgrade to retire the Blackjack and replace it with that beast.  Funny thought is that I probably could have got a locust for my trouble as well!
Fan Fiction / Re: (Golden Lion AU) Warring States
« Last post by AlphaMirage on Today at 14:21:07 »
I reckon this wasn't in her horoscope for the week.

Which is a Taurus by the way
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 32: What Say You?
« Last post by rebs on Today at 14:11:03 »
It's not perfect, but it will be an IlClan.

That's why we need to write more, duder.  And submit it.  So others can share in Sea Fox love.

Edit: I have a feeling it won't be done any other way.
Eh... if 'mechs can jump with them attached, they can land.
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 32: What Say You?
« Last post by Agathos on Today at 13:53:43 »
Won't the Wolves gotten too drunk to fight the Highlanders in Scotland while they were waiting for them get there from France?  I'd imagine that's why there no title for the Wolves/Highlander fight.... :D ;D
Maybe Maxed used the Ted variant of the Styker (it's joke don't go nuts about it).
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