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the wolfhound was also $15 and came with multiple legs
i just googled them and.. oh god, they're the nutjobs that keep proposing all those absurd things? somehow i find that worse than those concepts coming out of unrelated individuals

(also i find it a little disturbing that all their military related videos are basically "how can we automate warcrimes and terrorism?")
Iron Wind Metals News and Announcements / Field Report 2765
« Last post by Oriffel on Today at 00:48:57 »
I'm happy to see the Defender! Are there plans to make the other ships listed on the 2765 series?

Or even the fabled Stefan Amaris battleship?

Ask the Writers / will there ever be
« Last post by Oriffel on Today at 00:38:24 »
A new naval power?

Like the Taurians used to be. Sure would be an interesting dynamic to add to the political sphere. Warships in battletech are awesome, and so criminally underutilized.

Even if they don't play major or decisive roles, the universe just feels richer and more fleshed out having them exist.

I hold out hope. Just as I hold out hope the Periphery will rise again.
One thing that helps with camping is to have a rule that you've got to move to LOS of an opponent and keep approaching it at your best possible rate until you're within range of at least one of your weapons, and you need to fire at least one weapon every round you're able to.  That means that the tactic of hiding behind hills isn't allowed.
We play the Death From Above- Destiny rules set.
Given how much cheaper the Hammerhead is compared to previous premium minis, I'm guessing it won't come with any extra parts.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Grand Melee Questions
« Last post by Natasha Kerensky on Today at 00:16:36 »
Bigger issue is the maps.  The wrong maps allow faster, more mobile mechs to just hide behind L2+ hills or thick forests/jungles until heavier, slower mechs have beaten each other to a pulp, then come out of hiding to clean up the struggling survivors for the victory.  Typical Vapor Eagle strategy.  For this reason, I prefer really flat, open terrain, like the old riverine maps, for Grand Melees.  Faster/jumpy mechs still get rewarded for more easily traversing the shallow water hexes and can even dance outside weapons ranges for a bit on a 2x2 layout.  But they can’t be unClanlike and hide for turn after turn after turn on that kind of map.

Otherwise, higher G/P can balance lower BV.  I think the lowest BV Clan omni is the Ion Sparrow A at 501 and the highest is the Turkina Z at 3935.  (There’s a lone Ryoken III-XP configuration above 4500, but I’m mostly ignoring it.)  You can really graduate that spread by thirds this:

4000+       G6/P6
3667-3999 G5/P6
3333-3666 G5/P5
3000-3332 G4/P5
2667-2999 G4/P4
2333-2666 G3/P4
2000-2332 G3/P3
1667-1999 G2/P3
1333-1666 G2/P2
1000-1332 G1/P2
667-999    G1/P1
333-666    G0/P1
0-332        G0/P0

Munchkin players can have their Dire Wolf Widowmaker or Turkina Z, but their gunnery will be worse than the average Spheroid mechwarrior, and two steps worse than the average Clanner.  And they’ll fail and fall on nearly half of their unadjusted piloting skill rolls.

Around the average Clanner at G3/P4 is where a lot of Clan BV totals fall, including decent ones like the Mad Dog Prime (2351), Guillotine IIC (2337), Stormcrow TC (2373), Orion IIC (2392), Carrion Crow Prime (2397), Sun Bear A (2418), Kingfisher E (2443), Arcas (2484), Black Lanner C (2523), Skinwalker D (2545), War Crow C (2572), Kingfisher C (2644), etc.

And crazy charging Locust-type players can have a zero gunner, but they’re not going to last long or kill much in their Howler 6 or Ion Sparrow B.
I really do not know what happened, but till this chapter I could have sworn that Jess was a women for some reason. All the times they get talked about.  It's this chapter that they get talked about as a guy. I know maybe I am just an idiot in thinking that for past few years of this story.

no Jess is female.  Jules is a male. 
Ursus. ECM in an era where C3 exploded and countermeasures were rare on Clan Mechs, and the Ursus is very well heat sinked making its low power weapons far better at grinding out a win than they look.
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