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Challenges and Gatherings / Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Last post by shadhawk on Today at 13:20:51 »
“Sir, sensors have picked up ‘Mechs and armor moving our way.”
“OK. All right people we have inbound and somehow I do not think they are friendly. You all know the drill.”
“Alert, Alert all personal move to shelters, this is not a drill. Repeat all personal are move to shelters this is not a drill.”

“Get in touch with the Militia and inform them what is going on.”
“Yes Sir!”
“Get what you can locked down then get the shelters secured.”
“On it sir.”

“Sir, plant is reporting ‘Mechs and armor moving toward them.”
“OK have medical teams ready and inform the GSF. They will have to deal with this.”

“Tekeda to GSF commands your services are needed at plant 2. BattleMech and armored vehicles have been reported in the area by the plants security. Commander Ching if some of your bounty hunters are looking to make some money they too should get to plant 2.”

OK so this is the next mission
We are back to normal force setup
1 BattleMech, 1 Armored unit, 1 Infantry unit and the last one is your choice.
Your AO will be the vehicle production south east of Bridges.
major damage to the plane will not make your boss happy  >:D
Units from the last 2 missions are still in the field and can not be used on this one.
see you Dec 19  :thumbsup:
Challenges and Gatherings / Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Last post by shadhawk on Today at 13:14:37 »
“Now that we are away from the others I must inform you that the Kokuryu-kai have put a price on your head. After your display a while back they know that you will not help them. You need to take care in what you do. I know of a bounty for your family. I also figure that they will put a price on my unit for what we just did. My people and I will do the best we can to keep you and yours safe.” Looking at the Avatar. “Do you have someplace that my techs can work on this so we can get it battle ready?”
“How do I know you are not setting me up?” Looking at the ‘MechWarrior. “One does not just walk away from the Kokuryu-kai.”
“How can you say that, YOU did!” Looking her in the eye. “Like others the lies told sounded correct at the time. Looking back I wish I had the wisdom to see that they just words to get good people to do things for others who have no honor.”
“Well do not think I will give you my full trust.”
“I do not expect you to give me or my people anything. We will earn what we get.” He smiles at her.
“What about the work space you need?” She points to the Battlemech.
“Simple my people will help with the patrols that need to be run. I will have one of my units work with two of yours. This way if we try something you will have people in place.”
“You are trying too hard.”
“No I have much to prove.” Looking to the ground. “With my actions I turned my back on family and honor. I will not be that foolish anymore.” Looking back at her. “I will not be Ronin! I will serve. My people will serve to show they too are not Ronin. This is in our blood. We will serve as your retainers. We will do our very best to become Samurai once more, your Samurai.”

Challenges and Gatherings / Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Last post by shadhawk on Today at 13:14:14 »
“Sell Sword we have a problem or should I say that you have a problem.”
“What are you talking about? I got your friends back and unharmed.”
“Yes, you got them here unharmed but you took your eye off the job at hand and when you should have supported your team you did not.”
“What? We had half a company of Battlemechs after us. I moved to stop one of them from getting to close to the transport. I took damage from enemy fire. None of the others did any of that.”
“True. But you put all at risk to deal with that light unit. Had you failed it would have been free to move on the transport.”
“But I did not. I forced that pilot to rethink what they were looking to do. That pilot did back off.”
“Correct but by doing so you pulled the others off and they had more time to try and stop you.”
“What maybe an extra thirty seconds, maybe. They also found out we were not some lightly armed rent-a-cop group. They found out they were going to get hurt if they pushed it.”
“Maybe you only hit with one weapon and that was not you better one at that.”
“Look they still got the message and push.”
“You also did not support the other two with you. They got lucky to get to safety.”
“They are both heavy ‘Mech pilots, if they cannot take some fire then they should not be in this line of work.”
“You had better watch yourself Sell Sword, if these people will not work with you, you are of no use to me. If I have no need of your services who will you work for?”
“I can always find work, people always need my skill set.”
“Are you so sure of this Sell Sword? How many will put up with your ego? How many have already shown that you are not as …. needed as you think? What is offered for your head by two major houses and a group of less worlds?”
“Look you said that your friends could get me off rock so get them to get me off rock.”
“I said they may help you if they get to safety, they are not all that safe due to what just happened. They will need to keep out of sight for some time.”
“So you are backing out of our deal?”
“Not at all, I am just point out the problems that we have because of what has happened. I am also reminding you that you need me more than I need you. Do not make more problems than you fix Sell Sword or you will find that you will have one more person willing to let money fix the problems you make.”

 “It looks like they have found who some of the supporters of the Black Dragons are.”
“Yes, this will make things different in how we will deal with our mission.”
“What of the others, they still have a mission to do. Will we still provide information to help them?”
“We shall. If we help the others we help our own mission.”
“What will be our next move?”
“You will go and see just what they know. Also you will cause problems as per our mission.”
“As you command sir.”

MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 32: What Say You?
« Last post by rebs on Today at 12:51:07 »
Clan Chatterweb / What happened to Jerome Winson's Marauder?
« Last post by Colt Ward on Today at 11:59:02 »
First Khan of the Wolves, and successor ilKhan to Nicolas Kerensky, committed suirkede when a illness robbed him of the vitality he had as a warrior.  The Invasion Wolves built a shrine to him, IIRC as part of the Winson Blood Chapel and it had his restored Marauder 2R on display.  The Marauder 2R was stock- never modified with Clan tech or even the prototype Clan weapons (come on, not even the Enhanced ERPPCs?) . . . which means one of two things- as ilKhan he had other warriors act as his champion . . . or he was just that good to win & survive individual champions.  Or his political skills were so good, he was never at a disadvantage with his personal ride.

Either way, what would have happened to his Marauder 2R during and after the Wars of Reaving?  The Winson Blood Chapel was not destroyed like the Kerensky chapels, nor was it as vigorously defended IIRC . . . but it might also have been co-located with Jennifer Winson's Chapel . . . and would likely have been close to the Kerensky chapels.
Off Topic / Re: So I'm Moving to Florida - By Boat
« Last post by rebs on Today at 11:57:51 »
While we sat and waited the fog out this morning, this brave soul ventured out.  Of course, minutes later he was calling on the radio asking if anyone was out there.

Half an hour later, and the fog was cleared.
Fan Fiction / Re: War is a grave.
« Last post by Cannonshop on Today at 11:57:19 »
Meiterhaus bar and grill, late evening, April 2, 3154...

Sharon Ngo is a big girl, and she usually dresses like a spacer, wearing a skinsuit under a modified coverall altered to look enough like a proper uniform to pass for it, and a long jacket when 'on duty' surface-side.

Tonight, she wasn't dressed for business.  Tonight wasn't blue, Khaki or emergency orange, it wasn't even black.  Red.  red, and 'duty inappropriate' dress supported only by friction and a strap across her left shoulder, cut asymmetrically with a 'horsewoman's cut' halfway up each thigh, held with a belt more decorative than functional across her hips.

The cut was actually flattering, considering her extreme muscularity, this was topped with styled hair instead of her usual 'helmet bun', draped over her bare shoulders and framing a face that almost never saw a lipstick, never mind full makeup-but whoever did the work knew what they were about, transforming her middle-aged 'permanent weightlifter's frown' into something attractive, and more surprising-feminine.  Low heels meant she still towered over most of the men, but it wasn't to the extreme it might've been-just enough lift to emphasize her walk.

"My god, she's wearing girl clothes." Roderick muttered, "Trill, did you even KNOW she could dress like that?"

Trillian laughed as Admiral Ngo was shown to the table by the Maitre'd.

"Heya."  Dressed like this, Sharon looked vulnerable, her whole overconfidence and bearing were concealed.

"Mein gott, you wore it!" Trillian laughed.

"This is embarrassing enough-"

"Roddy, stop staring, you're ruining the illusion!" Trillian added, "Sit, sit! Mein gott you clean up well, Sharrie! where have you been hiding this look?? Have some wine, relax..."

"I...don't get out much." Sharon confessed.

"Neither do I, nor does Roderick.  You understand, everyone in here tonight works for me." Trillian stated, "it's only an illusion of normal.  I can't sneak out to 'slum with the proles' as Melissa used to put it back when I could."

"Carolina was the pretty one, I just" Sharon confessed.

"You're gorgeous. girl." Trillian affirmed, "you SHOULD get out more. The agenda, because I know you like things alles in ordnung, is we eat, we drink, we dance, we drink some more, and do things we're going to regret in the morning...or at least, we pretend to. No titles, no ceremony, no drill, just cutting loose."

"I didn't put her up to this, Sharon." Roderick said defensively.

"you clean up pretty well for a toothpick yourself." Sharon quipped.  "You have a date coming?"


"Most eligible bachelor in the Commonwealth, and no girls or boys on the side?" Sharon scoffed, "The press must be incensed.  just think of the poor Paparazzi out there, starving because you give them nothing to gossip about!"

Trillian laughed, then, "My date is here."

Sharon turned her head to look, "ooh, Trillian! nerdy bookish boys? I think I could snap that one in half one-handed."

"You two have fun now." Trillian announced, and got up to meet her 'date'.

"Did we just-"?

"-get stood up? yeah, I think so." Sharon answered.

"So, what do you want to do?" Roderick asked, "Given that Her Majesty just left with a date she managed to keep me from finding out about, after conning me into dressing in this monkey-suit."

"The monkey suit looks good on you." Sharon commented, "It's quite fitting and takes years off your appearance. I, on the other hand, have clownpaint on my face and am wearing a sequined rag that cost as much as some people's houses, and uncomfortable shoes."

"Which makes you stunning." he told her.

"So, we're supposed to drink the Archon's booze, eat the Archon's food, dance, and do regrettable things?" Sharon asked.

"I believe so.  we can, I think, do most of that without getting plowed, unless you need liquid for your courage?"

"Hardly, besides, this stuff is kind of weak." Sharon commented, then looked him over again, "HOW are you still single??"

"I'd ask the same of you."

"Mine is wrapping up all those urges into time at the weight bench." Sharon commented, "The 'office' part of 'officer' eats up all my time these days, but I still keep fit."

"VERY fit." he said.

"Let's do something we'll both regret." she smiled at him, meeting his eyes.



Roderick Steiner's apartments, Triad...

"so, does this change anything?" Sharon asked, morning light filtered through open curtains, "Between us, I mean?"

"I don't know, do you want it to?" he asked.  "I understand if you don't."

"meaning I wasn't your first choice." Sharon teased.

"before last night? no." he said, "I was a little surprised you...were so inexperienced."

"Not a lot of dating opportunities." Sharon said calmly, "professional demeanor, everyone I spend enough time with is lower rank or uninterested, or intimidated. and YOU??"

He rolled over and looked at her.  "I wasn't intimidated." he said, "just never really considered you that way.  You know there's a rumour you're into girls?"

"I've heard the rumours." Sharon nodded, "some of the dirtier ones, even some disrespectful of the Archon herself."

"Well, we've given them something else to talk about, at were good, Sharon."

"I didn't have to do much, Roddy. You did most of the work."

"Which is a fun switch from our usual relationship, don't you think? I usually have to let YOU do all the work in the office!"

"It helps to be experienced. How do you hide it?" she asked.

"People expect me to be involved with multiple women!" he chuckled, "SO, it's fairly easy to do so're not jealous, are you?"

"Envious." Sharon said, "envy, not jealousy.  I envy whoever you keep. she'll be a damned lucky girl."

"could be you."

"You're flattering me in the afterglow, Roderick." Sharon said, "Which I thank you for, but..."

"yeah, 'but'." he grimaced.

She teasingly put her finger on his nose, "BUT, you deserve better than a hare-catcher noble and professional spacer and you know it."

"Still with that 'not good enough'." he shook his head.

"Well, as I said, I know I'm not your first choice, we had fun, you showed me new things...but do you think we could work? in the other twenty hours of the day?"

He sighed and lay back on the pillow.  "Honestly? no."

"Neither do I...but we did have fun, ja??"

"Lots of fun."

"We can have fun in the future, if you wish, but no false promises, ja?" she said, "no insincere 'love you forever' speeches, because that's not fit for either of us, and you know as well as I do, that we're no dynastic match. You have responsibilities and I have my career...besides, it's fun being the side-piece."

He sighed, and then, he chuckled.  "We need to get dressed soon."

"I think we can delay. 'Rank has its privileges', after all, and won't Trillian be surprised?"
BattleTech Miniatures / Crusader&Dragon
« Last post by agen2 on Today at 11:44:15 »
Fan Fiction / Re: War is a grave.
« Last post by ThePW on Today at 11:40:41 »
That was one of the goofier versions and think almost sixty years earlier for time context with Elizabeth, I abandoned that line of thinking by killing that version off.

You know, from playing DDO for years, i know for a fact that any problem involving death is fixable with enough Rez scrolls...
Here's my take on a Jihad-era attempt at a recon Atlas. This one is deisgned to move overland under stealth and to pop up to do scans.

It also punches for 20 point hits.

Atlas AS7-RC

Mass: 100 tons
Chassis: Foundation Type 10X
Power Plant: Vlar 300 XL
Cruising Speed: 43.2 kph
Maximum Speed: 64.8 kph
Jump Jets: None
     Jump Capacity: 0 meters
Armor: Durallex Special Heavy
     2 ER Medium Laser
     2 ER PPC
     6 Medium Pulse Laser
Manufacturer: Unknown
     Primary Factory: Unknown
Communication System: Sipher Security Plus
Targeting & Tracking System: Matabushi Sentinel
Introduction Year: 3067
Tech Rating/Availability: E/X-X-E-D
Cost: 33,297,333 C-bills

Code: [Select]
Type: Atlas
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Standard)
Tonnage: 100
Battle Value: 2,575

Equipment                                          Mass
Internal Structure                                   10
Engine                        400 XL               26.5
Walking MP: 4
Running MP: 6
Jumping MP: 0
Double Heat Sink              16 [32]                 6
Gyro                                                  4
Cockpit                                               3
Armor Factor (Stealth)        304                    19

                          Internal   Armor   
                          Structure  Value   
     Head                    3         9     
     Center Torso            31        47   
     Center Torso (rear)               14   
     R/L Torso               21        32   
     R/L Torso (rear)                  10   
     R/L Arm                 17        34   
     R/L Leg                 21        41   

Right Arm Actuators: Shoulder, Upper Arm, Lower Arm, Hand
Left Arm Actuators: Shoulder, Upper Arm, Lower Arm, Hand

and Ammo                   Location  Critical   Heat    Tonnage
2 Triple Strength Myomer CT/RT/LT/RA/LA2/1/1/1/1    -       0.0   
2 Medium Pulse Laser          RT        2        4       4.0   
Triple Strength Myomer   CT/RT/LT/RA/LA2/1/1/1/1    -       0.0   
Active Probe                  RT        2        -       1.5   
ER Medium Laser               RT        1        5       1.0   
Medium Pulse Laser          LT(R)       1        4       2.0   
Triple Strength Myomer   CT/RT/LT/RA/LA2/1/1/1/1    -       0.0   
ER PPC                        LA        3        15      7.0   
Medium Pulse Laser          RT(R)       1        4       2.0   
2 Medium Pulse Laser          LT        2        4       4.0   
Triple Strength Myomer   CT/RT/LT/RA/LA2/1/1/1/1    -       0.0   
ER Medium Laser               LT        1        5       1.0   
ECM Suite                     LT        2        -       1.5   
Recon Camera                  HD        1        -       0.5   
Triple Strength Myomer   CT/RT/LT/RA/LA2/1/1/1/1    -       0.0   
ER PPC                        RA        3        15      7.0   
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