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Off Topic / Re: B5 reboot
« Last post by DOC_Agren on Today at 12:38:25 »
I'm fear is without the old cast, and recasting everyone else they are going to be judge against the old. 

I would have kinda wished JMS was picking another timeframe other then B5 that we knew.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Was Far Country just a Holovid?
« Last post by sadlerbw on Today at 12:34:32 »
Would the Tetatae 'Mechs be arranged as 4-6 "Feathers" to a "Wing"?  Obviously, there would be 2 "Wings" to the next level of organization, since Tetatae only have 2.  Having seen a "dropship", the Tetatae would obviously draw some parallel to an egg, possibly with a "Brood" of 'Mechs (two "Wings") symbolically "hatching" from it.  Could we call a Tetatae spheroidal dropship a "fowl ball"?

Tactical tip: Never "play chicken" with a Tetatae, they've got a lifetime of experience at it.

Is "flipping someone the bird" a valid Tetatae salute, or would it ruffle their feathers?  Would "fried chicken" become a war crime, or routine "spoils of victory" for the Inner Sphere?  Would flightless birds develop aviation, or be completely taken by surprise when the IS attacked them with aerospace and conventional fighters as well as VTOLs?  Would their entire strategic plan be a bird-brained disaster, turning into a "turkey shoot", or would they hatch a more devious plot?

I hate you so much right now. My pun-o-meter has gone off the scale!...but also  :thumbsup:. I'm just jealous you came up with all this before I did!
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Panther 12KCD
« Last post by Xotl on Today at 12:31:12 »
I remember distinctly that it was updated to a widespread or at least production model (which is why I said "standard" in the entry).  I'll do some digging and create an errata entry later today.
Unliscensed?  Just state the truth- stolen design from buying a airframe for 'testing' purposes, then back engineering it.  Russians decided to not to sell something- forget which- to the ChiComs for carrier operations over the last few years because of this tendency.

Though I grant, Chinese birds are probably the best amalgamation of NATO & old Warsaw Pact tech with the thefts from both.

Well, they did have a manufacturing license for the original Su-27, so the Russians helped set that line up for them. Shenyang just steadily ship-of-Theseused all the components in violation of the license to manufacture the airframes only to original spec, complete with equipment purchases from Russian suppliers. Hasn't stopped the Russians from selling progressively newer airframes to them.

The J-15 is straight-up reverse-engineered from Su-33s purchased from the Ukrainians.

As for the J-16s, who knows what percentage is independently developed from the J-11B and what is copied from the purchased Su-30MKK/MK2s. I'm not sure there'd actually be a way to tell.
I think thing about this is we need to define are we talking before or after retro cons.  Yes there were.  As soon unseen thing hit, FASA then replaced many Mechs and promoting them from rare/extinct/forgotten to mainstays or uncommon in large numbers.  3039 tried balance things out more so.   

I'm not trying open can worms no one wants, I'm stating.  What source you want use?  The original TRO: 3025 / 2026 books certainly had flaws but they were  bedrock much these production numbers were based on.

3025 Revised, upended a lot things.   TRO: 3039 realligned many mechs from not in production back to in production during the Succession Wars.   Also note, that many people hadn't thought of the post-Forth Succession War being same time / era since the "Era" measurement of time spans wasn't a thing.

It did occur to me that the Warrior Trilogy was prior to the 2750 downgrades being slid in, which surely accounts for some of the lack of diversity there.
I know there's no record sheet yet, but 3085supp actually lists the BVs for the Manta and Moray subs. Any chance those numbers could get added to their entries?
Under the new rules LAMs can't use an XL right?
Off Topic / Re: B5 reboot
« Last post by Colt Ward on Today at 12:20:40 »
Besides, how are you going to outdo Peter Jurasik and Andreas Katsulas?  Those two were pivotal to the show, and their relationship with each other and the other characters was as well.  That was probably the best casting decision they could have made...

Pretty much this . . .

The story's been told- why repeat the story?  Clean up the visuals?  Ok . . . but we have other stories that do not have to involve any of the original characters as anything other than name drops or references.
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