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Ground Combat / Re: Andurien Rangers 6k force - opinions wanted
« Last post by Grizzly on Today at 14:07:08 »
I wasn't sure if it was kosher to break the rule of two with regards to skills, but I like that.

I should probably have said that the IFVs will carry the Amazon squads and the APCs will drop the Phalanx squads where needed.

You don't think it's too light on ranged firepower? I'm a little concerned that an enemy that can avoid the battle armor will still outshoot the two mechs and the IFVs.
I use small d10s for this purpose, since they have the zero. Green for walk, red for run, blue for jump.

I've got to ask...why not White for Walk? You've already got Red for Run, and theoretically, if you're one of those people who pronounces GIF wrong, Green for Jump.
Aerospace Combat / Re: How do warship Grav Decks handle thrust?
« Last post by Maingunnery on Today at 13:53:15 »
Having the floor splay open and G-forces spike above 1G as spin and translation accelerations are added together isn't a safety improvement.
floor splay open? What are you imagining?
Any details on why or what the jade falcons are doing off Terra from the fiction?
MegaMek Games / How to defend facilities in StratCon?
« Last post by dgorsman on Today at 13:41:17 »
What's the correct/best way to defend facilities in StratCon?  I can deploy a formation to that location and toggle the "Stay deployed", but there are still Allied Facility - Evacuate scenarios generated which always result in facility destruction regardless of outcome.
New version is up at the main website with the above errata added.
Ground Combat / Re: Andurien Rangers 6k force - opinions wanted
« Last post by Colt Ward on Today at 13:27:58 »
Heavy & Assault Battle Armor cannot make physical Anti-Mech Attacks, so you can change that value to 8 which gets you some BV back to increase gunnery in other places.  Or piloting for those Main Gauche- 6 skill is fine for driving cross country, get on any sort of pavement or maybe have to deal with getting stuck in mud and it becomes a problem.
A Time of War / Re: AToW Is Back Baby!
« Last post by plothos on Today at 13:27:24 »
Thanks, Poke!

Yes, I know what's going on with Carey Price.

No, I'm not at all happy about it.

To expand on that anymore would violate all manner of forum rules and risk getting myself banned so that's all I'm going to say about that here.


Novel and Sourcebook Reviews / Re: Shrapnel 10 - Thoughts?
« Last post by Doc Swift on Today at 12:42:20 »
The Scorpions would probably be happy to be in the conversation at all, especially since they have created brand new Bloodhouses over the last few decades.
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