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Clan Chatterweb / Re: Clan Naval Reserves
« Last post by Alan Grant on Today at 10:16:03 »
I do think at least most of the naval caches were designated by Clan. When they get talked about in the Wars of Reaving book, it's almost always with a Clan name in the name of the cache.

The Clans as a society don't have a lot of shared assets and there was not always an IlKhan for all of Clan history (to manage some separate collection of stuff owned by the IlKhan). Most things are owned by one Clan. Notable exceptions included the warship McKenna's Pride, which was crewed by members of all the Clans, as well as the city of Katyusha on Strana Mechty, which was secured by the Ebon Keshik, another force assembled from elementals from all the Clans.

By and large most things had 1 Clan owner. That includes the naval caches.

Trial of Possession to be that 1 owner of whatever, was a large part of how the Clans conducted their brand of warfare, and except for one or two exceptions (like I referenced above) general "all the clans" ownership was just not a concept that was respected.

But the existence of an "old Clan Mongoose naval cache" at one point during the Wars of Reaving era does suggest, that some of these caches were kinda left and ignored. At that point such a cache would have been the property of Clan Smoke Jaguar (who absorbed Clan Mongoose), which we have seen, like with the Chaeronea ASF, they weren't inclined to use the stuff of a failed Clan, machines, genetic legacies etc. So it sounds like the Smoke Jaguars just left that one naval cache sitting abandoned, and then the Jaguars were gone, and it was still left sitting there. Hince it still had the Mongoose name attached to it.
Off Topic / Re: Squad LMG?
« Last post by NightSarge on Today at 10:09:29 »
Really good reading.

more to this topic in this video.
Non-Canon Units / Re: Wieczorek's Archers mercenary unit
« Last post by DOC_Agren on Today at 10:03:53 »
Mule will be a good fit for your unit

So we can't tag from the Rangers as hidden units..  but we can still spot.  :thumbsup:

My thought for the Arrow IV Assault Vehicle, was for FOB defense mode..  I'm not sure I would even as a Lryan I would like to see those a forward deployed assets without a good bodyguard force
We played with essentially that in one campaing. IIRC we used fractional accounting and had the CDHS at 1.3 tons each, but the idea is the same and it seemed to work OK.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Clan Fire Mandrill: Monkey Talk
« Last post by Angrii on Today at 09:51:59 »
1. This, I think, largely depends on which clan adopts him. In any case, there may be some wariness at first, based on the Mandrills' belligerent reputation. But if he serves faithfully and demonstrates his willingness to work with his new clan that should do much to smooth things over.

2. Perhaps he formed a close personal relationship with the ilChi from Clan Blood Spirit and was gradually won over to their notion of cooperation and unity. I'm thinking warden leanings would also make sense; having him feel marginalized amongst his Crusader leaning trothkin might be adequate motivation to sacrifice personal glory in pursuit of a higher calling (serving the Clans and their mission, rather than just Kindraa Sainze and the Fire Mandrills).
BattleTech Game Errata / Re: Historical: Brush Wars
« Last post by ShroudedSciuridae on Today at 09:27:05 »
PDF 1st

p. 79
"Primus Waterley"
Correction: Waterly

p. 80
Correction: Tukayyid

p. 81
"All of the First’s ’Mechs were destroyed"
Issue: TRO3050U & TROSW have since presented Staff Sergeant Adrianna Chowla as the sole survivor in her Mongoose.
Correction: Replace with "All but one of the First’s ’Mechs were destroyed"
MegaMek Games / Re: MHQ loading error
« Last post by NightSarge on Today at 09:18:42 »
Hero the day, that's from my safety disc. But it should not happen there anyway.
MegaMek Games / Re: MHQ loading error
« Last post by johnboyjjb on Today at 09:01:01 »
It looks like you are trying to load an existing saved campaign which has some custom unit in it. MekHQ is looking in\mechfiles for the .mtf or .blk files for those units and not finding them. Get a copy of those files to that location and you should see success. If you don't have a copy from your previous save, you will have to go remake them in MekLab or start a new campaign.
Non-Canon Units / Re: Wieczorek's Archers mercenary unit
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 08:54:46 »
Be prepared for sticker shock... missile launchers are EXPENSIVE in terms of monthly expenses...
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Clan Naval Reserves
« Last post by Marveryn on Today at 08:46:42 »
Old nicky didn't want one clan to start more powerful then it brethren after klondite one of the reason he was worry about wolverine and their policy as they were jump too far in front of other clan and he didn't directly control them.  For that reason early on he parcel a set numbers of mechs and warship and the rest he mothballed to be use directly the be ilkhan should the need for them arises.  Raven increase from tradding away some asset for other clan warship and those won on trial. (at leas that my understanding)
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