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I didn't see a new thread so I thought I'd just update this one.
Added benefit I can see results from other games from last year.

Here is the info from the email about today's game & going forward.

Battletech Missions
  The Catalyst Demo Team in the Phoenix area is restarting the Missions campaign that was so rudely interrupted by the pandemic.
We're restarting from scratch; players from before don't need to recreate their characters and retain all advancement, but we do ask that if we're at capacity and you've played a scenario before that you step aside for someone who hasn't (and maybe offer to be an assistant GM).
See below for location dates and times.
e're going to try to run each scenario at each venue whenever possible so players don't need to drive all over the valley to get every mission in.

Campaign Synopsis:
  Similar to Shadowrun Missions, this campaign will be a series of shorter battles that string together to form a story arc.
 Players need not play in every game!
 Each battle will give participating players C-bills and XP, the amounts depending on mission success and damage taken.
 Spend XP and C-bills to upgrade your pilot and mech.

Campaign Rules:

TLDR: Just show up. Pre-generated pilots & mechs will be available.

Slightly longer summary:
    Pilot and Mech:
        You have a pilot, 15 XP, and 2.5M C-Bills
        Choose a faction for your pilot (optional, and can be done later)
        Use your XP to buy one Special Pilot Ability (optional, but recommended)
        Use your C-Bills to purchase a light mech from the list in the rules. (required)
        Get the mini for your mech and paint it (optional, but gives a small earnings bonus)
        Players vs GM
        Beyond six players one (experienced) player gets to be GM for a second table
        Games usually last about four hours.
        At the end of each game the players get C-Bills and XP based on mission objectives completed.
        Mech destroyed or pilot killed? You earn less money or XP, but they'll be back next game.
        Miss a game or two? You don't get paid, but you join in with no penalties when you come back.
        Spend XP to upgrade pilot skill or buy a new Special Ability.
        Spend C-Bills to buy a new mech.
            (Expect a minimum of 5 games in your initial ride before you upgrade.)
        The CDT members will be running the same scenario each month at different stores

The Silver Key Lounge in Mesa - first game Sat, Oct 23 @ 2pm
Games U in Gilbert - first game Sun, Nov 14 @ 12pm
Imperial Outpost in Glendale - TBD
We never did get RS: 3150 did we?  :-[
Nope. (And I'm skeptical we'll ever get it.)
Autocannons (rotary or not) and miniguns/gatlings are designed (by definition) for high rates of fire. In verses modern armour, they are really only for relatively small weapons for use against lighter targets. You need a tank gun (which are not capable of automatic fire - maybe arguably semi-automatic in some case, but not automatic) which a kinetic penetrator to defeat armour. (HESH and the like are for use on relatively low-armour target, where an AP round would over-penetrate).

I would like to point out that the US has tried making fully automatic cannons and were a little too successful.  The problem wasn't the gun itself, but what it was mounted on.  It kind of blew itself off its turret ring.  So we can do the gun, it just isn't going to do much good as it loses much ability to be accurate with it.
We never did get RS: 3150 did we?  :-[
There also, We Never Learn Manga/anime.  I've not seen anime, but they do go almost ALL the girls and main character their own endings, leading on everyone which ending is the actual one.  Opening it as a back to end of high school, no one settled in who the winner of main guy.  Suggesting actual harem.  Which in my opinion is dumb, but what do I know about rom-com reality verses human intelligence people wanting to be mono with only one person?
Off Topic / Re: Hi, how ya DUNE? (Spoilers! Beware!)
« Last post by IAMCLANWOLF on Today at 13:03:57 » seemed the director was more focused on setting up mood and atmosphere instead of establishing characters and the complex politics of the story.

Agreed... leaves the experience feeling a bit hollow. Hopefully something they will rectify in the second act. Not really holding my breath, though. I will say; still one of the best sci-fi films in years. Even with much of the Landsraad being absent, and failing to thoroughly anchor characters.
Other than Liet Kynes, I thought the casting was perfect. Kynes was adequate, just... challenging when all the rest of the cast was a 10 out of 10. I actually thought Duncan Idaho was maybe miscast when I first read about it, but for me, this was Jason Momoa's defining role. He seemed to tranced all previous acting in empathy, emotion, and depth.
The one thing Lynch's Dune nailed was establishing a rich, cultured, feudalist universe. I missed this, here.         
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 32: What Say You?
« Last post by Wrangler on Today at 12:58:03 »
Think my bigger problem is with the CTF-5L. Really, from the 4L, a stealth sniper, to reflec armor with somewhat dubious close range armament.
In the context of CCAF it is fine as an option. But the RotS not adopting a superb stealth 'Mech...
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 32: What Say You?
« Last post by rebs on Today at 12:29:37 »
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 32: What Say You?
« Last post by Wrangler on Today at 12:19:03 »
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