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Ground Combat / Re: Real Talk about Battle Armor
« Last post by MoneyLovinOgre4Hire on Today at 23:00:28 »
Dug out my copy of Total Warfare (Corrected 8th Printing).  Yeah, looks like you're correct for non-missile weapons: you make one attack for each such weapon mounted on an individual suit, then roll on the cluster table based on the number of troopers in the squad.  So a Marauder squad could make two Support PPC attacks, each rolling on the 4 cluster table.  For missiles only, you multiply the number of tubes per suit by the number of suits and roll on that cluster table.  I really need to get my gaming group to play with more infantry and BA so I can get these rules down better.
Fan Articles / Re: Here come the guns! Artillery in Battletech
« Last post by CVB on Today at 22:56:33 »
Regarding auto loading artillery, it was actually already possible in the sixties with the Swedish Bandkanon 1 155mm gun, firing a 14 shell magazine in 45 seconds. (Frontline service, not just a prototype).
Aerospace / Re: push the curve challenge...(aerospace fighter)
« Last post by Hellraiser on Today at 22:48:43 »
Start with Eisensturm-R3. 
Change 11-DHS to 10-SHS
Drop Twin LLs
Add 11 tons of Armor/Fuel/Gauss Ammo in any manner you desire.
Aerospace / Re: Inner Sphere Aerospace Fighters Armored Sensibly
« Last post by Hellraiser on Today at 22:41:46 »
I started thinking of this project & my favorite Davion fighter trio.

To me its hard to imagine a "fix" to the Corsair-V12 when it comes to the idea of "Up-armor for threshold"
It already packs 13.5 tons of armor onto a 50 ton frame for a smart layout of 73-50-43 which is frankly pretty awesome.
That said, in a world of MPLs in the SL era or 3050s I might do a couple small tweaks.

1.  Swap the Wing Mediums & Rear Smalls & drop 1 medium.
2.  Add 1 ton of armor to bring the totals up to 81-53-45

It doesn't do much but it does give you better protection against IS Grade Pulse lasers in the Nose/Wings.
It has a rear gun to keep Lights honest w/o overdoing it & puts all 4 SL forward for a bigger anti-missile defense in the SW Eras.
And really, the Twin-LL are all you need "Offensively" w/ this thing, they just work.

The Stuka on the other hand suffers from my whole "long guns in the wings" thing & could really benefit from pulling 1 from each wing & mounting a single laser in the Nose.
Drop the SRM for 2nd Nose ML & you free up 7 tons for added armor.
22 tons doesn't max it out but you can do wonderful things & still have a design that can do most everything the base Stuka can do.
Like give it a 98/92/72 armor layout making it immune to PPC fire from every angle but the rear that is immune to LL fire.
It also nicely matches the fire brackets to always have 3 LL firing with either 2 ML Front, 2 ML Rear, or LRM20 front.
That's almost taping down the trigger efficient.

I can't really suggest much for the Sparrowhawk, other than just changing the armor layout. 
At 38/24/34 I can say that I hate the layout for sure, lol.
The first thing I'd do is move 3 from the Rear to the Nose so that your front is ML proof w/o adding any armor.
You could give up the Smalls maybe but your still not going to get the armor thick enough for medium laser protection all around.
But you could go 41/27/41 & ensure that stuff like a Thrush being behind you isn't fatal while still covering that front when your tailgating a Slayer.
Ground Combat / Re: Real Talk about Battle Armor
« Last post by Colt Ward on Today at 22:37:00 »
Well, when you have suits that pack multiple of the same gun, like the Marauder or Ironhold, they get to do the same thing: a Marauder squad rolls on the 8 cluster table for their support PPCs while the Ironhold AP Gauss variant rolls on the 20 table.

To be honest, that might be a player cheat . . . the bell curve on a 20 chart is different than a 5 IIRC.
The Inner Sphere / Re: How do planetary militias work?
« Last post by Mendrugo on Today at 22:26:51 »
Can you drop the reference? not because I doubt you, in fact, it's the reverse: I may have to rewrite some scenes because of you!  :flame: ;D

Warriors of Kerensky, p. 62, under "Law and Order"

Law and Order

A little-known sub-caste of the warriors, the Clan paramilitary police are comprised almost exclusively of freeborn troops and test-downs.  Though poorly regarded by mainstream warriors, freeborn and trueborn alike, the police units maintain law and order throughout Clan space.  Essentially a militia, their primary duty is to patrol cities, though they also undertake compound security duty.  Small detachments serve as a more traditional police force, investigating crimes, but such duty is not highly regarded, and performance is poor compared to their Inner Sphere counterparts.  Rather than solving crimes, their primary roles is to discourage them by promising extreme punishment to those caught and convicted.  Clan police therefore tend toward brutal and authoritarian behavior, often taking out their anger on the very people they are meant to protect.

Each Clan also possesses planetary militia forces.  These units are the proverbial bottom of the barrel, consisting of solahma, less-talented freeborn and failed trueborn troops poorly equipped with conventional vehicles and weapons.  No Clan has ever called upon such standing militia forces for real battle.  Instead, these units are assigned the thankless task of controlling the lower castes.  Assignment to a planetary militia is considered a dishonor.

The Clan’s Loremaster also holds the title of Provost Marshall, granting them command of the Clan’s police forces.
The Inner Sphere / Re: How do planetary militias work?
« Last post by Hellraiser on Today at 22:11:04 »
There is also a blurb about each Galaxy Commander being able to call on a small amount of support troops beyond what is in the FMs.

I would assume the bare minimum for this would be a Mixed Trinary of 2 Foot Infantry Stars & a Star of Light Vees.

Basically a Battalion of Infantry & Light IFV Company is pretty basic base/rear guard security.

I think that is from the FMs but I can't be more precise than that.
Not yet, but I'm hoping to get them scheduled next week.
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