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Off Topic / Re: Squad LMG?
« Last post by Cannonshop on Today at 13:14:02 »
Are you saying they don't use the exact same ammo?
This is news to me if so.  So just wondering.

I'm kinda confused here too, since that's not what we had back in the early 1990s when we got ours.  It was pretty much the same ammo, only on disintegrating links.

(and wasn't THAT just a treat to police up?)
The Mig-23 has some of the weirdest main landing gear.
Fan Art / Re: "This is Alpha One-One, fire mission!"
« Last post by Grizzly on Today at 12:59:49 »
Very cool
Off Topic / Re: Squad LMG?
« Last post by Colt Ward on Today at 12:58:49 »
IIRC when I asked the question long ago . . . the charge in the cartridge is slightly higher for the gas to be able to cycle at the specified rate- part of why it has a higher muzzle velocity than the rifles?  It CAN fire M16/M4 rounds- it even has a magazine port but that is a desperation move because it increases the jam rate (spring vs belt) . . . but some shooting is better than no shooting.
Even if Ardan was doppelganger, making an alliance with Capellans on such short notice is very much out character for her. My guess is that Aldo reached out to Max for help and then doppelKat tricked Ardan to the vaults, where she ''caught'' him and accused him of spying. 
Aerospace Combat / Re: Union-C as a Clan warship escort
« Last post by Hellraiser on Today at 12:53:43 »
I never thought of the Union's in those Scenarios mentioned above as being "Warship Escorts" so much as they were the ships assigned to the Ground Forces & they went out to support the Warships.

Unlike the SL or even IS-60s naval fleets, I never really pictured the clans as having a large # of dedicated naval DS fleets, only a couple FM examples of those exist IIRC, like the Cloud Cobras, so for most other clans, I assume its a "make due" scenario.

Sure, a SovSoy might have a Titan-c or Carrier assigned to it, but it might just as easily have a Broadsword/Union-C as part of the ground cluster that it is escorting.
Basically, I just don't fill up their collars since I feel they still use them to move the Army around.
There's very little point in trying to do Clan/not-Clan political division in the Falcon OZ.  Warrior/Lower Caste, maybe, but that'd be an interesting new take on it compared to the RasDom or RA.
Aerospace Combat / Re: How much to kill a WarShip
« Last post by Hellraiser on Today at 12:47:39 »
If I cut the clan support, so its just a Lola and its 10 fighters (ill do 10 cheap Bashkir C), versus the same IS force, so 54 fighters and a dropship navy--about even BV now.  Still on the board in megamek on turn 28 is the Lola and 1 Bashkir, while just 1 Overlord is left on turn 28.  The IS still has 2 sparrowhawk, 6 samuari, 10 slayers.  The lola has 18 aft but 6 aft left side yet 38 nose armor.  So the fighters may start hitting SI via ALS if they didnt surrender, but with no transports left if the overlord goes down it'll be a cold night for those stranded pilots.


For fun, in megamek, once something silly like 36 Eisensturms run out of gauss ammo, thanks to capital SI taking half damage rounding down, the large lasers and medium lasers no longer damage the massive structure.  In megamek this causes a stalemate.  The fighters have crit'd most of the weapons and run the capital missiles out of ammo, but the Lola is still fighting with 27 SI remaining.  In return, the Lola needs 12 to hit the fighters, but has much more time.  With bracket fire and antifighter lasers and ECM and all manner of silly advanced rules, along with allowing fighters to squadron up to cause giant single damage attacks with dozens of lasers combining, the Lola will kill more enemy fighters but is vulnerable to weak attacks--such rules arnt in megamek, so I have to make due with the standard rules.  Without advanced giant squadrons letting standard weapons group up to deal SI damage, you have to save your gauss rifles and AC20s until you peel the armor off, so you have a weapon that can hurt the warship... thats kinda cool.  Means your ac/20 transgressors and such have a real place as anti warship platforms, as you need the big boom for once you peel the armor away.

1.  Wow, I can't believe a full 54 fighters can't kill a Lola.  Impressive.

2.  How can fighters with multiple LL/ML no longer damage the SI?   I'm clearly not understanding that. 
A Jump Core can Jump up to twice it's mass by the lore, mechanically this isn't enforced anymore it's still there (And in SO I think, so that's pretty core level stuff) but the primitive rules ignore this. And if there was a time when this didn't hold true it's BEFORE the Age of War begun.
Where is that lore from?
Off Topic / Re: Squad LMG?
« Last post by Hellraiser on Today at 12:31:55 »
M249 is 5.56mm but with a higher charge for the cyclic rate than M16/M4 5.56
Are you saying they don't use the exact same ammo?
This is news to me if so.  So just wondering.
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