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The Periphery / Re: Mars Rising: Marian Hegemony IV
« Last post by Adacas on Today at 17:01:02 »
I can't make heads or tails of those numbers, but it looks like you missed the requirement of zero improved pilots - this is looking at the base BV of the mechs only.

If it is for improved pilots, it is only the first group the rest are green as they come from the base in the mul Algenib's is Regular, Pompey's and Privatters are only Green
Good point, good point...  :)
BattleMechs / Re: PXH-1SH "Sabre Hawk" - Canopian mercenary rebuild
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 16:56:15 »
Interesting, but I think the SRM racks went a little too far.  Those three tons could be max armor and two HS...
BattleMechs / Re: a better 3050 panther
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 16:53:42 »
Agreed... on engines that small, the survivability hit is bigger than the weight savings...
Here are the BVs and C-bill costs of all introtech IFV and LSV variants:

For comparison:
45 ton Goblin MG with 4/6 tracked movement , 5 ton cargo space, 6 MGs, an SRM6, and 30 to 20 points thick armor costs 658,300 C-bills and has BV of 527.
20 ton Heavy Wheeled APC SRM with 6/9 movement, 3 ton cargo space, 2MG, an SRM4, and 20 to 10 points thich armor costs 215,417 C-bills and has BV of 255.

But it DOES use one of the most common engines ever made: the 120...  ^-^
But when your mechanized infantry regiment is on the move and one of the fusion engines breaks down, the Murphy's law pretty much guarantees that it's going to be one of those four 120 rated engines which your supply  company doesn't always keep in store ;D. Just like on a Mech with 30+ possible critical hit locations, that one ton of ammunition will almost always be one of the first 3 locations to take a crit.

Then there's the question of manufacturing efficiency as well. Making the adjustments to fit a different sized and rated engine into the chassis would probably require significant changes to the production line. Later during the Succession Wars (when industrial warfare and lowest bidders give way for Mad Maxing whatever you can get your hands on) swapping in a highly available 120 fusion engine could make a lot of sense as a field mod or limited refit run of course.
We've added errata to TW to clarify this:

* Death From Above (p. 149)
Under “Weapon Attack Phase”, replace the fourth paragraph (“Falls”) with the following:

     Falls: If the attacker fails a Piloting Skill Roll in the Weapon Attack Phase (or would automatically fall), instead of falling that phase the DFA automatically misses. Resolve the DFA in the Physical Attack Phase as an unsuccessful attack (see Falls, p. 150).

Oh, interesting... that means DFAs always displace the target...

From this errata it smells like the "lands without incident" text relevant to scenario 1 (where the target is destroyed in weapons phase) should be read as "lands [during physicals phase] without incident" and presumedly precluding any physicals on the landing unit.

Really appreciate the update!
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: The new Chaos March
« Last post by bobthecoward on Today at 16:49:06 »
ilClan was originally part of Shattered Fortress.

The ilClan sourcebook is all about the fighting on Terra, with very little outside of or beyond the battle for Terra.

There's a chapter with updates for the Inner Sphere for the first few months of 3151, while the battle for Terra rages, but everything beyond that, moving into the next few years will be dealt with in the fiction and sourcebooks that follow ilClan.

After IlClan, will it be like jihad Hot spots as sort of tempo/time period covered by releases? Or different?
BattleMechs / Re: a better 3050 panther
« Last post by Hellraiser on Today at 16:43:00 »
I feel like between Endo, Ferro, & DHS, there is enough weight savings to not have to use a Light Engine on the Panther which is almost useless really.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Female Trueborn Pregnancy
« Last post by Hellraiser on Today at 16:41:27 »
Yes, the Clans want the washout to grow the population. However, Peri still had to circumvent her birth control in order to get pregnant. So whatever the Clans use to keep their warriors from getting pregnant was still in her system after she became a scientist.

This would be my contention- the little it is referenced places it as a early in the writing of the Clans let alone their lower castes.  Demotion from the warriors would see return to full biological function for females as one of the first steps in that process.  Later comments in things like Warrior of Kerensky when it is discussed that the Scientists also mandate pairings among the lower caste though do not object to other offspring would indicate this attitude.

3 things have given me some thoughts on this.

1.  There are mandated Pairings
2.  Love does exist among the lower castes and results in normal non-paired births.
3.  Peri still had to do some form of modification to have children.

I'm thinking, maybe the Freeborn can find Love the old fashioned way but if they "don't" and are single too long the Scientists can "pair" them up.
Similarly, perhaps because Peri had to do it herself, the Scientists don't alter the washouts "immediately" but instead do so once they have decided who to "pair" them up with.

Maybe?  Thoughts?  Seems like it might explain the 3 things we know into some form of logical connection.
The Periphery / Re: Mars Rising: Marian Hegemony IV
« Last post by Weirdo on Today at 16:41:23 »
I can't make heads or tails of those numbers, but it looks like you missed the requirement of zero improved pilots - this is looking at the base BV of the mechs only.
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