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Fan Fiction / Re: Failure is mandatory...
« Last post by Euphonium on Today at 07:51:12 »
Do the 'Loonies pronounce Terran as Ter'n?  Because they certainly act like it's a four letter word  >:D
The other option, if you're wanting the full ablative approach where armor is 'gone' once zero points remain is that you revert to unmodified crit checks to straight internal damage.  The reason being there's no armor there to interact with anymore, and it's now down to the internal's structure and its capacity to resist breaking.

Then you can bring in the different structure types that have a crit mod like industrial and primitive. However, this does give me an idea for a resistance rating for Internals...

I kinda like it. I'm not sure if I'm understanding it right because I'm a tired old man, but if BAP is a bonus to crit chances and BAR is--essentially--a malus, then what does that change when a BAP 3 weapon hits unarmored structure versus a BAP 10 weapon? Does the Determining Critical Hits bonus suddenly no longer apply?

I'm thinking BAR still applies.  So you still get any positive bonus.  I think you get to choose which crit check to try for, when scoring, so damage to internals still gets an unmodified crit check.  Or you get both checks, and one will have a higher likelihood of succeeding.

When it comes to armor, in my head-canon, it never goes away.  Either small holes open up in the case of deflective armors, or it loses integrity to damage in the case of BT's futuristic ablative/deflective hybrid armor. 

BAP and BAR has a lot more to do with an Armor's capacity to resist penetration. So, weaker BARs will have a tendency to spall and fracture and simply give more readily than higher ones.  This is independent of just how destructive an attack happens to be overall.

This way, an APFSDS dart can do somewhere around 1 point of damage simply because it's small and will only generally poke a small hole in a hull.  But by dint of velocity with some mass and density, it has greater or lower chances of simply breaking through, and the armor it pushes out of the way contributes to how much damage is done inside the target.

You might just go with a basic setup for the Anti-Jump Sail Missiles (AJSM):
Sail has taken no AJSM hits = recharge rate is normal
Sail has taken 1 AJSM hit = recharge rate is 1.5* normal
Sail has taken 2 AJSM hits = recharge rate is 2* normal
Sail has taken 3+ AJSM hits = Sail is destroyed

Some people will complain that an AJSM hit on a Leviathan should not have the same effect as an AJSM hit on a Scout, but this at least makes the math easy.

Fun tech idea for warships:

Enhanced KF Recharge and Cooling Grid:
Designed to provide advanced cooling systems to allow a KF Core to recharge faster, this massive piece of equipment applies a –2 modifier to rolls made on the Quick-Charge Table (to a minimum of 2), allowing for relatively safe quick-charges.  The key advantage is that it uses smaller and more efficient power plants to provide the power, rather than needing to use the main engine or the Solar Sails.

If a vessel mounting this Cooling Grid is docked to another KF-capable vessel, it can provide this benefit to the docked vessel instead.  Each Cooling Grid can only benefit 1 vessel at a time.  It takes 100 hours to charge its internal batteries in order to provide a full charge to the docked vessel.

Any number of these can be mounted on a Warship, up to the Warship's available tonnage.

The Cooling Grid helps the KF Core but is not a component of the KF Core.  As such neither the Compact Core or Lithium-Fusion Battery cost multipliers apply to it.

Disadvantage: each one masses 100,000 tons.

(OOC: Yes, this is just putting an Energy Storage Battery onto a Warship)

How would you solve the problem of x hours charged before damage?  Subtract from the original amount, then multiply by the remainder?  Might be able to fit that.  I have one more evening...
I may have to pick up Shrapnel 6 and check that out.

@dgorsman: I checked the cover. I’m assuming it’s the blue/white beam from the arm mount weapon, not the red torso mounted, or do I have it backwards?

I think it must be a MAD-6L so it would be the arm mounted weapons you'd want to reference.
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Cataphract 2X kitbash
« Last post by Grizzly on Today at 07:31:49 »
For me, the blown-up version is WAY out of focus...  :-\

Ah I see that. Here's a compressed version.
Hopefully we'll become the size of one, instead of being half the size of the CapCon, only another 100-ish years at our current rate of 2 worlds a year give or take barring any loses, and then we'll be only a small Successor State instead of a large Periphery State.

"There was a time when this whole quadrant belonged to us!  What are we now? Twelve worlds and a thousand monuments to past glories.  Living off memories and stories.  My god, man! We've become a tourist attraction! "See the great Federated Suns, open nine to five, Taurus time."
Just terrific!
Having Eric turn around and try make grab for the FedSuns (Not directly) was not so surprising, but still odd.  Julian's indecision mentalty was more of bit of a surprised.
Lar's untimely demise was not great to me, now we have wait for another character to establish itself.  The novels build these characters, Sourcebooks seem to take them away.
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Just started another commision work(done)
« Last post by agen2 on Today at 07:17:27 »
It's not food that's the issue, it's the argument with my wife...  ::)

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