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Off Topic / Re: For Those That Rock: The Totally Rockin' 20's
« Last post by rebs on Today at 17:16:19 »
City of New Orleans ~ Willie Nelson
Fan Fiction / Re: What Could Go Wrong
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 17:13:46 »
Leaving them on Onverwacht is just asking for another pirate band to come along and scoop them up or kill them.  If they're willing to take that risk, that's on them.
Clan Chatterweb / Re: Best Clan Infantry support weapons by era
« Last post by AlphaMirage on Today at 17:12:49 »
I have a table on Clan and IS infantry weapons in my Point Barrows guide (link in sig) Mpack and Support PPCs were in the lead although I think their support laser was potent as well
The Periphery / Re: Empire of the Nerds: The Niops Association Thread
« Last post by D-Rock on Today at 17:09:55 »
Yeah that's on me, and I corrected it.

Next I'm thinking the Flashman, Phoenix Hawk, and the Thug.
Clan Chatterweb / Best Clan Infantry support weapons by era
« Last post by Alan Grant on Today at 17:09:42 »
I'm putting together some Clan Conventional Infantry and I'm wondering what the best support weapons are, by era.

One of those eras should be circa Operation Revival. Wondering what would have been available to the Steel Viper infantry that fought on Tukayyid for example.
Fan Fiction / Re: What Could Go Wrong
« Last post by 2ndAcr on Today at 17:06:30 »
24 October 3044
Onverwacht (Former Outworld System)

 "That you all are still alive speaks volumes about how you treated the locals. Low hanging trash you might all be, but since your former prisoners have been the ones guarding you all, I expected to find all of you hung or throats cut when I woke each morning." Major General David Mitchell told the pirate prisoners they had taken. "It seems the very worst of your lot were with your General Jaws when we took them out. None of the locals will testify against any of you. It seems your mostly guilty of just forced draft or die for your newest soldiers and keeping everyone sort of captive. I wish they would testify; it would make my job a lot easier, but you cannot have everything your way. I learned that the hard way. The question is, what am I to do with you all?"

 They had taken 343 prisoners from the pirate gang. Just over half of them were wounded, some seriously but would live. He really did have the locals guarding them and they had loaded weapons. His own troops had even watched the former captives bringing the prisoners food and water, on their own even though SaRI was feeding the prisoners. Even Corporal Adolfo could not pry any real crimes from anyone, not a single former captive wanted an execution, there were quite a few calls for some butt kicking's though. It left him with a problem, what to do with them.

 Corporal Adolfo had been the one to make the suggestion, going by suggestions from their new recruits, to give the former pirates a chance to turn their lives around. It seems most of the surviving pirates wanted to go home long ago, they never wanted to go pirate, mercenary yes, but never pirate. That some were former Combine soldiers made that option difficult for all of the former AFFC soldiers in the ranks, even himself. These thoughts kept playing thru his mind while he looked at the prisoners gathered in one of the large warehouses.

 He watched a man slowly stand and approach where he stood cautiously. He brought himself to attention and said, "Permission to speak sir?"

 "Go ahead. You are?" Major General Mitchell replied

 "Sir. Former Chu-i Michi Nogami, 12th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre. You are correct in your assessment, the cruel ones were who General Dukey, who you call General Jaws, always took with him on his missions. He said he could never really trust us that remained here to do what it takes to accomplish his missions. The few that remained with us perished fighting you. Those you have taken prisoner never wanted this life. When we deserted the Combine, we thought we would be going mercenary, that turned out to be wrong. We performed our tasks to avoid execution by General Dukey or Major Tashima, but we never mistreated those we watched over. Several of us even have families among the locals. Not forced, but real families. I just thought you should know you were correct sir." Michi Nogami said

 "What if I offered all of you a place among us, maybe not frontline but among our home guard?" Major General Mitchell asked watching the man's reaction carefully.

 "Sir, if given that option, I am sure that all would accept. As you can see, none of the locals have made any hostile moves towards us. Though I am sure that several would love to have a little revenge for some slight or feeling of resentment." Michi Nogami replied, never breaking his stance of attention.

 "I will take your answer under consideration Mr Nogami, you may return to your people." Major General Mitchell said and returned the salute given by Nogami. Well, I will see what the others think, worst case, we rearm them, and they can stay here with those that wish to remain and be their protectors, he thought.

 Former Pirate Prisoners

 Chu-i Michi Nogami, Mechwarrior
 Mechwarrior - 4 (1 WIA)
 Aerospace - 3 (1 WIA)
 Armor Crew - 27 (9 WIA)
 Infantry - 197 (83 WIA)
 Technical - 111 (8 WIA)
Fan Fiction / Re: Failure is mandatory...
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 16:59:30 »
That's an interesting story too...

As for the best place for a discussion like that, Fan Rules is probably the safest.
Fan Fiction / Re: Really short shorts..
« Last post by Euphonium on Today at 16:58:49 »
These are fun, thank you Cannonshop!
Benny stated his case with zeal. "General, the High Associator's asking us to cover with an entire regiment what we used to do with a battalion. For that we need mobility, and she's perfect for the role. We've got nothing faster in her weight class, hell, she's faster than some of our medium mechs! I need her in our cavalry lance, otherwise we won't have a proper first response to any raiding parties. I must have her."

I think you've got that reversed. Battalions are generally a smaller organizational unit than regiments  :)
Kamas, I love the new stuff! I totally see the reasoning behind using LRM-5s or MM-1s as stand-ins for low-caliber (real life) autocannons. But it somehow feels wrong, from an aesthetic point of view  ;D

As for the Jaguar minis, I never got my hands on them, as I couldn't find an EU store that carried them. I would have to get directly from the US. And I never followed through on that. But your work sure has me thinking about putting in an order with a US store... Damn, that Jaguar is a cool armored car...
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