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Off Topic / Re: Leviathans board game, aka Monsters in the sky
« Last post by pokefan548 on Today at 11:12:27 »
The Bills' also have the option to just... buff the hell out of AA weaponry if it really becomes a problem.
Off Topic / Re: Leviathans board game, aka Monsters in the sky
« Last post by Istal_Devalis on Today at 11:02:57 »
I know I am in the slight minority but I am not looking forward to planes in this game.  This was supposed to be a game of flying battleships but once you can launch waves of aircraft from beyond the range of big guns there won't be any more use for big gun battleships as there were in the real world once aircraft technology advances to a certain point.  It won't be Leviathans anymore at that point. 
Historically, planes did not become a serious threats to large warships until the 1940s. Even Mitchell's test was under a highly controlled situation. We should have quite a ways to go beyond they're anything above nuisance value to your main fleet elements. The first 'real' aircraft carrier only carried 20 aircraft, none of which were attack aircraft so 'waves' are also not a thing I expect to see soon.

Why would Leviathan planes not also be using the electroid to provide more lift than just the wings?
Why dont planes use triple expansion engines? :D
I would guess the tanks used to properly insulate electroid and safely utilize it to provide lift arent quite efficient enough to fit in a plane. Look at how huge aerial torpedos need to be. From past comments I've seen on it, the tanks need to be kept relatively level, too.
It's got FedSuns mechs right on the front cover.  Be pretty strange if the FedSuns wasn't a major focus of the book.

I think the two major plotlines will be Kurita vs Davion, and Dominion vs. Dominion/Kurita.  The minor plotlines will be Taurian Reunification and Raven Alliance machinations.

Just my gut. 
Fan Fiction / Re: The Bed We Made (Arluna)
« Last post by Cannonshop on Today at 10:57:55 »
"You're lucky you're in here...

...Mister MacAulliffe."  when your guards tell you that, you know something's going wrong.

"Excuse me?" Tommy MacAulliffe looked up from his 'meal' at the guard at his door.

"I said, you're lucky you're inside here.  There's a riot outside, and they aren't on yours."  He recognized Julio, the Guard, his usual late-shift keeper, one of the few who treated him with a measure of genuine respect.

"How bad?"

"bad enough the Duke moved a battalion from the South Continent to close the roads out of the city.  Bad enough that heavy needlers and gas missiles aren't having any measurable impact, bad enough, that every man who doesn't have family outside the jail are being asked to stay in lockdown, bad enough that a few guys with families are planning on how to get them behind the curtain wall instead of out in the streets where it's insanity."

"Sounds bad."

"Oh yeah, it's bad.  We've got a couple medics in the rec room, they're testing for the virus." Julio told him, "because if someone in here has it, then we're all ****** anyway."


"Oh Si, the Baron died of it last night, his wife's down with it too, so's the city manager...we're running out of nobles, and we're running low on officers-both police and militia."

"And the riots?"

"some of the infected, they get violent, go nuts before they kick over."  Julio explained, "So you should be feelin' lucky you're in here, it's still safe in the city's prison, at least for's not safe on the outside."

"Hey Julio, who's in charge then?" Tommy asked.

"Hernandez.  She's senior." Julio confided, "She's sittin' in the Warden's office, taking calls from the Duke's people."

"Where's the Duke?"

"Dunno, Vato." Julio shook his head, "Probably hiding in the old Bunkers outside Ciudad Madrid...we just know the whole chain of command's in the shitter. Not sure if we're going to get a resupply, but if we do, they won't be bringing it by truck."

" got family outside the wall?" Tommy asked.

"Had an ex? she's in Oxford now, took my kid, and Oxford's in worse shape than we are."

"You've got a kid...and I have kids.  They're out there in danger, Julio." Tommy said.

"Yeah." Julio nodded.

"There's still a chopper at the hospital, or is it gone?" Tom asked.

"There's still a chopper at the Hospital." Julio said, and the door slid open, "You know how to fly a Ferret?"

"Yeah, Qualified in '38, haven't stayed current on my ticket, but they're a pretty easy bird for insertion and extractions.  Oxford's a long ways out on a Ferret's gas-tank."

Julio stepped in and used the code-key to unlock Tom's restraints.  "I know, but your family, they're well inside the range." he said, "it's better this way, you know?  a man shouldn't be trapped while his family's in danger, and I never believed them about you anyway-a guy who survived Tamar and made it out shouldn't be stuck in a box when the world is ending."

"You could come along."

"And who would watch the wall and keep Hernandez from screwing up?" Julio asked rhetorically.  "Get out before our substitute boss decides she needs to kill prisoners to save on food."
Off Topic / Re: Leviathans board game, aka Monsters in the sky
« Last post by Colt Ward on Today at 10:55:53 »
Why would Leviathan planes not also be using the electroid to provide more lift than just the wings?
Heh... yet another excellent adventure seed!  :D
Or you're leaving some behind as guerilla forces, or hidden supply caches for when you come back in a decade or two...  ^-^
Or that cocky O2 was making moves on your daughter and coincidentally finds his lance at the bottom of the evac list.
Off Topic / Re: Leviathans board game, aka Monsters in the sky
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 10:41:55 »
People pretty much expect fighters in any game with flying machines...
Clan Chatterweb / Re: About the Wars of Reaving
« Last post by pokefan548 on Today at 10:40:07 »
Just wait for the retcon novel revealing in a triple cross the Blood Spirits swiped Kerensky's body before the Wolves got to it and it remains hidden in their buried blood chapel guarded by Wolverines.
It turns out that every single Homeworld Clan and the Wolves claim to have Kerensky's body, when in fact his body was secretly lost at some point prior to the Golden Century and everybody is just using a body double of a body double.

Jokes aside, yeah, I wish the Society had made more of an impact. Based on how they're described, you'd think there would be more of a split between the scientists who would want to just kill 'em all with viruses and kidnap civilians for random experiments that would make a Blakist doctor feel queasy and the scientists who, while they would have the sense not to "fight fair" against a clearly superior force, would at least have the scruples to not fall to that level. A side of the Society with more popular support and fewer hyper-dezgra acts to tick everyone off would have been really interesting in the ways they could potentially shape the Homeworld Clans even long after their inevitable defeat.

As for the Homeworlds, I doubt they've gone all Mad Max on us. I do think there will be some offscreen event or disaster that shakes them up a bunch, but despite the severe damage done, each of the four Homeworlds Clans are well on their way to recovery as of 3095. A slow recovery with more than a few setbacks, but definitely recovery.

Also, let's not forget that the Stone Lions have gotten permission to tinker with captured Society tech. I reckon when we see the Homeworlds again they'll become the "high tech space magic inventor" Clan that the Coyotes were before their scientist cast was mostly executed and the rest spayed/neutered. I certainly would not want to fight against a full-fledged, well-trained Clan packing iATMs and Nova-inspired electronics. And given that they're a Horse splinter... yeah, hovers zipping around slinging iATM HEs is scary.
Or you're leaving some behind as guerilla forces, or hidden supply caches for when you come back in a decade or two...  ^-^
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