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Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Rations
« Last post by Grand_dm on Today at 07:05:48 »
I'm pretty sure I'm still digesting MREs I ate in 1993 at Ft. Knox.  But I will give those Star League ones a go!
Ground Combat / Re: Force building challenge: Support the support
« Last post by Wolf72 on Today at 06:48:55 »
I'd start with account-tech and figure out your mission length and return trip then figure out how much consumables you need.  Unless those vehicle crew/techs and infantry (going to up it to 30 for easier math) are in steerage you will need considerable supplies. 

so 30*6 = 180; 12*5= 60; total of 240 persons.  In bays their rates are 1/20.   240/20 = 12t per day ... at 60 days that's 720 tons!  [I hope my math is right].  Going into steerage doesn't help, 240*5=1,200 towards quarters.

I'm guessing these ships are better for relatively fast & close drops.
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Quick Idea: Infantry-Damage
« Last post by paladin2019 on Today at 06:46:58 »
So an srm platoon has an SRM-2, and a rifle platoon has a machine gun.  Nice and simple, and matches what battle triops did.
BattleTroops does a lot more than that. A Steiner SRM squad has 3 SMGs and 4 SRMs, for example. But as long as the last trooper in a squad is the NCO who can still shoot the remaining special weapon all while complaining past their well-chewed cigar about the layabouts who can't take a few bullets and now they have to do all the work, that's cool.
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Rule Idea: ECM vs TMM rating
« Last post by paladin2019 on Today at 06:44:27 »
Your tanks stop between turns? Personal experience also does not back up the emphasis used with "SLOWLY moving". My experience is that speed is the enemy when attempting to make keyhole shots (target of opportunity or not) before you mask yourself from return fire, not a limiter on marksmanship.

(And I do agree regarding the agility of 'mechs. See Valkyrie clip and John Wick reference.)
Fan Art / Re: Revenants of the Star League Art thread
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 06:43:44 »
Nice work Luciora!  :thumbsup:

Maybe that one will get a core someday... :)

And three more excellent choices for avatars!  8)
Interesting... but how big was said asteroid?  It must have been pretty small not to have been noted otherwise...
Fan Designs and Rules / Re: Rule Idea: ECM vs TMM rating
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 06:35:51 »
The "Poor Performance" quirk somewhat gets after that.
every time a new story update hits, it's almost impossible to not sit and read.

I hope they find the leak that's been ongoing.
Aerospace / Re: A New Weapon of War
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 06:31:36 »
Hmmm... any chance those NL/35s on the Essex could (or will eventually) be refitted to 45s? ???
Mmmm, moving towards the climax, ever steadily... :clap:

Also ... wait ... was the Thazi setup the one that induced them to relocate even further away from Bannerhoft?
I believe that was posted some time ago...
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