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Objective pack 2:
2xCoolant Truck.
2xSwift Wind Scout Car.
2xEngineering Vehicle

I would go with Ammo Carrier. Always imagine those side by side with Coolant Trucks next to Mechs getting repaired and reloaded.
Mobile HQ? Flatbed?
I believe MHQ is already slated for an "Objective pack", along with Long Tom and MASH unit.

Flatbed truck is a good option, one i'd like to see but it needs cargo options: cargo, rocket/missile launchers.
Couple things . . . following the format, it has four minis x2.  And it has to follow the Alpha Strike lance role construction.

For me it would be . . .

Direct Fire & Fire Support
Pike Support Vehicle x2
Partisan Heavy Tank x2
Hunter Light Tank x2
Striker Light Tank x2

I wanted something lighter than the Party van, but it was the appropriate non-variant Sniper from TRO3039.
Why would they commission me? There is a reason I said in the title this would totally lose money

I'm being sarcastic. You are being critical of a artist work because the homage doesn't fit your mind's eye image of what it 'should look like.' Unless you can give us an example, the idea a artist should scan your mind to produce such a ideal tapestry is ludacris.
Objective pack 2:
2xCoolant Truck.
2xSwift Wind Scout Car.
2xEngineering Vehicle

Mobile HQ? Flatbed?
Fan Fiction / Re: The Bed We Made (Arluna)
« Last post by Cannonshop on Today at 11:56:24 »
"Duke Diego...

...I'm eighteen, not stupid."  Duchess Elizabeth Ngo stared out the window at the surface of Spider Moon as her guest stiffened in offense.

"Excuse me?"

the young duchess turned to face him. "Luis Mining owes me money.  SO do Ortega Metal Fabricators, Sandusky and Sohn of New Madrid, and you...and I maybe didn't get to finish my education in a formal sense, but I know how to do the damned math on a bad loan risk, and you qualify as one.  You wouldn't even be here if Tharkad hadn't rejected your request for debt forgiveness, what in the thousand hells makes you think I'm going to if the Steiners won't?"

"I'm desperate, it is true!" he pled, "I have tax riots, there is a civil war-"

"YES, you do, and it's your fault." she stated.  "You knew Melissa was taking advice from the Feds, you dumped your productive capacity-which has cost me money-to embrace a luxury service model in the middle of a national invasion, and you didn't bother to read the billboard in front of you-The Federated Commonwealth is losing to the Clans.  My own taxes have gone up one hundred twenty percent system wide.  Those taxes have to be paid, to pay them, means I have to squeeze every drop of productivity I can even imagine out of every sector, and I've been doing it for the last three years, because the taxes aren't going to ever go down...part of that, is paid for by payments from clients, including clients on your world, adn they can't pay their vig to me, because you shut them down for tourism!"

she reached out to the table, and fondled his proposal.  "Do you understand? you have rioting, because you have unemployed people, you have tax riots because you strangled them and then got hit with a levy you can't pay...why should I save you, when I can barely save my own??"  she straightened, "What's in it for me, Duke Diego?"

"is that rhetorical, or are you serious?"

"Sir, it's money, I'm a teenager, and a Ngo, so yes, I'm serious."  she folded her arms, "Make your pitch. What are you going to give me for collateral?"

"My son-"

"NO, no dynastic marriage." she snapped, "I want hard ****** assets."

He looked astonished.  "Everything is already leveraged..."

"Not everything." she said. "Arluna's duchy includes everything in the star system, including the planet. I understand the land and resources of your main planet are tied up, and I would not dream of interfering in the property rights of your subjects-I consider such things to be how much of your outer system will you give me? along with the non-Terra-style uninhabitable real-estate and mineral rights of your inner planetary bodies?"

"Would you even want those?"

"We're in my favorite home-away-from-home and you're asking that?" she gave him a cocked eyebrow.  "You had to wear a pressure suit from the pad to my door.  You tell much of your non-terrestrial territory are you willing to cede in exchange for a combination of reduced interest charges and a bump to your credit score with my banks?"

"What will you do with it?"

"That's not your concern, your concern is how much of it you're going to give me to get your ass out of receivership, float you funding and relief, and maybe buy enough time to end your civil war before someone sets off a bathtub nuclear warhead or rediscovers how easy it is to brew Sarin gas in a settler's rig...and you better make sure it's worth the money, because I don't do anything for free, I'm not old enough for that."

"What do you want? all of it?"

"That's a nice starting position." she said, "now make it sweet."

"I-what, What do you WANT??"

"How about this, you cede me your undeveloped outer system, the gas giants, moons, asteroid belts, and cometary halo, I'll let you keep the inner planets, but I want a Lien on your title-that'll be the first thing you pay off if you're smart, but it's solid collateral on a loan of this magnitude...and we'll be generous, the Central bank of the Commonwealth charges two percent, I'll give you three point five for interest, which is one point five percent over prime, and we'll call it...twenty five years?? to pay up? Quarterly payments? sound fair? I'm pretty sure LaRue will charge you twice that without blinking, maybe even more, and she's the loosest lender I personally know of, so it's a good deal, you should take it."

"A...Lien...on my title?"

"Yeah. It's an asset, and it's got a fixed valuation that isn't damaged so long as the Commonwealth stands, so it's got some kind of solid backing. If I take over, I end up dealing with the mess you've created anyway, but this way you get a chance to dig yourself to daylight, and a hedge against the Archon Prince sending in the brute squad to replace you with a Regent from the other end of the Commonwealth."

"Archon prince?"

"Melissa died, very sad, big explosion, Victor's in charge." She said, "So...hey, what do you say?  shall we bring in Ms. Whyte and your lawyer and start processing a loan, or do I pro-rate your tickets and send you to go try and get a better deal from Tanadi LaRue?"
You think Quikscell is really going to spring for Glossy paper?
Nah, it's on a standard 8.5x11, with the edges cut off by the printer margins, and one of the info boxes was left blank by accident.

Do I’d believe they’d invest in slick marketing over anything else?

Yes. Every time.

R&D on a new power transformer linked to updated clan-spec energy weapons: 1,500,000 C-Bills

Half a day of layout, some creative power graphs, and a trip to Kinkos: 875 C-Bills and a stack of pizzas

The choice is clear.  8)
Tank Pack:
2xBulldog Medium Tank with LRM and AC alternate turrets.
2xManticore Heavy Tank
2xRommel (with alt Axel and Patton turrets?)
2xGobling Medium tank

APC pack:
2xHeavy Hover APC
2xHeavy Wheeled APC
2xHeavy Tracked APC
2xKarnov UR

Objective pack 2:
2xCoolant Truck.
2xSwift Wind Scout Car.
2xEngineering Vehicle
Any particular reason the Septicemia A is a Scout but the A-Z is a Brawler? None of the other "-Z" upgrades have mismatched roles, at a cursory glance.
I'll be looking forward to seeing your idea of the cover on  the Fan Art page, I'm sure CGL will commission you immediately.

Why would they commission me? There is a reason I said in the title this would totally lose money
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