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General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Crab CRB-54
« Last post by Empyrus on Today at 01:49:47 »
The 'Mech is correct, you're making a mistake somewhere. Been there, done that myself certainly.
Two ideas:
First: Composite internal Structure.
Second: check mass: Not 55 tons, not 45 tons, etc.
General BattleTech Discussion / Crab CRB-54
« Last post by Zeruel13 on Today at 01:46:59 »
So I was going through all my recognition guides the other day and adding all the mechs to my Solaris Skunk Werks master unit list so it's easier to look up everything in the database than trying to remember what mech is in what guide all the time. I got to the Crab in Vol. 5 and as far as I can tell I have everything set in the program to exactly what's in the Rec Guide and the thing always comes up 2.5 tons over weight. Am I crazy or is the mech an illegal design?
Other interesting things include the Ion Sparrow, Hierofalcon, and Jade Phoenix all being produced on Alyina; Twycross of course being a huge Sea Fox production hub; and Pandora having a fair number of 'Mech lines.

The Vepser March has jack shit outside of Marksman artillery, and absolutely nothing left unclaimed still has anything remotely of military value.

Sudeten has basically the lion's share of industrial production for an entire Clan and I think the Horse's new Khan knows this.  If they don't take it soon they won't get to.
Thank you for sharing this, Scotty.  That is some tasty food for thought.
I didn't actually have a good idea of what Sudeten represented as far as production goes.  For those similarly ill-informed, BattleMechs alone that are produced in numbers on Sudeten include:

Fire Falcon
Black Lanner
Loki Mk II

Marauder IIC
Thunderbolt IIC
Shadow Cat II
Cougar XR
Locust IIC
Ostscout IIC

And non-BattleMechs include:


Carrier Dropship
Danais Dropship
Overlord Dropship
Union Dropship


Afreet battle armor
Salamander battle armor
Ironhold battle armor

It might as well be the crown jewel of industrial production in that entire section of the Inner Sphere if you didn't have Twycross and Coventry so close.  Given even a handful of months, if the combined industrial might here is only producing a single 'Mech of each type a month you're still adding upwards of a 'Mech Trinary a month, and I think that's substantially underestimating production on a lot of these.
Ground Combat / Re: Big, Armed APCs, or Escorts?
« Last post by Red Pins on Today at 01:12:45 »
FWIW, I swear by the 3+1 argument, 3 APCs with a heavier escort, preferably artillery cannon-equipped to defend standard infantry from BA and 5-_or 10-packs with 2 or more tons of ammo.  Speed is relative, but I had a couple pre-made groups for hover and wheeled APCs.

Mind you, that got turned on its head when I came up with wheeled BA for my AU.
out of curiosity, were the modifications to the Vincent class original (that is, done when it was built) or a refit done later? (iirc this was one of the things the wolverines recovered while exploring the deep periphery, then recovered and mothballed?)

This will be mostly covered in the next chapter.  I will not make you wait that long for some of it.  The work was done on this warship by the SLiE after it was recovered to keep the hull out of the Cylon's hands. 
I rather like the 8M in terms of function, it's just not any sort of new direction for the T-bolt.
Lmao! Great "classic" presentation!  :clap:
I tend to give issues a lot more leeway when there's not an easy way to optimize around them, or if they're involved in a clever way to min-max around a non-obvious capability (See: Exterminator, which burns approximately as hot as the surface of the sun but does it for good reason).  "Is slow" tends to be a lot harder to optimize around without compromising something else, or has some actual decisions put into it.  A slow 'Mech with Reflective is going to get a bit of that leeway especially considering staying slow really keeps the defensive modifier down that the Reflective is subjected to.  It's not like using an Inner Sphere RAC/5 on a Clan 'Mech where the way to make it better isn't 'obvious' so much as there was almost deliberate effort put in to make it worse.  There's a place for that kind of 'Mech, don't get me wrong, it's just not on my table.
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