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THis is what you need:

From any good hardware store, about $10. You don't need much strength - like I said, pushing too hard causes things to snap. And the weight of the knife case makes it much steadier, and the blade is stiffer.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Reviving Homeworld Clans
« Last post by Orwell84 on Today at 02:01:59 »
With everything we know about the Home Clans since WoR - i.e. zero - it's as good a possibility as any other. Certainly it's what the Aggressors had every intention of doing last time we left them.

Unfortunately we won't get the answer to that question next Saturday, or in 2022 at least, and likely longer than that. The last time TPTB commented on this - IIRC - the answer was that they do intend to revisit the Homies but want their re-entrance to be suitably dramatic. So possibly the period 3075 - 3250 has been spent building themselves back up to being a credible opponent again and doing exactly as you suggested. Although that raises the question of why the Aggressors stopped troubling the Imperio after 3100 or so.
Norton is noted as having defeated mechs like Stalkers and Atlases in Legend Killer, though.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Online merc contract generator
« Last post by Syzyx on Today at 01:42:21 »
Wow. This is incredible. And two months too late! Grr. ;)

But this is indeed just what I would have loved to have for my last campaign. It collapsed due to real life stuff, but I would have found this such a time saver.
Fan Articles / Re: ’Mech of the Week: ANH-** Annihilator
« Last post by Hellraiser on Today at 01:39:12 »
My GM/Commando has a solid use for one, the Intro Tech model, in a 3060+ environment.

Load it up with Precision ammo & use it as a Goalkeeper in a breakthrough scenario.

10 point hits tend to do bad things to Locusts that can't dodge pulse-cannons.

Off Topic / Re: NHL 2021-2022 Thread. Let's get Kraken!
« Last post by Firesprocket on Today at 01:35:50 »
I hadn't realized Darcy Kuemper was injured, so when I saw just now that Toronto beat the Avalanche with eight goals, I almost spat out my drink on the way to see how boned my fantasy team was.

...need a replacement goalie for a few days, but that could have gone a lot worse.  xp

One could say they didn't plan for the inevitable fragile nature of one Darcy Kuemper.  Pavel Francouz seems closer to returning though.  I saw he was assigned to the AHL Colorado Eagles for conditioning.  Hopefully they get the guy who was a solid back up 2 years ago and not one that ends up being the next goalie of the week.  Long term though next year's UFA goalies are fairly underwelming.  Considering the Avs are still contending at the end of the season do you make trade for either Quick or Martin Jones who are both having decent seasons to this point on what might be non contending teams in a couple months?  At this point every other team in the West ahead of the Avs has a #1 except for Dallas who may or may not figure it out.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Legend-Killer's abilities?
« Last post by Marveryn on Today at 01:33:04 »
I think it was 1st in the Vindi & Last in Legend Killer, everything else was in Yen Lo Wang.

Point being he didn't win it on an assault.  while in the main battlefield assault may be appear more often by this time.  what are the chances Every major stable had an assault ready for their champion by the time justin took control.  Again this is at the start of the 4th before the memory core was discover by the grey death legion.   I think while factor may be putting out heavies and assault for some of the houses at this time they still were in the recovery stage from the 3rd by the time Norton was champion and they was a lack of big assault mechs and heavies for Solaris open championship and that continue well into when Justin took the championship.  Kai on the other hand may had been just that good lol
It does what it does efficiently and well.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Legend-Killer's abilities?
« Last post by Hellraiser on Today at 01:24:54 »
Well Justin's first fight was in a vindicator I believe and his final fights were in that rifleman as I recall so yea he did not do all of his fights on Solaris in a centurion.

I think it was 1st in the Vindi & Last in Legend Killer, everything else was in Yen Lo Wang.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Legend-Killer's abilities?
« Last post by Luciora on Today at 01:23:15 »
Games in general are not a very good way to determine canon abilities as they are usually exaggerated or made up to make them a challenge for the player.  Plus I'm pretty sure most of the successor states wouldn't have even taken notice of the region of space HBS is set in.
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