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Great work!
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Can Trueborns Get Sick ?
« Last post by Tyler Jorgensson on Today at 15:14:34 »
On the other hand, their toughness has been demonstrated to let them survive parasitic infestations that would kill normal humans.  (An Elemental is reported to have survived an encounter with Alyina's "Brutto Vapore" - clouds of stinging insects that paralyze victims, lay eggs in them, and then have the larvae burrow their way out.

That’s horror movie level of horror right there.
The next time they do a reprint of Total Warfare, I recommend that the cover art feature a single Urbanmech standing proudly and firing its autocannon.
Lol, at our state con over the summer we had a Urbie Derby as a registered event.  Our Agent, faithless, got his hands on enough for a set amount of players to square off on a map with different variants- including the A4 Urbanmech IIRC.  This would have made that easier, and is very lol on seeing the announcement.
Just bought mine.  Let the Great UrbanMech Uprising commence!
I have no response prepared for that many Urbies in one box.
The correct response is to run screaming in terror. Or, I mean, gingerly but unhurriedly power-walk away, that's just as effective against the UrbanMech menace.
What the hell did I just spend my money on?
Witness the birth of a new Battletech festival: UrbtoberFest!
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