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Oh. Okay. I guess I'll just have to house rule it until then. Thanks :)
Alpha Strike / Re: Questions about how to set up your mech forces
« Last post by jasonf on Today at 08:11:04 »
Light mech battalion are composed of mostly lights with some mediums and heavies. 

It's this. If you have access to the Total Warfare rulebook, there is some more guidance on how to average out lances and companies to Light, Medium, etc., on pp. 264-273. You can just scale up the company composition table in that section to a battalion (both have three subunits).

The short answer, though, is that the description of any formation's size is an average size of the units in that formation.
Off Topic / Re: Naval Pictures VIII: From Japan with love
« Last post by ANS Kamas P81 on Today at 08:00:15 »
Considering what those ships were made of, "cellular" has whole new meaning!
Hey Evan, can you check to see if you have a cracked yellow flash-drive? It would be mine.

I double checked my stuff just in-case, no luck.
Off Topic / Re: What If...? (series)
« Last post by Øystein on Today at 07:52:51 »
and yes, I just pre-ordered two of the Wolf Dragoons force packs.  :thumbsup:
I saw that and immediately told my wife "Okay so I found an early Christmas present for me."
Not a mech I care about, but every 3058 machine that gets done is a step closer to doing 3067 and the Perseus... :thumbsup:
Something Anthony said we could share:

I do NO streaming services, if i watch something its either on DVD via redbox/the library, or on tv.
The Inner Sphere / Re: Warships from ilClan
« Last post by Jellico on Today at 06:54:02 »
What are you saying?
   You mean the authors have NOT read every TRO so many times they have it memorized?
That is what fact checkers are for. That and providing a soothing, ignorable, muzak to put authors to sleep.
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