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You’re also not considering that Alaric seems to be going full “clan pure” in his faux-league. I don’t think he wants ex-RAF who try to join up

Then he already shot himself in the foot by absorbing RAF and Leaguers into his touman unless he kicks them out later or designates them as "auxiliaries". Plus giving Tara to the Falcons aka the Blackwatch. And a pure Clan military will never hold against the hordes the IS can throw at him. This isn't the Clan Invasion where the Clans had the distinct advantage of training and technology.

One might even say.... a park?


Caph Park. Doesn't have the same ring to it. Jurassic Park Hegemony Edition? Jurassic Park of Blake?
Fan Fiction / Re: The glow of a worm inside a child's eye...
« Last post by Blade4 on Today at 04:26:29 »
Not seeing it though. Kowloon is a primary, perhaps only, shipyard of warships and mass producer of jumpships. It is also the home of a casper. The Steiner-Davions should be keeping a close eye on the place. The state of its people and nobility should be a concern. Hell Melissa should be seeing about good matchs for the kids perhaps even Liz with her youngest...
The only reason for a permanent base on the moon is that there must be something of value there in order to pay for it. In the end its all about the money. I doubt if government agencies and the fickle public would be willing to fund such a long term venture, so its gotta fall on private industry, like mining and/or tourism.

I don't think this is true anymore. The shift to automation and FIFO would effect a moon base too, any budget conscious entity is going to be drawn to automatic systems and only flying workers in and out, not permanently accommodating them. There's less risk, lower overheads, and lower investment thresholds.
Fan Fiction / Re: The glow of a worm inside a child's eye...
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 04:01:04 »
Silly question: I think you mentioned Sampans for this story are "stretched Type 51 gunboats with a compact core".  I think that means they're 100,000 tons (the technical minimum to install a compact core).  Isn't that one heck of a "stretch"? ???
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Minis: Duplicates in your formations....
« Last post by Elmoth on Today at 03:49:01 »
I do not have duplicates, but my logistics/process optimization soul has always craced a lance of 4 Griffins as ahooters and brawlers (1N & 1S).
Non-Canon Units / Re: The Wolf Skinners [3024]
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 03:43:14 »
That's exactly what I was going for, thanks!   8)

Also, I may have limited comms this weekend.  At worst, I'll be back online on Monday.
Ground Combat / Re: RE-Lasers & Battlearmor
« Last post by Col Toda on Today at 03:32:45 »
Yes the DC uses different types of Armor the logistical cost of using hardened or any other armor than Standard or Heavy Ferro Fibrous armor in the case of combat vehicles or the Wight mech on attacking forces is a bit burdonsome logistically  . That goes out the window on the Defensive however where alernate armors can be drawn from stockpiles and short logistical trains . You tend to get more refitting designs with endo composite or even Composite Internal Structure.  The only hardend armor unit I designed worth anything is an Urban Awesome  basically a 9Q with a 320XL Endo Composite IS all PPCs Switch to Snub nosed and 20 double HS  with all 9q laser and ecm removed for hardend armor . More protection better rate of fire no minimum range , short range of 9 in a city . Great militia unit sucky attack unit as it has to get to a city first .  Most Hardend Armor designs have different armor distribution than one might expect  lower on the legs more on the torso so battle armor swarm might still be as effective  regardless of the armor type .
Non-Canon Units / Re: The Wolf Skinners [3024]
« Last post by Tinyozora on Today at 03:26:58 »
It's a neat tool, and I think I'm going to play around in it, but otherwise showing just how empty it is out there in all directions
Ground Combat / Re: Sub-Optimal Mech You Make Work
« Last post by Col Toda on Today at 03:16:40 »
By definition anyone who make a LAM work is making a sub optimal mech work.
Yes .
All mechs with TSM .
All LAMs .
Most mechs with Stealth that have both long and short range weapons and can sink the short range weapons only with the Stealth Armor off .
Its either a heat management issue or in the Case of the LAM a precise movement issue.
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