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The Inner Sphere / Re: The Palmyra Disaster
« Last post by VensersRevenge on Today at 01:08:51 »
Elements of the fanbase
The Inner Sphere / Re: The Palmyra Disaster
« Last post by Ramseti on Today at 01:00:34 »
why there was inevitably then a backlash against them for being "vanilla"

"How to restore national morale with one simple trick - other Successor Lords hate him!"
But it was so easy, and worked so perfectly for the CapCon! :( 

I don't think you'd need to work too hard to get the populace motivated for a revenge campaign against the Draconis Combine.
Well, that would work for the overall war, but isn't really the same thing as a cultural renaissance. Besides, that's an "anyone/everyone can do it" type thing, I'm looking for the Suns variant (this time with some covered-up warcrimes or something similarly bad to serve as payback).

Xin Sheng but "We've been losing for a while, losing sucks, let's pull together and stop losing?"
Somewhat, but it also heavily emphasized the Chinese aspect, and made Sun Tzu a god. I mean, this took away a ton of personality from the CC, but apparently that's all they lost.

You are welcome to the whole noble knights thing
Definitely don't want more of the "goody two-shoes" thing, it sucks. It hamstrings their options, makes their enemies not respect them, and makes them a mockery in the fan-base.
Certainly the Falcons aren’t ones to stop mid battle (war really) to check that stuff. And those malvina-ites will be angry enough to not care either way. (Ideally)
The Inner Sphere / Re: The Palmyra Disaster
« Last post by Rorke on Today at 00:48:24 »
I still say we shoulda given Chesterton to the Foxes.  Random Cappies trying to invade and “retake” it would be great live-fire training for sibkos.  Maybe arrange to hand it to Alaric as part of whatever deal we end up striking with the ilClan?

Nawww way way too notable for such a gifting.  It's culturally so much a part of the Fed Suns, the very idea
fills even a relative pragmatic like me with the chills.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: New CamoSpecs Online Site
« Last post by Kojak on Today at 00:47:25 »
Got a 404 error when I clicked on the link for the Umayyad 1st Corps.
I never got to th Dark Age fiction with her in it, but she seems alright. Hopefully she can hold onto something when the wolves and whoever they sucker into the fight get around to dealing with the CC.
Oh. So oher foreign language BattleTech editions beyond German had (have) original content too? Sarna has some work to do then...
Me, too.
Think of all the factories that are still in perfect working order and tooled to produce Clan omnimechs that were just left there.
Sounds like that setup will fit the House Arano (Aurigan Coalition) to a t - suggrst you check out that sourceboo, and/or the HBS computer game. This region and the Outworlds Alliance are about the only "open" (sorry Taurians) periphery regions that are not outright defined by piracy but by weak real states instead.
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