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General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Why use Clubs?
« Last post by Lorcan Nagle on Today at 18:35:41 »
Back in the day, clubs attacked on the punch table.  Not so much any more...

Under the old rules of clubs using the punch table, it made a tiny bit of sense. Almost all Mechs have nine head armor and three internal structure, so you needed to do 12 points of damage, assuming no prior hits. So you needed at least a 60 ton mech with all arm actuators functional on both sides to do this effectively. Punching, though, you have to make two successful hit rolls, and two head hit location rolls. While with a club, one hit roll, one head location equals ‘lights out’. And yes, a 55 tonner could punch out 12 points of damage, but only do 11 with the club, so you would have to make a critical roll successfully, and then ‘clean out’ the cockpit as well. The good old days...

This is a common misconception, but clubs always used the full body table.
MegaMek Games / Re: MML Tech Level
« Last post by Seer on Today at 18:34:20 »
The TechManual tables don't cover the items specifically mentioned under the Structure/Armor tab, just the things you find under the Equipment tab in MML. The TacOps AU&E tables do cover some of them, like torso-mounted cockpits, but not the ones I specifically mentioned in the original issue. Even if you were using the latter for, e.g., Light engines (using the Large as a stand in), the intro date in the table does not match the static TL intro date in MML. Other items are completely absent, like compact engines and gyros. Those are covered in their relevant sections in the TechManual, or the IO tables, but not the tables you mentioned.
Only one-on-one.  In grouped movement, you hold your DFA until the other player's finished moving the target...or not moving it, because it's heavy and has a good firing pose with some cover.

remember, folks, firing happens simultaneous,damage resolves at the END fo the turn, initiative is for movement, if you know how to bank your intiative (even when your force is smaller) and the other guy gives you an opportunity, you take it.

That still requires the target to have moved before the DFA is declared.
The MCU frequently puts twists on its versions of events, but I can't see them changing a hero into a villain.   At least not permanently.
The Buffalo transport that they were being shipped on tore a hover skirt, so it could be a few more days.
The Inner Sphere / Re: Where is Jonah Levin?
« Last post by Metallgewitter on Today at 17:55:36 »
A) He went to go activate the RoSS Clementia, and her sister ships that had been mothballed as mobil bases.
B) He went to go hire the Blackhearts and organise the Ghost Knights for a very slow burn insurgency like the Blackhearts did to the WoB.

 :laughing_skull: :laughing_skull: :laughing_skull:

You mean those Faslane ships? My best guess would be that those ships are basically floating wrecks. At least FM 3145 stated that reactivating those ships would cost resources the Republic did not have. If Levin somehow manges to escape Terra I hope he takes Tucker with him. Tucker might be the only person to somehow get the HPG's running again and any faction that ha shim under their wing gains a great advantage.

And the Blackhearts are still kicking? I thought they died in the Jihad thanks to their association with Damocles aka Colonel Stryker

B< the way did the Republic ever update it's Star Maps? For example New Dallas a planet that featured in the jihad fell of the map after Sw1. Maybe  what is left of the RAf can regroup there before moving on (most possibley the Fedsuns, the LyCom seems to be on it's last legs
The Inner Sphere / Re: Where is Jonah Levin?
« Last post by FaithBomb on Today at 17:50:00 »
E. He is writing his memoirs and handing out candies to little kids.
The Inner Sphere / Re: Republic forces off Terra
« Last post by Colt Ward on Today at 17:48:28 »
It would be interesting if the RoTS had depots full of mechs staged away to arm any rescued troops. But knowing of the state of the RoTS at the end everything including the Kitchen Sink was sent to Terra for its defense.

I would not expect that, due to recent research on Hall I suggest you look at the 14th Principes Guard for why I say that in response.
The Inner Sphere / Re: Republic forces off Terra
« Last post by Metallgewitter on Today at 17:47:56 »
That reminds me. did the Republic manage to selfdestruct the workshop on Devils Rock? You know the factories that produced the Colossal mechs plus the new BA and other stuff? the FM 3145 stated that the garrison forces rigged the reactor in case the planet falls (and with the Wolves basically neigbours I would assume this will happen)
Aerospace / Re: Build Challenge; "You Swore to Carry On" (fanfiction)
« Last post by nerd on Today at 17:47:37 »
Here's my take for a Riga III. It should be more of a mass-production and manning design, but you never know.

Code: [Select]
Riga III Frigate
Base Tech Level: Advanced (IS)
Level               Era
Experimental    -
Advanced        3099+
Standard       -
Tech Rating: F/X-X-E-F

Weight: 600000 tons
BV: 46,028
Cost: 7,985,940,000 C-bills
Source: Custom

Movement: 4/6
Heat Sinks: 600 [1200]
Fuel Points: 22500 (9000.0 tons)
Tons Per Burn Day: 39.52
Structural Integrity: 75
Sail Integrity: 4
KF Drive Integrity: 13
Armor: 548 (Capital Scale) (Improved Ferro-Alum)


Nose                  93
Left Front Side    91
Right Front Side  91
Aft                     91
Aft Left Side       91
Aft Right Side     91

Weapons               Loc  Heat
Pulse Laser Bay     NOS  80
Pulse Laser Bay     FLS   40
Pulse Laser Bay     FRS  40
Pulse Laser Bay     LBS  40
Pulse Laser Bay     RBS  40
Pulse Laser Bay     ALS  40
Pulse Laser Bay     ARS  40
Pulse Laser Bay     AFT  40
AMS Bay               NOS  5
AMS Bay               FLS   5
AMS Bay               LBS   5
AMS Bay               ALS   5
AMS Bay               AFT   5
AMS Bay               FRS   5
AMS Bay               RBS   5
AMS Bay               ARS   5
Capital Laser Bay   NOS  280
Capital Laser Bay   FLS   210
Capital Laser Bay   LBS   210
Capital Laser Bay   ALS   210
Capital Laser Bay   FRS  210
Capital Laser Bay   RBS  210
Capital Laser Bay   ARS  210
Capital Laser Bay   AFT  210
Capital Missile Bay FRS  20
Capital Missile Bay FLS  20
Capital Missile Bay ARS  10
Capital Missile Bay ALS  10
Capital PPC Bay     FLS  210
Capital PPC Bay     FRS  210
Capital PPC Bay     LBS  210
Capital PPC Bay     RBS  210
Capital PPC Bay     ALS  210
Capital PPC Bay     ARS  210
Capital PPC Bay     NOS  210

Ammo                                      Loc  Shots
Anti-Missile System Ammo [IS]  FLS  240
Anti-Missile System Ammo [IS]  ALS  240
Anti-Missile System Ammo [IS]  LBS  240
Anti-Missile System Ammo [IS]  NOS  240
Anti-Missile System Ammo [IS]  AFT  240
Anti-Missile System Ammo [IS]  FRS  240
Anti-Missile System Ammo [IS]  ARS  240
Anti-Missile System Ammo [IS]  RBS  240
Killer Whale Ammo                    FRS  20
Killer Whale Ammo                    FLS  20
Barracuda Ammo                       ARS  10
Barracuda Ammo                       ALS  10

[b]Carrying Capacity[/b]
Aerospace Fighter (4 doors) - 18 units (8 recovery open)
Dropship - 1 units
Dropship - 1 units
Small Craft (1 door) - 5 units (2 recovery open)
Cargo Space (1 door) - 73,560 tons 

Officers 40
Enlisted/Non-rated 211
Gunners 69
Bay Personnel 61
BA Marines 25

A design built to counter the Lyran Commonwealth Navy in the late 3090s, the Riga III is based on the KF drive core of the SLDF's Riga II ship, with a similar 600,000 ton mass. The grav decks, dropship and small craft capacity were retained, but the fighter complement was halved, and the armor changed to Improved Ferro-Aluminum and hull strengthened, as physical modifications to the design. Additionally, space for twenty-five battle armored marines was added, partially as a sop to Clan supporters of the Republic.

The armament was heavily changed. The only remaining weapons system was the NL/45 mounts, which were increased to 25. The primary striking power is provided by twelve Light NPPCs, with the additional carriage of Killer Whale tubes forward, and Barracudas aft. To counter the Lyran Navy's preference for nuclear tipped missiles, a massive point defense array of anti-missile systems surround the ship. Short-ranged antifighter protection is provided by thirty six large pulse lasers, chosen for their accuracy.

Curiously, the ship lacks any experimental technology. With the exception of the light armaments, the fit would be available to the Terran Hegemony centuries before. The ship's crew is also somewhat over strength, suggesting an expectation of less trained crews.
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