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General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Conscription in the IS?
« Last post by SCC on Today at 02:17:30 »
It says that, but it doesn't fit the known Kuritan military size and population. That sounds like a candidate for errata.
Absolutely. The US managed 1 in 10 during the civil war and that's considered an all time high, since then the proportion of a population that's been put under arms during wars has been going down, not up.
The wolverine K drops the jump jets of the M for max armor and stuff.  Its a good mech, but the M is the one everyone remembers.  So it feels like, since the Wolverine M is so much more highly regarded then the K, that the 5 jump jets are much more important for the general btech population then more armor...
Aerospace Combat / Re: How much to kill a WarShip
« Last post by DevianID on Today at 02:05:04 »
Squadrons are good. There's a reason they're used
They felt too good.  Like, far too good.  300% increase in raw power from the numerous megamek simulations I ran, for the same fighter at the same cost.  Easily the most powerful special/advanced rule in battletech that I have seen so far, from a 'how much stronger does this rule make me' point of view.
Aerospace Combat / Re: How much to kill a WarShip
« Last post by Weirdo on Today at 02:01:49 »
Squadrons are good. There's a reason they're used.
Fan Fiction / Re: "Steal, buy, or Build?" (a Ngoverse piece.)
« Last post by Cannonshop on Today at 01:58:11 »
"The time shipboard is E:30 hours...

...for those of you unfamiliar, that means that we are one hour from zero-hundred time on a thirty hour duty clock."  Kapitan Bianh Vu Dao of the AFFC(N) explained.  "You men, and women, have been selected from your peers, to train aboard Coast Guard vessels, after serving on AFFC regular ships...which means we have a lot of work to do, breaking you of bad habits.  Now, 'what does she mean by bad habits'?"

she trooped the transfer officers on the deck of FGS Landmark, "We'll start with being out of uniform." she said, fingering her helmet ring, "Not one of you is in a proper uniform for service in the Coast Guard. I want to see a show of hands-who completed their EVA suit training?"

most hands went up.  "I see...and yet, not one of you has a fitted skinsuit." she inclined her head.  "We have a lot of work to do.  today, we're here, in port, at Naval Base Tharkad, which is considerably far from where I've spent the last couple years commanding cutters on the Clan front.  This Landmark class destroyer is bigger, but you men and women, will soon discover, that is not an excuse for walking around inviting death by shockwave, thermal flux, fire, or vacuum exposure.  Officers of O-1 to O-3 ranks, you will form up to my left, officers at O-4 or above, center, and Warrant officers or Senior NCO personnel will form up to my right.  don't bother by division, for the next six weeks, you are all phekking new guys, Seaman Recruit, you will undergo training to achieve an acceptable standard in procedures like Damage Control, Shipboard operations, basic operations under thrust, basic operations zero gee, and why only civilians and morons stand on a deck, without their suit on their body, and their helmet close at hand. you may drop out at any time, you will be returned to reassignment at personnel command, and this opportunity will not be extended again."

She stopped  and faced them, "Show of hands, those of you willing to leave this assignment before your precious dignity is defiled...that means, raise your hand if you aren't willing to accept these blocks of instruction, nothing will be said if you leave now, but you will not be permitted to enter this program again."

she waited five minutes.

"Those with their hands up, may file over to the shuttle, it will take you back to the surface, and from there, to wherever AFFC deems you're useful."

a few officers, particularly senior ones, left, walking to the waiting shuttlecraft.

"Alright. the rest of you, NCO and Warrant officers on my left, you will proceed through door 1A, you will remove and locker your uniforms in the locker-room, sign for the storage, and proceed to follow the directions of the enlisted waiting for you, to Suit fitting.  Don't bother to keep your underwear on, it gets in the way of the autocatheters and that hurts like nothing you've likely experienced."

she turned to the Officer personnel.  "We'll have a bit of time, the order is junior ranks, then middle ranks, then senior ranks.  This order you will become familiar with, as that's also how everything from bathroom breaks to eating is to be done.  I end up having to wait hours to be sure that the on-shift personnel on my watch have been fed before I can eat. Get used to the taste of recycled proteins and liquid nutrient packs, some days that's the only meal you'll get, but the crew get fed first.  if this offends you, the shuttle bay is through the door you entered, same invite as the last bunch who left."

"why are you inviting people to leave, Kapitain Vu Dao?" an AFFC Hauptmann asked.

"because this job doesn't leave any room for waverers." she said, "Six weeks from now, we're taking the Landmark into the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone on active combat operations. Anyone who isn't one hundred percent committed needs to be somewhere else at that time. I've got four tours into Clan Space on cutters, over sixty two million tons of enemy shipping on my kill record, and frankly, I won't have officers under me who aren't absolutely committed to keeping this ship, their crew, followed by themselves, alive. Most of you served on the early fox class, or came over from Dropship service, or, for the fighter pilots, from other branches of the AFFC, which creates a problem for me, since you're simply not ready for what we're going to be doing...but, we need the bodies, so you need to be made ready before we go out, to the best of my ability to do so.  Thankfully, Commanders Riggs, Ostley, and Sykes elected to go back to the surface, which means that those of you who stuck it out, will eventually command warships, while they are commanding stevedores on the docks from the cab of a cargo hauler."

"That's....kinda rough."

"They might worm their way into a dropship command for ground forces, how do you say that name? Lukely? Luckley?"

"LUkElly, ma'am."

"Right, as I was saying, they might manage to mingle their way into commanding a Union or...oh, I don't know, Military Mule or something for the Ground arm, but in terms of Warship command, they're not safe." she said, "They probably think 'ramming is a tactic'."

"Isn't it? at NAIS they said-"

"AH, yeah...we're going to train that bullshit out of you,  A ramming attack, requires your target to cooperate, that's the only way it works-they have to hold fixed vector-essentially still, while you do it, and nobody is NOT going to be trying to evade when beams, shells, and missiles are flying about.  this isn't 400 BC and we're not fighting with galleys at Salamis.  Clanner commanders and officers are alert, aware, experienced and trained...and we're going to beat the living shit out of them-not because they're inferior, but because we have a much, much stronger reason to fight to win than they do.  You are here to become spacers who sometimes have to fight, not Warriors who sometimes go into space."

"'re serious, we're to be treated as boot spacers?" a fighter pilot with a somewhat french accent asked.

"Dead serious, is it LaCrox?"

"LaCroix." he ansered.

"Dead serious, Leutnant LaCroix.  if you can't master the basics, you'll never grasp the complex, and personnel jackets tell at best a truncated the way, I've seen the stuff they usually redact for promotion boards on all of you, so don't think you can be cute in the officer's mess telling bullshit stories unless they're REAL good-and by good, I mean funny and/or humiliating.  while we're waiting..."

she broke out a Padd, "We're going to go over a few regs they didn't teach you at the Academy-in particular, the regulations regarding the extent, and permissible lengths to go, in playing practical jokes to relieve tension while under way..."

That describes the Draconis Combine's general attitude toward infantry for most of its history.
Alpha Strike / Re: What comes in the new Alpha:Strike box set ??
« Last post by Bedwyr on Today at 01:48:57 »
Ok, Thx for the much needed info !!

Indeed. The resource is supposed to help you get to either the information or the product you need. Good luck and enjoy the game.
The new TF trailer reminded me of this. From Adam Savage's Tested channel, this is amazing, even though I would never buy it.
Ok, Thx for the much needed info !!
Website and Forum Support / Minor MUL issue with link
« Last post by Bedwyr on Today at 01:44:23 »
The 'How to get Started' link here, throws an error:

I'm running Firefox v. 107.0 with Ghostery and uOrigin as add-ons.

The error page shows:

Server Error in '/' Application.

 Sequence contains no matching element
Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no matching element

Source Error:

Line 68:       <p>To help players quickly discern the type of unit they&rsquo;re looking at when viewing a list of units under a search result, the following generic &ldquo;warfare symbology&rdquo; icons are used in the MUL online database.</p>
Line 69:       <div class="row">
Line 70:          @foreach (var op in Model.Symbology)
Line 71:          {
Line 72:             <div class="col-md-1" style="text-align: center; margin: 0 12px">

Source File: d:\home\site\wwwroot\Views\Home\GettingStarted.cshtml    Line: 70
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