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I just checked and there is an (as of yet unanswered) question about it in the rules question section:
Fan Fiction / Re: "Steal, buy, or Build?" (a Ngoverse piece.)
« Last post by Euphonium on Today at 18:24:57 »
Hopefully the Falcons won't get control of any land. An embassy is fine, but no embassy owns the land its one -the hosting nation can legally kick them out if they wish too- since by being there, the Clans have to play by IS rules. Not Clan rules. Another thing is, if there are any former IS/Lyran/FC people in the Falcon envoy party, will they be persona-non grata? Cause technically, those people have committed high treason, desertion, murder, and numerous other offensives that would require their immediate imprisonment, trial and execution. It would be a very sticky situation to allow that. Although I suppose that Phellan's case can be a precedent (sad as it is).

I expect that the Falcons won't accept an embassy without some sort of Trial to finalise the negotiation, and that Trial will probably be for the land that the embassy is on.
Is the date dialog offscreen?  Have you tried the ALT-spacebar method?
BattleTech Game Errata / Re: Record Sheets: 3039 Unabridged
« Last post by GreekFire on Today at 18:07:25 »
Dev-level errata:

Scorpion Light Tank, all variants.
---Move Turret-mounted Machine Gun to the Front location.
The rules for combat vehicles are in Tactical Operations: Advanced Units & Equipment, p.115. It does not mention whether vehicles are allow or prohibited to enter water depth 1 or lower (basically driving along the ground). But the Tech Manual, which on p.216 describes the rules of environmental sealing for Industrial Mechs and Support Vehicles says, that those are allowed to enter depth 2 resp. 1, when they posses both sealing and a fission, fusion of fuel cell engine.

Since the Tech Manual actively points towards TacOps for the CV rules, I assumed that combat vehicles as well can be submerged when they're sealed and have a proper engine. But it's curious, that TacOps makes no mention of it.
I'm a little surprised the VND-7L didn't get CR in Alpha Strike rules.

Has anyone tried the Galleon 201 yet? I'm thinking it needs some precision ammo and some fa Shih riding the top.

Reinforced only gives a -1 in classic so it doesnt qualify for CR. I asked the same thing about the Mastodon
Meanwhile, this morning...Orion/Artemis I has begun its return trip.

So this bit of equipment protects from vacuum and tainted atmospheres.  But then there is the Rommel Tank (Sealed)  which has a torpedo system on it implying it works under water too.

Does anyone know where in the rules this is covered?  Or does it go down to "We designed it badly.  As a joke."

Off Topic / Re: Squad LMG?
« Last post by Elmoth on Today at 17:25:03 »
Now I am a little bit confused.

Other posters have pointed out  that the SAW was important, but not the central pillar of the squad. Just another team player that provides some more suppressive fire, but was not *the* weapon of the squad...

Quoting myself as others agreed with this...
So a LMG (bipod weapon, not tripod mounted) is a supression platform that allows the riflemen (assault rifle guys) to engage the enemy from a better firing position as they can prepare and take good positions, or allowing them to engage having been able to manoeuver thanks to that supressive fire that kept the enemy pinned down. More this than anything.

OTOH that does NOT contradict your statement...

It would seem that the LMG is, then, a suppression element. It is key in that. No other weapon in the squad can achieve that level of suppression over time (only in very short periods of time), so the second role you pointed out, "FIX", seems to be the (almost) sole role of the SAW.

Then the rest of the team manoeuvers to FINISH the opposition while the SAW does its FIX thing. I guess in the 4 steps process you describe the SAW is key, as the second step is the almost exclusive area of the SAW.

Is that it?

General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Front View of a Galleon
« Last post by Goose on Today at 17:21:50 »
Got a small screen grab from Worthpoint.
One small step for [form]; One giant leap for [formkind]  :P

More/better examples welcome
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