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Use MoF / 2 for scatter like the artillery cannon entry says; the reference to rolling for MoF there will be fixed.

The direct-fire reference should also be changed to MoF / 2, just like the above.
Dinosaur talk in another thread, please.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Clan Naval Reserves
« Last post by Maingunnery on Today at 15:25:33 »
The situation is so bad after WoR, that they are better of recycling whatever remains as refined materials for new production.

« Last post by grimlock1 on Today at 15:20:09 »
I don't remember the details but isn't there some trick with semi-guided mortars that offers some pretty large TH bonuses?
BattleTech Game Errata / Re: Alpha Strike box set
« Last post by Adrian Gideon on Today at 15:15:22 »
Rulebook, page 2, under the Interior Artists credits, add Agustín Sieiro Barja.
Aerospace Combat / Re: Outworlds Alliance Ships
« Last post by Oriffel on Today at 15:13:05 »
Dang. I knew it was a long shot, but then again so was the RotS paint question.

Ah well, thanks for the answers. Maybe one day we'll get some Outworlds Naval Art.
This may be better answered in another thread, but could the Seekers have a working Mackie somewhere? Like an 8B or a 9H?

TBD if it survived the Scorpion retreat from Roche, but IIRC there are a few Mackies still in Inner Sphere museums. Most of the best surviving Mackie variants (the newer ones still used by Terran militia, etc.) died with the absorption of the Hegemony in the First Succession War.
Total Warfare / Re: (Research) Battle Armor jumping for 0 movement
« Last post by Xotl on Today at 15:10:18 »
This is addressed in the latest TW errata and the upcoming 10th printing, under Infantry Movement.  Basically, infantry can't jump and also remain in their same hex/level (unlike mechs).  If infantry is jumping, you're leaving your location.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Clan Naval Reserves
« Last post by Knightmare on Today at 15:05:50 »
If memory serves, and I'd have to check, but...

When the SLDF demobilized after settling the Pentagon there were a number of large naval caches created to store excessive warships. Some of the less reliable hulls were partially cannibalized to help with colonization, with the active ships being used for exploration, protection, etc., but this is a period of hull concentration.

But the Exodus Civil War was pretty brutal on the SLDF-in-Exile's naval caches. Active ships were lost to the fighting, while additional ships were activated and destroyed if any of the factions could do so. Then there were the orbital scavenger communities, the Clans' raid for new ships, etc., that would have also chipped away at the cached ships. But this is still a period of hull concentration. 

After Klondike is when the communal caches are divided out and the best portion of the reserves are split up among the Clans, creating the individual Clan naval caches (which will change in size throughout the Golden Century and beyond due to trade, conflict, need, etc.) The remaining less desirable hulls stay in the communal caches/boneyards. These ships would suffer from neglect, bandits, and nature, and by the WoR, there isn't a lot of use in any of the remaining hulls but still enough for some scavaging.

The funny bit is that if a Clan didn't love their warships, like the Jags, they basically ignored their caches. They were so obsessed with 'Mech factories, and territory that a star or two of mothballed warships could essentially be left unattended...and go missing.

That said, the WoR pretty much-cleaned house of usable SLDF ships. Any hulls left in the Pentagon and Cluster will be in really bad shape through damage and neglect. And given the remaining population size, state of their planets, and infrastructure, the homeworld Clans would be better off building the type of warships found in TRO: GC. Those ships were more tailored to the type of Clan warfare the Coyotes, Stone Lions, Adders, etc., have reembraced. They're also smaller ships that would need fewer resources to manufacture. 
Wish the best for Mr. Price.  Not debating, just wishing him hope and good vibes that he can turn things around.

On a personal note: I finally kicked cigarettes to the curb this March, and renewed my vow to not smoke anything ever again, after about 30 years of habit.

Cold turkey; no patches, gum, vapes, cigars or chew. 

Every time I had an urge to smoke, I stepped outside and walked a mile.  The urges are 90% gone, but I'm walking 2 to 6 miles a day still, a habit I will keep up for as long as the winter allows me this year.

I literally walked off smoking!   :D :D :D

Nicely done!
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