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It is a good mini, but I had to pin it at the knees--found there wasn't enough space for a good attachment for just glue.  It was a little tricky, but it looks good in the end.
So another design for our AU is a bit of a golden opportunity for munchkinsim.

During the Twilight of the First Star League, one of our original Successor States became very concerned about rumors coming out of the Rim Worlds Republic about the development of a next generation of very large Battleships. These ships were what we know as the Stefan Amaris class, but at the time, the intelligence of the Inner Sphere knew very little about these ships other than they were going to be big and powerful. Worst of all, when the SLDF and the Hegemony does nothing about these rumors even after concrete intelligence develops on the project.

As such, their military under orders from the Autarch (House Lord) decides to take matters into their own hands and build the most powerful single WarShip class the Inner Sphere had ever seen. This thing is meant to out gun, out mass, and be able to defeat any other WarShip ever constructed in one on one combat. These ships are meant to serve as the centerpieces of the State's Navy and thus needs to have adequate facilities and protection as a flagship. These ships are also required to have a good DropShip capacity for either an escort wing of Assault DropShips or carrying an Invasion Force to their target.

There are only three requirements for this thing as a definite though.
1. It must mount a Heavy Mass Driver as its primary weapon to grant it the ability to mission kill the majority of WarShips or enact a superheavy orbital bombardment on its own.
2. It must be extremely heavily armored. One of these things in our AU canonically survived the Succession Wars through its sheer durability and luck.
3. 2 million tons displacement MINIMUM

Don't worry about cost too much. This thing was built by the most industrialized of all the Inner Sphere nations as part of a d**k measuring contest with Amaris. They had the budget available.

Now, gentlemen. The Kaiser Class Battleships await.
Also, you mentioned things like satellite data, that gives me another idea. You could rule that there are no satellites in position to be helpful at the time just before the battle, they can't be everywhere. Also, what kind of satellites do they have access to? mapping and photo satellites aren't terribly helpful in an immediate sense, since they won't really show the location or route of enemy forces in time to make a difference in the upcoming fight. Radio satellites could be used to help hack enemy comms, and GPS satellites could be used to track their GPS signals if they have them - but that takes time the players may not have.
Looks good to me.  Now to get the Thunder's Beer Keg on the right arm reloaded..... ;D
I believe there are issues with simultaneous play, at least with Princess involved.  There's a pull request to remove that feature on the tracker.
To clarify, we are only removing sim movement and sim deployment... both of which have major issues.

Hammer covers the others, although it's just sim fire that's causing issues as far as I've seen.
Let me take another shot

The players are in their mechs going to the battle. The information that would be available to the players if that was real is X1. The GM would describe the information available to the player as X2, which is some level of detail less than X1 and probably deviates from X1.

The players make a plan and the GM sets up the map. The plan was made at time A. The map fight starts at time B. During that gap, new information would have been made to the player in reality, Y1. They do not get to change the plan based on Y1.

The players seem to have a reasonable claim that the total warfare match is based on X2, and it would be very different if it was based on X1,Y1.

How do you get players to buy into a world where the games will be based on X2?

What immersion/investment necessary details do you believe the players are entitled to that exist in X1/Y1 that was not given in X2?
Did you install 32 bit Java? That would prevent MM and MHQ from launching, as they now specify that they use 2GB of RAM instead of the previous baseline of 1GB of RAM.

I'd recommend uninstalling and installing 64 bit Java, as 32 bit should only be used on 32 bit only systems.
So, I can see that this has devolved a bit, at least IMHO... but I'll try to take a shot at it.

From what I've been led to understand from a glance through the conversations, bob, it seems that you're dealing with one or more players who are not exactly 'buying in' to the setting - i.e. they are taking things very seriously and demanding realistic descriptions and reasons for why things happen the way they do, and they're questioning why they should involve themselves in a situation that is either unfavorable or near-equally matched. Then, if this is correct, I assume you're trying to get advice on how to help the player relax a little bit and instead focus less on being pedantic about those details and to focus more on the enjoyment of a setting where they have to face challenges rather than simply curb-stomp the opposition every time. Could you confirm if this is the case, please?

I remember several years ago when I had to deal with a player who was very detail oriented, and had a very hard time of 'suspending his disbelief' in any setting, even high-fantasy ones, unless you could give him a very, VERY reasonable explanation for how it happened - and not just a good explanation, but one that he thought was a good explanation. I'll admit, his attitude did lead to more than one argument at the gaming table, and I was often very frustrated when dealing with him. Still remember him fondly, but he could be terribly annoying to deal with nonetheless. It seems like you might be dealing with a similar case here, so hopefully I can help a little bit.

I think you may have to talk with this player/players outside of the game, and work with them to try and see if you can get them to suspend their disbelief a bit more then usual, and to stop being so pedantic about things in order to ensure that both you and the players can have a fun time together. It also seems like they might be trying to 'win' at the game, rather than treating it like a fun way tell a story together, so you may have to talk to them about their competitiveness as well.

Additionally, I think that there may be a few things you can do to encourage a more fun experience in-game. First, you say that the players often claim that they would make better decisions then your NPCs do - maybe they're right, maybe they're wrong. However, those NPCs are not under the players control, and you should tell them that - every commander who serves in a military force has made mistakes or done something dumb at one point or another, it's human nature. Plus, commanders doing dumb or odd things is pretty much par for the course in BattleTech. Let them know that. Secondly, how much time passes in-world between X1 and Y1? That always has an effect on what changes in intel happen. Intel of any kind takes time to be collected, and then that data has to processed, collated, confirmed, turned into usable format, and finally disseminated to the troops. So, command might have learned something, but do they have enough time to give it to the players? It's entirely possible that by the time the new intel is ready, the battle has already started. Or, perhaps the situation has changed and the players do know about it, but they're still being ordered to carry out the mission - allow them to change their plans somewhat. They still need to complete the mission objective, but let them change their direction of approach, or allow them to call in some reinforcements or air support during the match. You can rule that the support is only available on turn X due to travel time between base and battlefield as well, forcing the players to fight a relatively even match for a period of time.

Additionally, in the BT-Verse, things like intel and knowledge of enemy movements tend to happen more slwoly than they do in the modern day. You may need to remind your players that BattleTech is a futre of the 1980s, and as such, most of the basic setting uses military tech and convention of that time period. That means that communications, intelligence services, etc. all move much slower than they do today, so you could reason that intelligence about enemy movement to reinforce the PC's target goes undetected or unreported until they actually arrive within sensor range. Things like that.

Hope that helped - if not, feel free to ask questions for more specific answers if you feel the need to, and I'll try my best to help if I can.
Y'know, the books that I've enjoyed most over the recent years have been the Interstellar Players, Jihad Conspiracies: Interstellar Players 2, Jihad Secrets: The Blake Documents, and Interstellar Expeditions books.

So, I would love to see a "MechWarrior's Guide to the Multiverse" where the authors take an "Empires Aflame" look at Battletech history and provide different settings based on "What if" scenarios:

What if Wolf's Dragoons rejoined the Clans and betrayed the Inner Sphere?
What if the Helm Memory Core was never found?
What if ComStar lost the Trial of Refusal on Tukayyid?
What if Stefan Amaris defeated the Star League Defense Force?
What if the SLDF died out in the Kerensky Cluster and the Clans were never formed?
What if the Word of Blake never separated from ComStar and instead they went on to lead the Inner Sphere in a grand war against the Clans?

(I've been watching way too many MCU shows lately...)  :(

And if I can't get the aforementioned, how about a Battletech variant game that covers wars between factions of 'Mechs operated by highly evolved insects. We could call it: "Classic BeetleTech"...  ^-^
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