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Fan Art / Re: New art after a hiatus
« Last post by DOC_Agren on Today at 20:31:23 »
Wow   :smitten:

I hope things get better for you
If it's got Archer in it's name, one of those SRM-4s needs to be an LRM-5.  Aside from that, I agree with ANS Kamas P81...  ^-^
Fan Art / Re: Spacecraft Dimensions - Round Two
« Last post by DOC_Agren on Today at 20:29:15 »
some how I missed this   :thumbsup:
Combat Vehicles / Re: Taurus Assault Tank (By reusing parts!)
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 20:27:38 »
Camping is a penalty if rolling map boards are a thing (which they should be)...  ^-^

Artillery is only likely to injure friendlies if you can't do math.  Artillery Cannons reduce scatter, so their AOE damage is more dangerous now, especially with Fuel-Air ammo in play...  >:D
Website and Forum Support / Re: Minor MUL issue with link
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 20:19:35 »

I hope you get an answer to that one! :fingers crossed:
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Crazy Like a Fox
« Last post by ShroudedSciuridae on Today at 20:15:43 »
Later FASA, FM:FS 5th Crucis Lancers. Thugees ambush and kill two entire battalions worth of MechWarriors and tankers but leave the equipment. So the AFFS/C just shrug and throw new bodies into the machines. Not even pausing to clean them to take down the personal pictures apparently, they then scratch their heads when the new guys start getting sick after using the equipment the Thugees were crawling over for days.
It's been resolved?  Is there an explanation for the error? ???
Yep, that's exactly how you play a design like that!  :thumbsup:
Aerospace Combat / Re: What to call the "sensors" officer?
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 20:10:52 »
Sorry I'm late!

For the radars and such, the current Department Head title is "Combat Systems Officer (CSO)", at least for big enouigh ships.

On smaller ships, my community's DIVOs are called "SIGWO" for "Signals Warfare Officer".

Radar and other pure sensors are generally lumped into the Operations Department.

Ultimately it's up to the CO how they organize their ship.  Navies over the centuries always default to that...  ^-^
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