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General BattleTech Discussion / Re: TRO 3145--Federated Suns
« Last post by Jellico on Today at 08:04:02 »
TRO3145/3150's primary goal was to bring the remaining MechWarrior Mechs, vehicles, and battle armor into BattleTech. Balance was not intended.

And here I go...

Have a look at those Mechs you listed. Some of the best from the TRO3025 to 3060, all kept up to date through various books up to RecGuides. There is a reason why the Fed Suns can't get a win in 100 years and is still considered the favoured child.

RecGuides provided a clear doctrine and hi-low mix, and any other themes you see because it largely took the very solid base that was already there and updated it with modern technology.
TRO3145/3150 was largely new Mechs in a space already crammed with winners. It is not really comparable.
I've faced these regularly in a MekHQ campaign playing as Clan Smoke Jaguar against Clan Coyote in 3020.  These fighters are very tough.  I feel they can outright anything, even the Kirghiz, just because of their ability to outlast anything smaller than a dropship.  The quickest way to bring one of these down is to throw capital missiles at it!
It has been my general assumption for a long time, yes.

Julian was born on Argyle, his father was "world chairman", Jackson was born on Argyle. The Argyle line is the most senior cadet branch [ignoring the Haseks who's place in the succession is questionable at best].

And yet we know Yvonne is a Victoria Davion, explicitly. So why is bunch of her descendants known more for a connection with Argyle?

The best way to square the circle is that her kids are Davions on both sides of the family.
Off Topic / Re: The Book of Boba Fett
« Last post by BATTLEMASTER on Today at 07:42:28 »
I liked the episode, but I don't think Mando's going to get as much utility out of that hot-rodded N-1 Starfighter as his old Razorcrest.  Maybe he'll just have to bring in most of his bounties cold from now on  >:D

I agree, it really wasn't a Boba Fett episode, but a Mandolorian episode.  But considering The Book of Boba Fett was spun off from The Mandalorian's story, I think that's fine.

I'll be a little surprised if Mando goes back to the Children of the Watch after this series.  After hanging with Bo-Katan for a bit I think he's getting tired of the warrior code he was raised to follow.
one thing I will note that even the older "revised?" printings of TRO 3050 had notes that it really should have been been retitled TRO3052 not TRO3050.

a lot of the stuff in it didn't really come online in "reasonable" quantities until then.

another thing you run into is the actual production rates in the 3040's to 3050's

a unit of note the Marauder II is produced by 1 company at 1 facility at a rate of ~12/year even if the new model went into full production in 3040 (which in my opinion is unrealistically generous) by 3050 there would still be only 120 of the new model as new built units, there could be some more as refits to the new spec from the earlier production models, in addition this is assuming none of the new spec mechs were lost.

you run into the same issue pretty much across the board IE when you have thousands of units in use, just how far do a handful (literally) of nes spec units go?  I am going to say its kind of like "stiffening" a bucket of spit with a handful of sand/gravel and saying the bucket is a 5gallon bucket.  the reality is even those ~5-10% numbers are likely EXTREMELY generous.

my personal headcannon/guess is that as far as overall numbers you are really looking at closer to 5/10 percent at single digit percentages of the total inventory.  IE the A/B list units are ~5-10% of the overall units and they have ~5-10% upgrade rates in ~3050 which being somewhat generous means if they are 10% of the overall units in use and were at 10% upgraded status its still only ~1% of the overall numbers being really upgraded.  with ya the numbers going up every year due to a combination of new production and just how many units were lost due to the clan invasion (and other reasons)
The problem isn't merely competency, it's commitment.  There are LOTS of competent Lyrans, the Mercenary trade is FILLED with them, while, as you observed, the incompetent, or the uncommitted or god help us both, tend to be what holds the driving seat for the Lyran state most of the time.

Somehow remindes me of the forming of the SLDF: Steiner officers were held in contempt because most of them were simply useless as battlefield commanders while the Lyran NCO's were praised as being a cut above the rest because they were the real brains of the Lyran military. And while Victoria was at least somewhat pragmatic (when "social officers" demanded being called back because they had to serve in battles she simply pointed out "Then don't serve in the military") she didn't manage to change the entire structure.

In TRO 3074 House Steiner is described as a nation that should have long been eroded were it not for it's huge industry especially replacing material looses in their military. And if we look at the Jihad that is the point where the Blakists started: occupying vital planets like Hesperus 2, Coventry, Donegal and Tharkad. And now in the Dark Age we see similar things.
According to The Periphery(1st Edition):
- A few more had C and D(Comstar chartered Couriers as per Campaign Ops)

Would a Comstar C&D station effectively be a communication center on the planet, that has similar servers, radio communication, and landlines as a larger Comstar station, just smaller setups and not having an HPG?

By at least having a physical location this would provide the following benefits:
  • people can drop off and pick up messages from a neutral party (and even set up forwarding rules if they will be leaving soon)
  • guests can check the schedule for when a message should arrive either on-planet or off (select the planet, and the Comstar computer lists the expected delivery day to/from the station the character is in)
  • allow for a Comstar representative on-site in case a neutral party is needed
  • allow for easy insertion of a ROM team under cover of a shift change
  • allow for a local merc unit to see if there are any potential contracts available (or at least learning of a good place to look) instead of blasting off blindly
  • allow for local mercantile groups (legal and not) to attempt off-world trade (importing or exporting)
  • ensure that off-planet communications are provided by a relatively high-tech provider, instead of whatever the locals can scrounge up
  • allow the local Comstar representatives to help out the local citizenry in various goodwill activities, spreading better relations with the poorest
  • allow Comstar a chance to hear about any new and/or disturbing tech rumors
I also thought Davion was a simplified, anglicized version of D’Avignon…

Although, I would not be surprised if I’m overthinking this. The game’s creators seemed to like names from WWI, Russian Revolution, and WWII (Steiner, Kurita, Kerensky, Cameron, Liao, Kell) - Avion is a village that saw combat during Dunkirk, and battles between Canadian/British and German soldiers in WWI.
Anyone in the spotlight attracts both positive and negative attention, and Victor was the front-and-center character of the universe for a long time through many novels. I think a lot of people just didn't like that. Just wanted to see other people/factions etc get more page time. If you didn't connect well with Victor, you probably got tired of reading HIS story while trying to stay a Battletech fan all those years.

I think Michael Stackpole made this line in his Ghost War book "You either love or hate Victor and some people love to hate him" In essence like the BT fanbase  ;)
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