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Fan Fiction / Re: Hegemon
« Last post by Adacas on Today at 09:58:28 »
I can only say excellent beyond the gaps in the names to be filled, I'm dying of curiosity about that RWR Database...
the Avatar and alot of the first gen IS omnis were licensed out to other people. Or maybe they are second Gen, idr. The avatar, sunder, and black hawk

If I remember correctly the Blackhawk and Avatar were licensed to Coventry Mechworks in the Lyran Alliance. Not sure if CMW was allowed to sell to everyone in the IS though. Comstar certainly bought some though the FedSuns might be on the banned list. The Confederation and Free Worlds might be too depending on Katherine's mood. Of course after the Jihad that might be different.
Challenges and Gatherings / Re: Chicagoland December Game
« Last post by jasonf on Today at 09:42:34 »
Me and my two minis will be there...
Finally, it also reveals some details about our new mystery RecGuide variant: the UM-R27, with three SRM-6s and AES. Pretty wacky!

About time… Anytime I got an Urb back in the day, I’d mod it with five SRM-4s and a couple tons of ammo and put the AC/10 or AC/20 on a faster unit.  Always had more utility in the Urb’s ambush role — more reliably hit mechs thru sheer number of rolls, more dangerous to tanks and infantry, and could throw alt ammo.  Like an SRM Carrier but with a mech’s survivability.
Ah, right, derp. Joke's on me for trying to read right after waking up (though the best part of waking up is definitely new urbies in your cup).

Regardless, the UM-R27 looks... interesting. Assuming Anthony didn't do an oops, the name drop and loadout details hopefully means it'll be in a RecGuide soon.
Tactical Operations / Re: Arrow IV homing question
« Last post by Vincent Red on Today at 08:30:49 »
Page 354 TacOps
An attack using an Arrow IV Homing Missile is treated as standard artillery weapon attack (see p. 179), with the following exceptions:
•    The Arrow IV Homing Missile does not make its own to-hit roll. Instead, the homing missile may only attack units that have been successfully designated by a friendly TAG unit in the turn of the missile’s arrival.

My question is does it work for the direct artilery fire so that the rocket hits the tagged target instead of the hex?
If I have a tagged enemy on 1 hex from the artilery, can I use direct artilery fire for a homing ArrowIV missile so that I aim at the ground somewere close and make a rocket turn 180 and hit the tagged target? I'm talking about bypassing the ArrowIVs minimal range with the guided munision. Can I aim at the ground (ArrowIV minimal range) and choose a tagged enemy in range of the homing system counting from the ground hex in any direction? From my understanding of the rules, ArrowIVs minimal range is covered by the homing systems range but I couldn't find a definitive answer to that question. I think artilery rules are split around a few books.

Thank you!
New Urbie variants for IWM

I don't think so ...

Quote from: Anthony Scroggins
... we can do variants! IWM is supposed to have some on the way too, but here is what CGL has ordered up.
Quote from: Anthony Scroggins
The company is already retail, and this one is trying to beat the CNY window while the KS isn't so the urbies will be ready first.

1A) As long as everything is to-scale and it makes sense what's what, it's generally fine. Fancy, nice maps or even maps littered with generic props are nice, but really all that matters is that things are scaled properly.

1B) This will depend entirely on your GMing style, the preferences of your players, and the consensus of the table going into the campaign. Particularly when paired with Campaign Operations and A Time of War Companion, AToW works equally well with a limear narrative plot and as a roll-'em-up and beat-'em-down mercenary sandbox, and just about everything in between.

1C) How much of a stickler people are about lore varies, but you generally can't go wrong with sticking to the era you know the most about. Besides, there's plenty of "blank space" in BT that's yet to be written about, so no matter what there's always some cluster of worlds largely unrelated to the current major plot (for example, it really doesn't matter if you screw up the date of Gray Monday when the players are in a poor Periphery microstate that doesn't have any HPGs anyways).

2) That's also going to depend entirely on the preferences and consensus of the tables. Some campaigns basically just treat AToW as just another TW supplement to be used in tandem with CO; just something to do between 'Mech battles and to further enhance the 'Mech campaign experience in general. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I've seen AToW campaigns that had very little combat at all, and were actually all about business and politics, where most of the heavy rolls were made in backroom deals and for setting up PR stunts (...and yes, occasionally some combat when hiring shadier mercs to cause problems for the party's rivals). Likewise, some players demand galaxy-spannings epics, while others are perfectly happy to spend a whole campaign in a single city.

3) Not sure if Roll20 supports AToW out of the box, but otherwise I see no reason it shouldn't work. You can also just keep MegaMek up on the side for if and when it becomes appropriate to move to 'Mech scale.

4) Again, going to vary heavily based in the individual players, but in a community where fabricating your own custom merc, pirate, garrison, or other such outfit is practically a rite of passage, getting a bit creative with it is perfectly fine. Really, in this case, it's necessary , as each campaign in and of itself is "new lore" unless everyone just wants to re-enact one of the novels verbatim (hoping of course that the dice rolls also play along). Players are also a big threat to accuracy in and of themselves, so don't fret too much—if the players decide to smother Sun-Tzu Liao in his crib, unite the Davion-Kurita line to create a new Federated Combine, and turn Devlin Stone to the Manei Domini, then canon-friendly or not your job as GM is, as always, to say "yes, and!"

5) Travel times and redundant characters help a lot in grounded, lethal campaigns. If your players want to play characters who are a bit less mortal and are fine with sacrificing some realism, AToW includes some rules to make combat in general less lethal, and AToWC has further optional rules that make PCs much hardier. Again, player preference.
Yeah, the backwards compatibility is key to Battletech and there don't need to be any new barriers for older players to hit up newer eras. But this game is very pro-proxy.

And if a suite of 'mechs from TRO:3025 can see you through every era--and it's good that they can--then what's the point of my toys from TRO: 3060? We get all these cool new units and then, one era later, they're thrown on the pyre for a new Quickdraw variant.

That is the Generation 1 Pokémon Problem, granted.

I think it's just exacerbared at the moment, though, in IlClan simply BECAUSE the new batch of models are going back to introtech era. But given the runaway success of the plastic, I can't see CGL stopping after the Mercs kickstarter (frankly, if I were them, I'd be rubbing my hands at the idea of product for year to come), so I suspect we will see a resurgance of later mechs as time goes on.
Everything else in BattleTech has the map scale and the 'Mech scale wildly out of sync, why do the trees need to be arbitrarily closer to 'Mech scale?

To be fair, that is no different to any other wargame (or for that matter, RPG ground scale though), because you simply cannot do a model scale and ground scale that match (especially if you are making ANY attempt at simulating realism). The real world is just too big and complex and too unwieldy come to that. Hell, RPGs can't manage to do it accurately, generally confined as they are to a 5' square grid at 28mm. So you can never have ground scale and model scale that match, the best you can aim for is that your abstractions manage to model the most critical distances reasonably well.

I think you're interpreting that exactly the opposite direction I meant.  The trees are around 2" tall in the box set.  This is not to scale with real trees.  This is completely fine and at no point, ever, has BattleTech terrain tried to be in scale with the 'Mechs on it.

Most real trees are much bigger, yes. But again - practial considerations. One the one hand 20-40m tall trees[1] take up a huge amount of storage space, and, as noted, a dispropotionate amount of board-space per tree because you can't model them one to one. So one the other, now you're abstracting, the trees need to be at LEAST tall enough to credibly obscure a BattleMech's view and block LOS, which sets the minimum height and after that, you want as many as you can fit so you maximise their usage. Flat trees work quite nicely as woods when put down in some volume and at different angles, but you need a modest number.

(Pro recommendation to everyone incidently - angel hair/sizoflor florist wraping fabric, whatever its called is dirt cheap and comes in multiple colours; cut it to what sizes of woods (or shapes) you want and use that to delineate the area nicely. In combination with the trees and being a mesh, it gives a nice shadow effect and drapes pretty mwell over terrain. We pinched the idea from someone we saw one convention as have never gone back.

Theory works just as well with nebulas for starships too, for anyone wanting to do BT space combat:

(Practical consideration there was at the other end; to make the "clouds" less than the height of a starship flight stand, since starships are mostly horizontal, not vertical like mechs and thus would require a lot more both moving around in play of the cruciforms AND more crusiforms AND more painting of crusiforms.)

I mean, if you want to argue that you could just cue a bit of flat coloured card like it was on a map sheet to delinitate terrain you could, but I would like to think when not playing on a mapsheet (hell, technically even WHEn playing in a mapsheet), BattleTech could do better than those frack awful historical competion games which have rules-ritually mandated terrain peices (in service of terrain not getting in the why of having armies which stretch the entire width of the board and delete any maneouvring and are generally won the night before on army list decisions. GW may be the worst end of the hobby, but competition ancients really don't help.

(Anecdote: one year at the World's convention, Dad ran a Stargrunt II competition (which had the rules be more about sportaman ship at that). Pertinently, a TV crew came in to film the competetion, and to film they picked the set of tables with all the card board buildings and cardboard smoke cells that was dirty scifi over the historical games on their flat featureless boards. That really upset them - he wasn't allowed to do it again...! This has been today's entry for Aotrs Rambles About Quasi-Related Things.)

[1]Citation: first order google search for beech and oak trees.
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