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Off Topic / Re: The Book of Boba Fett
« Last post by Mecha82 on Today at 19:42:54 »

To be fair this ship was only thing in Dark Horse comic books and not canon.
That's assuming they have the knowledge to realize that split is large enough to take advantage of. The Combine has always been secretive, and the Blackout would only make it worse. Not to mention Toranaga could be a moderating influence and a Yori-dominated Combine would be even worse. Not a likely outcome admittingly, but one Julian has to be wary of.
TacOps Advanced Rules pg 176

"If a weapon-delivered minefield does not exactly match the Minefield Density Table, use the next highest rating. For example, an MML 3 would deliver a 3-point mine  eld, and since a 5-point minefield is the next highest rating, players would roll on that row (i.e. 9+); an MML 12 would deliver a 12-point minefield, and since a 15-point mine  eld is the next highest rating, players would roll on that row (i.e. 8+); and so on."
What raw material imports do you have to secure to keep a 'Mech factory running at that scale?

Maybe that's a seed for a homegrown scenario...

The Socio-Industrial Levels of Sudeten show a raw material dependence level of C, which indicates the planet does import some materials to sustain itself. So there is room for production to slow down once any stockpiles of necessary materials run out

Very likely the Falcons found it more practical to import certain critical materials rather than developing local sources. A planet is a planet, after all, but if you haven't bothered to set up the mines and such to exploit the resources you have at home, you have to go elsewhere to get them. This is apparently something that is very common in the battletech universe. To the point where the Falcons might have just inherited the problem from the Lyrans. Jiyi could probably fix the resource problem, but it might take a few years of development.
The only color a mech needs:

AS my old pal said: Everything looks better in black.
. . . it should end with Danai's flayed body being dumped in the middle of Saso.  . . .

She still was not in command when those actions were being taken on New Syrtis.  Novel's timing puts her landing after those guerilla warfare atrocities.

the wolf touman is currently, at least on paper, 30 clusters strong, in addition on terra you have the jade falcons (1-2 clusters strong) and the smoke Jaguars (about 100 warriors strong, so proably defacto a cluster in strength)

The Wolf strength is never actually pinned down, because the phrasing is that is what they have at that point.  It does not factor in the WIAs who maybe recovered in the intervening months while the Fortress is still up.  Heck, the Falcon number as presented is off just factoring in their warship & dropship contingents of warriors.  Jags do not have a Dante, the blew up the Flatus to keep the Wolf Empire from taking it.


frankly, the cappie front though shouldn't be the priority, the fedsuns needs to focus on the dracs. the cappies are focusing on terra and the old saying "never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake" comes to mind.

A question of how sophisticated Erik and Julian are would be answered in how they attack the Dracs.  IF they can engineer a strategy to give the Warlord reversals but not exactly Yori it can play into their hands by trying to create some infighting in the DCMS between Toranga and Yori.  Give Yori enough room and the chance to break Toranga's control triggered by the DCMS experiencing a loss of confidence in the warlord.  Blame being over-extended, leaving the Republic border open allowing Eruptio to stomp all over, and the reliance on mercenaries causing the loss of the Tongue on his leadership and you give Yori a chance to wrest control away from 'her' warlord.  Not a civil war but it would still give them a very big breathing room and could be abetted by Yori hindering Toranga to cause him to lose more face.
RE: anyone discussing the state of equipment and material on Sudeten when the Horses come knocking:

Sudeten is home to at minimum over a dozen Mech factory lines, including at least six that are confirmed in the Recognition Guides.  Even using the most extremely conservative estimate of 1 'Mech/1 month (which is almost certainly woefully low) there is no universe where the Falcon Remnant's only major military bottleneck is trained pilots.  They could equip a Cluster with mechs that all rolled off the lines for the first time less than six months ago and have a Cluster to spare.

It's hard to overstate how "young" in every single way the Falcon remnant is right now.

Lets concede the material factor, but continue to wonder about the trained pilot factor.  That, and the Horses Watch agents (or w/e) they are called that had been on Sudeten all along not passing on this sort of basic information so that the Horses would have brought an appropriately large force. 
I think you could comfortably work with three or four times that, balanced by appropriately savage and frequent combat.
There is the problem with Battletech again and the numbers. 1 Mech a month seems pretty slow, but how much is too much??
'Mechs don't use large quantities of exotic elements, and 'Mech production is pretty small - a factory if booming if it produces 12 per year. Compared to the resources required annually by an advanced population numbering in the billions (tens of millions of tons of aluminum, billions of tons of steels and concrete, etc.), the raw material import requirements of Sudeten's 'Mech factories are "squat."

I know it's the Deep Lore the we try to forget, but I'm pretty sure that 12/year was "low" even in he darkest depths of the Succession Wars and would make it effectively impossible for any factory to meet the MUL requirements for multiple faction representation in less than five years - and that's pushing it.

There's simply no way that there are ~30 Hierofalcons that have ever been built, they're present in enough numbers to warrant any mention at all in terms of political association, and the better part of a Star/Binary are stolen by pirates at the same time.  Something has to give, and in this case that's the estimated production number.

I think it's significantly more compelling and interesting a circumstance for them to be sitting on a pile of more mechs than they can genuinely use than to have that be a major limiting factor.
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