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There's fair grounds to say that the Atlas will have at least two variants. There's the Atlas C2 in Legends (Jonah Levin's writeup) and mention of a Ballistic-Reinforced armoured AS8-K Atlas vol 07, pg 6. Neither has a TRO entry at the moment
the Grizzly has been mentioned twice in the entries for the Rime Otter and Mastodon, and not as a dead design, but as something new

I'd like to point out that it's been referenced as a learning point for Jotunn Battleworx and i don't think either mentioned it being in production, being mentioned twice doesn't mean that the design wasn't a complete failure that never went passed prototype stage, and what Jotunn learnt from it was how not to design a failure. the only official answer we have had from anyone (Jellico) is a sensible and no doubt NDA acceptable "I'm not saying either way"
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Legend-Killer's abilities?
« Last post by Apocal on Today at 04:46:56 »
Also rule of cool. If you like the Rifleman, your going to write cool stories about the Rifleman.

Something I just remembered from a good while back: one of the only people I know who thinks the Rifleman is a great mech also plays without the Heat rules. Maybe Stackpole was doing the same lol.
There are seven IS Kickstarter mechs left and I'd put a small sum of money on a bet that means we get two three mech spread pages and a single bigger entry.  I'd really like the face of the franchise to get a four page spread, and there are definitely enough eras to put notable pilots to justify it, but there's no way to know for sure until that guide is out.
I really, really, really want to get new artwork for the Gunslinger that doesn't look like a stale marshmallow.
It does look like a late model John Wayne.
Challenges and Gatherings / Re: Battletech Long Island III
« Last post by shadhawk on Today at 02:32:24 »
What vehicles are produced there?
in production at this time.

Pegasus Scout Hover Tank
Plainsman Medium Hover Tank
Saladin Assault Hover Tank
Saracen Medium Hover Tank
Scimitar Medium Hover Tank
Harasser Missile Platform
Harasser Missile Platform (LRM)
Maxim Hover Transport
cray,  Would the ideal they are throwing around if putting small particals even work?  Wouldn't the jump bubble just destroy those particals.  I seem to remember a jump buble destroying an areo fighter in a book somewere.   But since they have no gravity would they even stop a jumpship from jumping in?

Honestly the more I think about this trying to block a Zenith or Nadar point or both would just tell someone that something is hiding in the system and give them a reason to find a way in.  I mean you could litterally just calculate jumping a day futher out into space past the Zenith or Nadar point or anywere else around the star system as far away as the zenith or nadar point.     But you are creating a flag that says go here! By attempting to block a point even if you could.
as I remember the material especially the older material the jump effects for things not specifically taken into effect by being linked to the KF drive system are pretty brutal the part that is not exactly clear is exactly what causes the damage.  some of the material describes it as tidal stresses which definitely implies "gravity" may be a factor.  notes about the dangers of pirate points also indicate that many of the effects are relatively speaking pretty short ranged but km in range definitely seems to be the case.

my interpretation might be wrong but I always felt that the IR pulse was more of a side effect rather than a direct effect. with that said in MY head I see several main possibilities:
1 the forming of the jump field is essentially a grav "lance" IE it sort of "rips" a pair of holes in the "fabric" of spacetime in a semi uncontrolled manner and "pieces" of anything not properly accounted for is essentially randomly bent, folded, spindled, and otherwise mutilated by the arrival and departure in a lot of ways this is the simplest explanation.

2 the forming jump field works is kind of like the "digitizer" from the movie Tron and takes everything apart at a low level, (I am thinking atomic or sub atomic) and things are transferred to the destination location and reassembled, anythign in the departure field effect or the arrival that is not fully accounted for leaves and or arrives in a semi random way.  the biggest issue with this explanation is how does the drive (projector) go and/or either reassemble itself

Where are THOSE sci fi civilian vehicles from?
Ground Combat / Re: Poor Performance Quirk question.
« Last post by MoneyLovinOgre4Hire on Today at 01:55:44 »
I believe that the approved method of execution for someone who approves of a weapon system with a flaw like that is to drown them in a toilet.
I really, really, really want to get new artwork for the Gunslinger that doesn't look like a stale marshmallow.
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