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I already have some rough notes for how every state might initially react to the aftermath of the Malagrotta war.

Basically, naval arms race. A MASSIVE naval arms race.
WarShips for the WarShip gods.

Jump Cores for the Jump Core throne.
Leaves one wondering about the difference between a Leo 2A4's armor profile versus the T-72M1's; they both have the composite armor but also both store ammo in the hull.
Ok, the one thing I will complain about is the crew numbers for vehicles in BT never made sense. If Quadvess do us any favors, it will be saying 'hey, we no longer need as many tankers as a Mark IV!'
Of course the term could simply have originated because four guys were sitting at a table and playing the game.
Five... you need a GM, after all..  8)
Why yes, Rogues are my preferred PC class...  ^-^
Battle Armor / Re: Mobile Infantry Battle Armor.
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 19:12:10 »
Off the top of my head, it sounds like a PA(L) with 3 Jump MP, Max Armor (2 points of Improved Stealth) and a LMG meets all those criteria.

Armored Gloves allow the unit to carry any Infantry Weapon up to 1E crew, so why not a Heavy Grenade Launcher in addition to that LMG?  >:D

Code: [Select]
Chassis: 80 kg
Ground MP: 1 (0 kg)
Jump MP: 3 (75 kg)
2 Armored Gloves: 0 (any infantry weapon with up to 1E crew; NO space)
Armor: 2 points Advanced Stealth (120 kg, 5 spaces)
LMG: 75 kg, 1 space
Up to 50 kg of extra ammo for no space
Other than the recoilless rifle, it's a pretty stock Vespa.

In psychology, compensation is a strategy whereby one covers up, consciously or unconsciously, feelings of inadequacy or incompetence in one life area through the gratification or (drive towards) excellence in another area.

An M60 hull can even CARRY an M1A1 turret?? ???  :o
Maybe with a Lift Hoist?  ;)
Fan Articles / Re: MotW Schedule Thread 2017
« Last post by MoneyLovinOgre4Hire on Today at 19:01:18 »
Empty, I think. BrianDavion said they're planning to do the Sagitaire, but no scheduled date for release on it.

Was that a no regarding a Shadow Cat III article?
That's all down to intelligence the GM can give, or withold...  ^-^

If I were to use an analogy....

Battletech player mercenaries are like rogues in fantasy RPGs. Traps are like battlefield intelligence. They are playing characters that are supposed to be good at uncovering traps. Which means withholding information to find traps so they fall into traps is stealing player agency.

I apologize for not being very clear about this in my first post. I think the follow ups have helped refine it. I think the analogy here might be the best explanation of my concern.
It is a loophole, as each would just be refitted IS vehicles.

Makes sense, like the C versions of IS mechs that showed up in the Wolf Dragoons pack.
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