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Natasha, you DO realize Cray is why we don't have solar systems filled with jump points, right? He's the guy who wrote the definitions!

I’m not trying to debate the head canon of an esteemed fact-checker.  I’m just asking whether that head canon is reflected in a written canon source.  It does not appear to be.

Right, they blend into the infinite of valid jump space beyond a proximity limit.

Sure.  I agree that mining all possible jump space in, near, and around a proximity/standard jump point requires dismantling planets.

But if the definition of jump point in Decision at Thunder Rift — an area [plane] several tens of thousands of kilometers across [call it a 40,000km diameter circle] — encapsulates the volume of practically all jumpship arrivals, then it is possible to mine that. 

A circle with a radius of 20,000km has an area of 1.3+15 square meters.  One milligram per square meter requires 1,300,000 tons.  Two Behemoth dropships, each with a payload just under 75,000 tons, could deliver that mass with margin to spare for packaging and deployment systems.

You’d want to have multiple layers of these debris planes to catch jumpships arriving just above or below.  A small Scout jumpship is 273 meters long, so spreading ten debris planes every 200m or so would mine a volume about 2 kilometers thick against practically all jumpships.  That would require 20 or less Behemoth-equivalent payloads.

That should be enough to cripple nearly all jumpship arrivals at that jump point.  It will stop merchants and bandit raids cold.  Even a regiment-sized force with a handful of jumpships will probably stop trying after losing a jumpship or two and their attendant dropships and troops.  Only a large, determined force that can afford to lose a few jumpships until they get success jumping above/beyond the mined area will eventually make it through.  And that assumes planetary assault forces aren’t just jumping their entire force all at once, as usually depicted, instead of jumping a scout ship in to report back first.

dust every few months.

I no longer have the astrodynamics chops to calculate this, but since I’m describing disks, I wonder if they could be made stable over much longer timeframes using larger bodies as shepherds, like Saturn’s rings.  Electrostatic forces or fields could also stabilize the debris planes.

Alternately, a crude in-system mass driver could deliver the required mass on a regular basis for probably a small fraction of the cost of dropship delivery.

Or just assume the system’s economy is large enough to afford this effort as a paranoia tax.
MegaMek Games / Re: Rationalizing Ranks and Unit Organization
« Last post by Colt Ward on Today at 13:36:06 »
Yeah, but you just call them Warrant Officer . . . if you see them in uniform you know which level, and on the TO&E it would say WO3 Billy 'Bomber' Mitchell.

Where that analogy breaks down is that WOs are outside the tactical chain of command . . . and any mechwarrior is expected not only to command mechs in the case of the superior falling, but also as a bog standard mechwarrior to command infantry & armor platoons or even companies in action because conventional arms are expected to support the mech.

It makes a screwy situation where some Officer-0 is commanding a O3 or even higher, all because the mech brings the most firepower & mobility to the force composition and another line officer might not know how to best exploit it's advantages.
MegaMek Games / Standard minefield?
« Last post by Styker on Today at 13:07:30 »
What size is a standard minefield?
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Legend-Killer's abilities?
« Last post by klarg1 on Today at 13:05:34 »
Or the sensors are calibrated for a particular reading of footfall patterns to infer weight and something about LK's modifications trip them up. That would fit well with the idea that LK is running custom myomers (for easier piloting or faster rotation?) along with its electronics.

I suppose it’s possible. Given the amount of text devoted exposition and internal monologues in the Warrior trilogy it seems odd that none of the three characters with access to the ‘mech seem all that interested in the technology. It also leaves the question of why Capet did so well unanswered.
Ground Combat / Re: Floating criticals, do you use them?
« Last post by Apocal on Today at 13:04:16 »
I actually realize that I might have mis-read that rules, as I had not interpreted it as the crit should go to CT. I expected it to mean, roll again. So, I've always played with "floating" crits.

This is a pretty common reasons for using floating crits, yeah.
Novel and Sourcebook Reviews / Re: Writing ELH Fiction
« Last post by DarkISI on Today at 13:03:49 »
Are we going to get all these Light Horse stories in one Anthology?  I'd really like to have it in DTF and read it the old school way.

Yes. Sometime next year.
Combat Vehicles / Re: Donar Assault Helicopter (Blood Spirit)
« Last post by Cannonshop on Today at 13:03:33 »
It's a better design than the original.  While you lose the guaranteed damage effect of Streaks, if you're getting into SRM range in the first place in a VTOL it likely shouldn't be against 'mechs to begin with, and infernoes make much better work against conventionals like tanks, BA and infantry.  (I mention those specifically, but Tanks are teh target here-specifically tank-type vehicles without turrets, that rely on forward weapons arrays.)

THe improvements to recon capability make for it having an actual role in a scouting star, and the Clan ERLL is a pretty good ranged sniping weapon that doesn't require ammunition to work.
I mean, that's more or less what they are already doing. You have several people, from scientists to instructors tell Lena "86 aren't people." The crime being committed is an open secret -  anyone interested in taking more than a cursory glance at things understands the 86 are being used as organic components of the war machines. The public at large just doesn't care to examine it all that closely because it's easier to pretend than feel complicit. Throughout the series the only person in San Magnolia who seems genuinely shocked and horrified about the truth is Lena herself.
MegaMek Games / Re: Rationalizing Ranks and Unit Organization
« Last post by drjones on Today at 12:51:28 »
My thinking on mechwarriors and ranks, given that mechwarriors (at least circa 3025) are supposed to in essence be minor nobility, tends towards those mechwarriors who are below the position of lance commander being the equivalent of warrant officers, not enlisted. This is probably akin to U.S. Army helicopter pilots, although I haven't really thought about whether there would be multiple ranks within "MechWarrior"; the U.S. Army analogy isn't exactly inspiring -- "Chief MechWarrior 5" anyone?  :)
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Legend-Killer's abilities?
« Last post by Apocal on Today at 12:49:59 »
The part about it being a basic 3N that never sat well with me is the Solaris Boxed set notation about evidence suggesting the mech was closer to 80+ tons.
  I assume that is arena seismic sensors. If its stomping around triggering heavier foot steps than 60 tons then it should be more than 60 tons.
I'm all for quirks & other items too for it to be special & last 7 full years as the champ.   Just wish all that somehow covered the "we know it was heavier" quote.

Or the sensors are calibrated for a particular reading of footfall patterns to infer weight and something about LK's modifications trip them up. That would fit well with the idea that LK is running custom myomers (for easier piloting or faster rotation?) along with its electronics.
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