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General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Why use Clubs?
« Last post by Sartris on Today at 18:46:02 »
Much like the hatchet. It never said full body either iirc but players inferred punch table since it most resembled a punch attack. It should have been more specific in the rules because it’s a fairly easy line of logic to get behind
The MCU frequently puts twists on its versions of events, but I can't see them changing a hero into a villain.   At least not permanently.

She’s been trying to make up for “No more mutants” for around a decade or more now in the comics from what I understand, and still has not.

But if Disney could try to make Kylo Ren have a “redemption arc”...

 xp xp xp

The Inner Sphere / Re: Republic forces off Terra
« Last post by Stormlion1 on Today at 18:40:11 »
I would not expect that, due to recent research on Hall I suggest you look at the 14th Principes Guard for why I say that in response.

Yep, pretty certain that unlike the Star League there wont be RoTS depots being found for centuries to come.
Any news on TRO:VA(R), I thought it was suppose too come out on March 5th.  Has it been moved back a week?

At least. Maybe a bit more. There was an issue with the proof of the POD, it's getting sorted out now.
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 30: Rock 'em Sock 'em Words
« Last post by Sharpnel on Today at 18:39:09 »
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Why use Clubs?
« Last post by Lorcan Nagle on Today at 18:35:41 »
Back in the day, clubs attacked on the punch table.  Not so much any more...

Under the old rules of clubs using the punch table, it made a tiny bit of sense. Almost all Mechs have nine head armor and three internal structure, so you needed to do 12 points of damage, assuming no prior hits. So you needed at least a 60 ton mech with all arm actuators functional on both sides to do this effectively. Punching, though, you have to make two successful hit rolls, and two head hit location rolls. While with a club, one hit roll, one head location equals ‘lights out’. And yes, a 55 tonner could punch out 12 points of damage, but only do 11 with the club, so you would have to make a critical roll successfully, and then ‘clean out’ the cockpit as well. The good old days...

This is a common misconception, but clubs always used the full body table.
MegaMek Games / Re: MML Tech Level
« Last post by Seer on Today at 18:34:20 »
The TechManual tables don't cover the items specifically mentioned under the Structure/Armor tab, just the things you find under the Equipment tab in MML. The TacOps AU&E tables do cover some of them, like torso-mounted cockpits, but not the ones I specifically mentioned in the original issue. Even if you were using the latter for, e.g., Light engines (using the Large as a stand in), the intro date in the table does not match the static TL intro date in MML. Other items are completely absent, like compact engines and gyros. Those are covered in their relevant sections in the TechManual, or the IO tables, but not the tables you mentioned.
Only one-on-one.  In grouped movement, you hold your DFA until the other player's finished moving the target...or not moving it, because it's heavy and has a good firing pose with some cover.

remember, folks, firing happens simultaneous,damage resolves at the END fo the turn, initiative is for movement, if you know how to bank your intiative (even when your force is smaller) and the other guy gives you an opportunity, you take it.

That still requires the target to have moved before the DFA is declared.
The MCU frequently puts twists on its versions of events, but I can't see them changing a hero into a villain.   At least not permanently.
The Buffalo transport that they were being shipped on tore a hover skirt, so it could be a few more days.
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