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Is it bad to want to Armor my C3 network components against possible crit damage?

Well, here we are.  The Cup final.  Game 1 is in the books and Vegas draws first blood.  Bobs couldn't pull this one out like he could the others.  Not sure if it was the long rest (maybe making some rust), but the Knights just seemed to be in the Cats' faces that much more than their previous opponents.  Seemed to me that they were getting to the Cats' net much more often than the other way around.
If Florida is going to pull this out, Vegas is going to be a tougher nut to crack--certainly much more so than the Leafs and 'Canes.

In other news, things are going to get interesting in Columbus:

Let's see if Babcock has learned any lessons from his time in exile.



General BattleTech Discussion / Re: The most powerful mech?
« Last post by SteelRaven on Today at 22:27:40 »
As Kerensky pointed out, there is no one 'I Win' mech but there are priority targets. I would take a hard 'oof!' when seeing any one of these in a double blind game. It's not game over but it's definitely time to rethink your strategy to counter that one mech because that one only needs to get lucky once to ruin your game.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Phoenix Project and proxies
« Last post by SteelRaven on Today at 22:12:32 »
There are purists in any hobby, and BattleTech is certainly no exception.
Not only that, Project Phoenix designs and Dark Age both came out after FASA closed their doors and many veterans felt uncertain of the future. Pretty sure those Mechs became a target for a few that saw those designs as the death of the Battletech they knew. Why I avoided the Classic Battletech forums at the time, too much fear mongering and gate keeping. I had my own strong opinions of when I first saw the Phoenix designs but found the level of hate among some online to range from comical to concerning. Luckily the communities overall attitude improved over time, the success of the KS has all but quelled the Doom Sayers that one goofy designs will ruin the entire IP.
Ground Combat / Re: concept: How low can you go?
« Last post by Grognard on Today at 21:56:38 »
how many BV is a small warship with capacity for Orb-bombardment capability?
the Bonaventure should be within BV limits, but am unsure of its orb-bomb ability.
screws with the Clanners.
Annoys the heck outta Min-Maxers of all types.
negates Combined arms of any type.
and the grognard (SI for sure here) will be impressed that you went all 1st Succession War on him.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Post-3025 iconic mechs.
« Last post by DevianID on Today at 21:44:40 »
Second the hatamoto as the most iconic draconis combine mech.  The no-daichi I like more, but hatamoto's are on so many book covers for a reason.

The lyran fafnir from the field manuals or axeman cause of the cartoon.

Marik the Perseus from the field manuals or wraith

Liao the pillager or emperor kinda defined the "new" liao jumpy boys ad poster mechs especially with st ives.

Davion the templar is probably the most poster worthy.

The jade falcon cougar saw a lot of video game appearances and that fire falcon/black lanner/cougar shape is the new look of the clan in 3058  Once partial wings are a thing those wing mechs take over the new styling for the clan for sure.

Wolf has so many "wolf" mechs that are variants of the timberwolf, that none really shine as their own unique creations.  Savage wolf may be cool but I still just see timberwolf.

Ghost bear after the Kodiak they get lots of bear themed mechs but like clan wolf none outshine the Kodiak even if they are stronger/better balanced mechs.

Comstar im a sucker for the raijin.  The shootist is interesting but not as striking and the tessen is too techy/undergunned to be a poser child.  Like if the tessen was the mech in the recruitment poster for the comguards id take my chances with WOB.

Wob, not counting the celestial series with their striking looks, the Toyama just hits right for me.  You can definately put that mech on a book cover to send a message.
Ground Combat / Re: concept: How low can you go?
« Last post by pokefan548 on Today at 21:42:59 »
Page ref, please?  ???
TO:AUE p. 116, Disposable Weapons.

TechManual just figures disposable weapon damage into standard attack damage under the assumption that the one-shot nature is properly accounted as an ammo deficiency penalty during the conversion process from AToW (formerly CBTRPG). It's only in later books where infantry damage per-trooper can vary due to post-construction circumstances.
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Deckard_2049s Battletech stuff
« Last post by Deckard_2049 on Today at 21:39:37 »

I hadn't thought of the similarity to Federation starships but I can certainly see it now. I kinda tried to emulate the Tukayyid sourcebook art to some degree with colored panels and checker patterns. But i'm usually too lazy to freehand tiny checkers.

Jade Falcon Delta Galaxy Mongrel:

So it turned out the Archer minis I ordered to convert into artillery 'Mechs were ARC-5R models instead of ARC-2Rs.  The LRM-15 and ERLL combo changed the makeup of the design, and it was a bit tricky to make the Thumper fit.  I ended up going with LFF armor with the same protection, improved the CASE into CASE II, kept the ERLLs, and replaced the LRM15s with a single LRM10; all the rest of the tonnage went into the big gun.


Mass: 70 tons
Chassis: Endo Steel Biped
Power Plant: 280 Fusion
Cruising Speed: 43.2 kph
Maximum Speed: 64.8 kph
Jump Jets: None
     Jump Capacity: 0 meters
Armor: Light Ferro-Fibrous
     1 Thumper
     1 LRM 10
     2 ER Large Laser
Manufacturer: Unknown
     Primary Factory: Unknown
Communication System: Unknown
Targeting & Tracking System: Unknown
Introduction Year: 3150
Tech Rating/Availability: E/X-X-X-E
Cost: 6,913,673 C-bills

Type: Archer
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Experimental)
Tonnage: 70
Battle Value: 1,315

Equipment                                          Mass
Internal Structure            Endo Steel            3.5
Engine                        280 Fusion             16
   Walking MP: 4
   Running MP: 6
   Jumping MP: 0
Double Heat Sink              10 [20]                 0
Gyro                                                  3
Cockpit                                               3
Armor Factor (Light Ferro)    178                  10.5

                          Internal   Armor   
                          Structure  Value   
     Head                    3         9     
     Center Torso            22        29   
     Center Torso (rear)               8     
     R/L Torso               15        21   
     R/L Torso (rear)                  5     
     R/L Arm                 11        18   
     R/L Leg                 15        22   

Right Arm Actuators: Shoulder, Upper Arm, Lower Arm, Hand
Left Arm Actuators: Shoulder, Upper Arm, Lower Arm, Hand

and Ammo                     Location  Critical   Heat    Tonnage   
Thumper                         RT        15       5       15.0 
ER Large Laser                  LA        2        12      5.0   
Fuel-Air Thumper Ammo (40)      LT        2        -       2.0   
LRM 10 Ammo (12)                LT        1        -       1.0   
CASE II                         LT        1        -       1.0   
LRM 10                          LT        2        4       5.0   
ER Large Laser                  RA        2        12      5.0   
Features the following design quirks: Battle Fists (LA), Battle Fists (RA), Command 'Mech, Stable, Ubiquitous (Inner Sphere)

I went with only one ton of ammo for the LRM launcher so I could have two for the artillery, it makes sense that the arty would be the main purpose of the 'Mech so it should get the most ammo.  The other downside is the heat; the twin ERLLs are going to be sparingly used until the LRM ammo is gone, and even then probably working in a 2-1-2-1 firing pattern - though if anything has gotten to the point of using the ERLLs, something has gone terribly wrong in the first place.

Frankly I like this one better than the 4M2 Thumper carrier; the ERLLs were a fun thing to work around.  Fortunately the miniature is easy to convert from an LRM15 to an LRM10, I just have to close the smaller missile door to cover up five launch tubes.  The addition of the artillery piece is going to be a little trickier...
Ground Combat / Re: concept: How low can you go?
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 21:34:11 »
Page ref, please?  ???
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